Conditions for the content of husky and the correct care

Conditions for the content of husky and the correct care

Husky – very loving, kind and sensitive breed, which will undoubtedly give its owner a lot of joy. But for the content of the dog of this breed, there may be particular conditions, and so that the dog is healthy – the right care.

Description of breed


Not aggressive

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Very high

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Very high

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Need care


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Cost of content

Above the average

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Attitude to solitude

Short periods

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Security qualities


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* Characteristic of breed “Husky” Founded on the assessment of the experts of the site and feedback from the owners of the dog.

The word “husky” dates back to the distorted name of the nationality of Eskimos – “Essence”. Various northern peoples, such as Chukchi, Kerch, the above-mentioned Eskimos and other peoples, inhabiting North Eastern Siberia, and later and various people who come to the north of North America, used dogs of this breed for transport purposes. Involuntary selection, held in cold conditions, large overcome distances, nutrition (on the way) dried fish and permanent loads, led to the formation of the hassiness of the most characteristics that make them recognizable.

    Dogs of this breed of medium height, with dense woolen cover, have a supporting figure, some note the remote similarity of these dogs with wolves. Read more with a more detailed description:

    • Long wool, undercoat very thick+
    • Husky has standing ears covered with the inside of wool+
    • International standards admit up to 15 variants of painting of pieces, but for Huski, the presence of a bright face and a dark nearby region+
    • The most frequent color of the eyes is blue, but karya is also found, olive and golden+
    • males, as a rule, larger, their skeleton is more pronounced+
    • Husks are very hardy, can carry long-term loads, while females are practically not inferior from the point of view of the stamina+
    • All strangers Husky are very goodwill, which eliminates the possibility of using it as a watchdog dog.

    Subtleties of content

    To acquire husky, a reliable breeder or a nursery with a positive reputation should be discussed. Take a puppy follows the second month of life, because before that they are very important to stay with her mother. When choosing a puppy, pay attention to its backbone, it must be strong. Look the condition of the paw, tail, bite, oral cavity. Also, the puppy must be active, curious and relatively peaceful.

    It should be clarified by the breeder, the availability of documents for the dog, as well as check the availability of stamps or, if there is chip. If you are offered a dog for too low price – be sure to be alert, as good purebred husky can not cost cheap.

    It is very important to provide a puppy a number of accessories – Food bowl, Water bowl, collar. Also should be supplied with a puppy by a leash, short, muzzle. It is necessary to provide a puppy toys that are resistant to attempts to shrink them. Also, you need a dog to prepare a special backpack, equipped with weighting so that the dog is not hyperactive, cooling rug, and to care for wool – Furminator.

    From the zone of reaching dogs should be removed any pile floor coverings, such as carpets and palaces – Husky loves to fuck them. Also hide clothes, shoes and values. It is necessary to remove glass accessories, technique, clay pots, wires can be lubricated by special drugs, and various detergents are preferably removed away to avoid poisoning. Isolate a dog from noise sources, acute items and bare wires.

    Contain the dog follows Regular physical exertion. Every day you have to devote up to four hours walks, otherwise the puppy simply will not waste his strength, moreover, you should not worry about the weather – the puppy will be comfortable under conditions from +20 to -20. The number of walks will have to increase to three instead of the familiar two in other breeds.

    Puppy is important, in addition to simple running, play games. In winter, a puppy from 9 months of age is suitable for trips to sleigh and sledding, and in summer – games with balls, frisbee and similar accessories.

    In the apartment

    In the apartment interior, Husky will have nowhere to spill out its energy, if not engaged in his leisure time during walks. Therefore, be morally ready for the walls, doors and some small things may be damaged. Therefore, sometimes for a puppy, it is advisable to use a spacious cage with a soft place to sleep on the floor, if the owners are forced to leave a dog without supervision.

    In no case should not forget to open the cage as soon as it becomes possible without too destructive consequences.

    Clearly realize that it is impossible to demand from the Husky carrying a guard service in your home. As already mentioned, husky is a great family friend and a beautiful riding dog, but not a security guard.

