Compatible Gouars with other fish

Compatible Gouars with other fish

Gourats – one of the most popular varieties of fish for home breeding. Breeders attracts both unusual coloring, beautiful fish movements and her calm, “royal” character. To make a little favorite for a long time pleased a tank of aquarium, you should find out with whom this kind is good, and what neighbors will not be patient.

Character features

Marble Gouars – Very bright Aquarium Fish. Has many fans among lovers of home aquariums. It fascinates with its slow, measured, the greatest movements, has a beautiful marble color, which, as it may be from the inside, and the long mustache of abdominal fins quietly feel the surrounding items and look like feet.

Gourats pretty unpretentious to water quality. For a comfortable stay in the aquarium She does not need a permanent influx of oxygen, prefers slowly to dwell in the lower layers.

Marble gourahi is the result of a long selection of scientists and in natural open reservoirs is not found. Marble fish color is blurred dark spots resembling a patterned pattern on the stone of the same name. Many young individuals do not have a clear and bright color, at the older fish, which are at the stage of puberty, this color appears, becomes more catchy during the breeding period.

These “royal” people will not deliberately drive and disturb other fish, destroy their fry. Prefer there are various small foods in frozen or dry form, as well as alive (moth, tube), fresh semolina, cooked by a special way, canned green peas. In the case of hunger and lack of main nutrition, guruurs can be powered by various parasites entering water together with feeds, snails.

Marble gurois is peculiar. Summary of the fish is calm and peace-loving, but the moments occur when it can show aggression against other inhabitants of the aquarium. In addition, due to its natural nature, this beauty can peacefully exist with all the fish of other species. Very often, the attacks of aggression arise from males gurura during a spawning period, when the need arises to protect their female and a nest with a deferred caviar. Icroids – the most important process in fish life, during this period any individual is subject to stress and fears for the safety of its offspring.

Females prefer to hide in shelters, males are unpredictable and pissing.

Compatibility Factors

The aggressiveness of the gurars of the marble is due to its natural abuse with other underwater representatives. But this problem can be solved by picking up fish for them that will not annoy and interfere with comfortable livelihoods. It is necessary to find the optimal content option. To this end, you can move all to a more spacious aquarium, put in it More underwater plants, other decorative items resembling bottom of the reservoir. In this case, each inhabitant will feel protected and can find shelter for itself.

For the prevention of aggressive behavior and fights between fish is best For a while, les off the aggressors and Drachunov in a separate aquarium. If the sizes of the tank allow the fish to be comfortable to move on it, it will be good to be hosted to non-expectant individuals of representatives of more peace-loving species of fish that will not pay attention to the bully and enter into conflicts with it. Thus, aggressive behavior of Drachunov will be smoothed.

Marble Gouars – Pretty Large Fish, grows up to 10-11 cm, therefore, it is necessary to select the company to get it taking into account the size of fish, color, character, gender, content parameters.

The best neighbors for marble gurrass are considered scalaria, ansister, apistograms, neons, minors, corridors. These types of fish have good compatibility among themselves, quite calm, possess a balanced character and rarely show aggressive behavior in relation to others.

What kind of types are getting?

Calmly exist together with marble gurars can fish of the same size with it, because more large-scale individuals are suppressed, and smaller can be an article by an object of aggressive behavior. In the aquarium, you can contain several gums, then the skirmishes between males will be minimized.

Each gurors should have a couple, then the fish live families and rarely conflict. Good compatibility can provide neons, iris, battles, cattle corridors, Danio, Minors, swords, scalar, Barbusa, Koi carps, Lyapius, Soma Plekostomy. These fish have calm temper, balanced by character, neblobalizes in relation to neighbors, prefer a quiet dimension.

Scalaria, Macoopod, Lyalius and Terentics Also may well dwell together with the guers.

Marble gurars love to hide in various shelters, loves when there are many algae and plants in the aquarium.

In one artificially created reservoir, if it is quite spacious, you can contain several types of fish compatible with each other and characterized by uniform content parameters. Hurring to the gurars other varieties, you need to think about how and where they will throw caviar and equip the nests for offspring. To do this, you need to create suitable conditions.

Average compatibility of gurus with disks, acne. With proper conditions of content, these species may well exist together.

With whom the cohabitation is not very desirable?

The main causes of conflicts and shacks between the fish are:

  • Throw outdoor, lush long fins and tail, which can not disregard other types of fish inhabiting nearby+
  • Each fish is vital for a personal space for a full-fledged existence – if some fish prefer to dwell in the lower layers of the aquarium, while others – in the upper, then conflicts between them are completely excluded+
  • Not enough spacious aquarium, lack of places for shelter and privacy, small amount of algae+
  • Excellence in the sizes of some fish over others, which allows them to crack and drive smaller individuals.

    Keep together gouars and goldfish undesirable, Since both of these species have a spectacular color, long fins, and therefore can become an object of envy of each other. Goldfish, unlike gurura, very voracious, quickly and deftly grab feed, not leaving others.

    It is not recommended to subside to the gourass of more shrinking, active and playful fish, because guruurs – the very calm and greatness! Excessive fuss will be annoyed.

    With whom the joint content is contraindicated?

    Experienced aquarists are not recommended to keep together small innocuous fish and large predators. Active, rapid fish can damage the long mustache gourass, interfere with their fuss. Unwanted neighbors include Cikhlid, Petushkov, Parrot Fish, Astronotuses. To confrontation and sad consequences can lead Neighborhood with guppy and shrimp, because some can be eaten by others.

    Fish-parrot in a relationship with gourass, due to its solid and drooling, always dominates.

    It is impossible to pick up to a pair of lonely macro – this is the largest aggressor of all kinds of fish. He will definitely attack and tear the gourassment of fins, mustache, chasing fry, destroy caviar.

    More aggressive, large, fast, playful fish are not suitable for joint habitat with gums.

    Beginning aquarist before settling aquarium It is better to consult with experienced specialists, study the table compatibility table and only then select species for joint residence.

    More information about marble gurars See next video.

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