Conditions of content and rules for chihuahua

Conditions of content and rules for chihuahua

The desire to start a puppy of an exotic or dwarf breed always requires a novice breeder a particularly attentive attitude to the fulfillment of its duties. Care and chihuahua content dramatically differs from the content of large and medium-sized dogs. In addition, this breed has long-haired and short-haired varieties. Accordingly, you will have to know how to care for a puppy’s wool at home, learn the basic needs in everyday hygiene.



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* Characteristic of breed “Chihuahua” Founded on the assessment of the experts of the site and feedback from the owners of the dog.

What is needed for content?

It is important to remember that Chihuahua refers to the smallest representatives of the family of dog. Initially, this breed was removed in warm edges, which affected the metabolism and some features of the appearance. Animals have almost no undercoat, there are no significant fat stocks.

Representatives of the breeds need protection from colds, drafts. In addition, many Chihuahua have a non-overgrown soft spring on the head, differ in common brittle bones – any injuries are dangerous for them, and the owner has to consider it when choosing games and entertainment for pets.

Buying a little chihuahua – an important event that needs to be prepared. The description of the breed suggests that even long-haired individuals are distinguished by thermo-loss, they are dangerous any drafts. Accordingly, the first, where to start, – the choice of a pet sleeping space protected from any sources of discomfort. In addition, in the area of ​​reaching a curious puppy should not be electrical wiring, household chemicals, facilities for planting plants.

All shaky and unstable items are carefully fixed, the slots between the furniture and the floor are closed or overlap with special plugs.

Buying “dowry” for pet is also very responsible. Puppy, and then adult dog need a lot of items.

  • Mattress or Lena with a basket base, box, house. The litter must be quite soft, easily cleaned, from hypoallergenic materials. When choosing accessories it is very important to remember that there will be a matured pet in the future.

  • Bowls. It is better to buy individual options for water and food: dual versions lead to the fact that food remnants simply pollute drink, and the animal refuses from him. Materials worth choosing safe, durable, comfortable for cleaning and disinfection. The optimal solution will be metal or ceramic tableware with middle height.

  • Toilet. Chihuahua is quite easily getting used to walking in the tray, and in winter it is often preferred by this kind of hygienic accessories to free walking. For teaching a puppy, you can use and absorbing diapers.

  • Toys. To protect the furniture and objects of the interior from damage, the puppy should offer alternative classes. Despite their tiny sizes, Pets of the Chihuahua breed gladly gnawing veins, braids in the form of braids. For everyday games, simple soft toys are suitable, as well as rubber balls. All of them must be safe, intended specifically for dogs.

  • For long-haired animals, it is recommended to purchase Frameless rare teeth comb. Careful for a short-haired pet will help the use of the rigidity medium brush.

  • Bathing towel and shampoo. It is better to choose it, taking into account the breed affiliation of the pet.

  • Toothbrush and special paste. It is recommended to pre-consult with a veterinarian or breeder.

  • Carrying, allowing free to move with pet. It will come in handy for visits to a veterinary doctor, important trips.

  • Feed, recommended by the breeder, or ingredients for the preparation of natural food, if in the nursery puppy received just such a diet.

  • Wolter or Manezh, allowing you to protect the animal from dangers during the absence of hosts. Usually you need only puppies.

How to feed chihuahua?

When drafting a diet for chihuahua, it is very important to ensure the replenishment of energy consumption, because this breed is accelerated by metabolism, and calories burn much faster.

Veterinary doctors and breeders recommend applying specialized balanced premium or super premium feeds that allow the animal to receive all the necessary nutrients as it is growth and development.

Permissible and feeding by natural products. They must be high-quality, safe and fresh.

Optimal is considered to be the presence in the diet of beef or chicken meat, fermented dairy products. Give vegetables and fruit dogs: seasonal, undergoing sanitary and culinary processing or fresh. Permissible small amount of croup, greenery. One day per week is allowed to replace the meat menu on seafood: fish, squid.

The imbalance of vitamins and minerals is replenished using special additives.

Ready food must correspond to the age-related category of animal. Puppies give special enriched food. Adults and senior dogs should receive a separate diet.

Appropriate combination of dry and wet feed from one product line.

How to care?

Chihuahua owners worry animal hygiene issues. Pet requires attention, including his state of health. The main features of the care of the eyes and other parts of the body in long-haired and short-haired varieties are practically no different. Only frequency and influence intensity varies.