    It is necessary to immediately establish prohibitions for begging, trying to rush to people, get into the host bed or climb on any other furniture. All these nuances need to work during training, which is usually started from one and a half-month age.

    In a private house

    In a private house, more comfortable conditions for Husky accommodation, but for the organization of leisure on the street you are not enough just to open the door, you must organize an animal Full walking with games outside the yard.

    In the heat of dogs, hasshe breed is very hard, so it is important to arrange a shelter in the shade and provide a large amount of drinking water. Also, it is also important for dogs to organize a spacious aviary, while not forgetting about natural smelling, curiosity and tricks Husky.

    Based on this, they can pick up the walls of the enclosure and get into search of adventures. In order to avoid such problems it follows Strengthen the aviary with steel long rods, and the floor should strengthen the hardness so that there is no possibility to make a subpople.

    If you allow the husks to freely walk around the yard or beyond unattended, the dog can simply escape.

    How to care?

    Very important in caring for a dog Questions of hygiene. Still being a puppy, husky should receive hygienic procedures more often than other dogs, because he has long wool and thick undercoat. Husky lines twice a year, leaving a huge amount of hair behind. If the dog lives in a comfortable climate, these periods can be less pronounced.

    Before half a year, the dog is combed twice a week, after wool it is in some extent, and then the frequency of combing can be reduced to one per week. At home the dog is combing Commercial with a wide teeth or a furminator. It is important to save the part of the undercoat that has not yet plisted. During the periods of molting dogs are combed daily, or if the house is private, once every 3-4 days.

    In addition to regular combing, the dog needs to be bathing, and living at home – Regular Washing Lap.

    Do not allow the dog to climb on the puddles and in the mud, but if this happened – you can eliminate pollution with a damp sponge or special napkins. Once in a half months, it is necessary to clean the pet ears and the eyes with a cotton swab with a disinfectant. It is recommended to use veterinary lotions.

    Husky should receive preventive droplets in the eyes. In addition, in specialized agencies it is necessary to clean the dog’s teeth and remove stones with them. Veterinary clinics are ideal for this.

    In the summer and winter time, the dogs need to care for the pads of their paws. For this there are special creams, gels and even wax.

    In addition, it is worth taking care of the animal claws. So that they do not break, thereby deliver discomfort, they need them regularly coherent to optimal length.

    Features of nutrition

    Up to 2 months old puppies need to be fed up to 6 times a day, up to 4 – 4 times a day, in 5 months it is necessary to feed the puppy at least 4 times a day and from six months to 10 months a puppy gets food three times every day. Adult pet should be fed to 2 times a day.

    When purchasing a puppy, some breeders recommend under 7 days to hold it on a rice diet, in the future connecting the meat of white bird or sea fish.

    At each stage, keep the power mode, feed puppy at a certain time. From 4 months, vitamins and trace elements are added to the diet. Regardless of the choice of hosts between the natural product and the ready-made homemade, it is important to ensure the presence of immunostimulating vitamins A and C in nutrition, B for skin and muscle vitamins. Vitamin D is important for calcium metabolism, vitamin E has a positive effect on the reproduction, and the ions of metals and non-metallic compounds form the framework of bones and fabrics, and also play a role in enzymatic regulation.

    If you choose natural feed, then you must follow the definite list of rules. Half of the diet should be meat (beef, turkey, rabbit) or fish. You can try offal, such as liver, heart, and other organs, which are just rich in microelements and vitamins.

    Husky is useful to feed cereals from grain and grain crops – Grech, rice, oatmeal. Moreover, bented bundle or oatmeal can (and even preferably) give daily. Up to two times a week you can add quail eggs. The combination of these products should not exceed 1/5 share of the diet.

    Even up to 1/5 part of the diet should be given under dairy. On the vegetables Must be given up to 1/10 share of the diet, while preference is given to products containing fiber – carrots, cabbage, apples, etc.

    If you decide to resort to finished feeds, then it is important to take into account the price class of feed and how guaranteed it meets the needs of your PSA. It is advisable to stop Premium or Super Premium Price Face Class. In cheap feeds, low-quality additives are very often available, which have an allergenic effect, violate the intestinal microflora or simply give a feeling of satiety, not a saturated dog in fact. They contain starch, corn and sometimes grain supplements.

    If the basis is taken by dry puppy food, sometimes you can dilute it canned.

    Puppies diet must be with a high percentage of meat. Dry food can be mixed with a natural product only if it comes to adding fermented milk products or vegetables.

    Regarding the translation methodology for dry food, opinions differ. Some breeders tend to believe that it is possible to meet in 10 days, every 3 days reducing the share of natural feed on a quarter and increasing the share of dry food on the same quarter from the portion, others believe that this process should be stretched for 2-3 weeks. Therefore, it is possible to make a general conclusion that Translation on dry food should not occupy less than 10 days and should be a gradual process. Also to dry feed it is important to feed the appropriate amount of water.

    It is categorically impossible to feed Husky sausages, sausages, flour products and minced. Do not feed the dog with tubular bones and chicken skins. Also eliminate the diet of legumes, grapes and other products provoking meteorism – it can cause one’s discomfort. You can not give dogs with a raw liver, as well as river fish because of the increased risk of helminthiasis, as well as the likelihood of poisoning. Potato and, in particular, starch contained in it can lead to disorders of metabolism in a dog.

    Education and training

    Husky’s puppy is very active and loving, so he gladly absorbs all the attention that you give him. The first six months are critical for the formation of the relationship of “Pet master”. All free time during this period of Huska’s life, it is important to dedicate to him, playing with him, causing, walking and giving him her affection and warm.

    During walks, it is necessary to give him all his strength, forcing him to be pulled out so that at home he was calmer and ambitious.

    Starting with the appearance of a puppy in the house it is important to give him three main places – for sleep, for food intake and temporary place for malfunction. It is also important to teach a puppy to nickname and categorically necessary to teach it from the habit of playing with homemade things that do not belong to him.

    In general, when raising husky, it is useful to introduce a number of rules.

    • You should clearly establish your role of the leader. The leader is the first eats, the first falls into the dwelling, led by any narrow aisles.
    • It is unacceptable to apply violence regarding Husky. If the dog made a guide – it is worth limking to the “Fu” team, “impossible”, “place” or similar, ignoring some kind of dog needs until it goes to the opponent. If the dog shows perseverance – it is permissible to take it for the withers and press to the floor or earth, while the dog does not stop persevere and does not relax. Causing the pain of the dog at the same time is categorically prohibited.
    • Always give a dog the choice, reinforcing the correct promotion – whether it is good, caress or at least approval from the owner. So you will form a positive reinforcement of the right (from your point of view) behavior.
    • Husky should have certain rules for living, in which premises it is allowed to access, at what time she eats, what time is she sleeping, how she behaves while walking, during meals, with a guest and so on.

    The puppy must be given a set of minimal commands, which he should know perfectly (“sit”, “place”, “to me”, “stand” and so on).

    Up to 6 months, priority must be given to the formation of communication between the owner and the puppy, then you can already lean more tightly on the process of education.

    Punishment is acceptable only if Husky showed aggression to the owners, to other dogs or committed something dangerous for themselves.

    Husky breed dogs with pleasure rich children and adults on a sleigh that can be used in the process of upbringing or as active pastime.

    Diseases and vaccinations

    For dogs of this breed is characterized by very good health, but this does not mean that they are not subject to diseases, including infectious.

    At the age of 2 months, PSAM make a combined vaccination against rabies, chumki and enteritis with the introduction of the second dose in a month. To prepare for vaccination in a planned manner 10 days before it should give a puppy anthelmintic drugs. After the second vaccination, two weeks the dog is at home, and then it can be displayed on the street. A year later, it will be necessary to carry out the revaccination.

    In the warm season it is important to protect dogs from ticks, as they are carriers of piroplasmosis, which can potentially be lethal for pet. To protect the dog, you can use preventive collars or pharmacological outdoor products, as well as drugs for internal use.

    Most often, the dogs, the musculoskeletal system and the nervous system, and the irregular system, and the internal organs, are affected by the dogs of the hassiness breed. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor the appearance, walking and workouts, as well as for the nutrition of your pet, then it will be strong and healthy.

    About how to care for husks, look in the following video.

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