Carrying out the puppy at home, it is very important to instill a toilet visiting skills in a timely manner. It is worth stocking of the absorbent diapers, a tray, spray or other means destroying unpleasant odors in the apartment. Chihuahua – the dog is quite intelligent, but even she needs to correctly explain the procedure. If puppies have already introduced a tray in the nursery – there will be no problems. With the early selection of kids from the mother – in a month and a half – to educate useful habits will have to host.

The first days in the puppy’s house are tray after each feeding or awakening. The tray is better to set as close as possible to the bedroom and then gradually move back where it is planned to be placed on an ongoing basis.

In the period of addiction to the toilet, the animal should not make comments, scold him if the puddle is done in an inappropriate place. Any desire to observe the order from the puppy is recommended to encourage.

For wool

Even smooth-haired dogs of the Chihuahua breed necessarily need careful cleaning. It is performed using a special brush with a bristle medium hardness. A hygienic procedure is performed twice a week. Long-haired animals are combed daily by a metal comb with rounded ends of the teeth. You don’t need to cut chihuahua, the breed also does not learn that it eliminates the owners from problems with wool cleaning. Inactively sticking hairs permissible to cut off with scissors.

Behind the eyes

Newborn puppies are born with sealed centuries and do not immediately open their eyes. At the stage of disclosure, animal vision organs need careful control, delicate treatment with cleansing compositions. But also at the puppies older, and in adult dogs the eyeball remains noticeably more convex than other breeds. With wetting during the blinking, a lacrimal fluid is released, which allows to avoid excessive dryness.

Tear – Normal Phenomenon for Chihuahua. But you need to regularly examine the animal to make sure the transparency and cleanliness of the discharge.

Any changes: the purulent nature of the fluid or the appearance of an unpleasant smell indicate that the pet needs a doctor help.

To avoid the formation of tear grooves, it is necessary to regularly carry out sanitary and hygienic processing. It is performed using a cotton disk dipped in a weak heat chamomile or a seite of tea. Crust, wet path and spend the eyelids itself, are carefully cleaned.

For teeth

Teeth puppies and adult chihuahua require regular toothpaste treatment at least 1-2 times a week. There are special brushes for dogs on sale, allowing to effectively remove flare and pollution. In the process of cleaning, you need to influence the surface of the enamel gently, avoiding the area of ​​the gums. When forming a tooth stone, its professional removal is recommended.

For ears

Chihuahua breed dogs need careful care. Veterinary doctors recommend daily inspection, allowing to notice the slightest negative changes. Cleaning of the ear shell is carried out monthly or as contaminants formation. Teaching her puppies from childhood. For processing, special liquid is applied, cotton disks.

And also used cotton sticks, moistened in cleaning composition. They are needed to remove sulfur from a hearing aisle. Only the visible part inside the ear is cleared, it is not recommended deeply to immerse. Cotton disk, moistened in cleansing solution, surface sink surface is processed. Negone to care for the ears not worth: the features of their structure contribute to the rapid accumulation of dirt and dust.

For claws

With the right organization of walking claws, the Chihuahua dog breed is rated naturally and do not require additional cutting. But if these measures are not enough, the owner will have hygiene procedures. The most convenient and safe option of experienced breeders consider special guilty type nippers. On bright claws, the live part is different in color and therefore well noticeable. It is enough to insert a deadly part inside the device and cut it at an angle of 45 ° to a couple of millimeters below the pulp location.

On dark claws, the process of trimming the abstract claw takes more time. At once cuts no more than 2 mm. Procurement is made in several stages, every time the edge inspects. When the darkened section appears in the form of a point in the center, it is worth staying: the flip of the pulp, which is touched by, which can cause bleeding.

Puppies pruning claws are carried out twice a month, adult dogs – monthly.

Rules of bathing

Bathing Chihuahua – a procedure that too often. The breed has naturally cleansing coats, which, when degreasing the shampoo, loses its properties. On average swimming required 2-3 times a year, no more. The procedure is carried out in a warm bath (+ 35 + 40 °) with a special means for shorthair dogs. Shampoo is applied solely on moisturized wool, avoiding areas around the nose, eye, ears.

Washed off foam warm running water. Next, the animal worst into a soft towel (it is better to warm it up). Until the moment of complete drying, the pet should not be allowed on the cold floor, drafts. LThe learning decision will be to stay on the knees from the owner. To speed up the drying process of wool, you can resort to the help of a hair dryer.

Games and upbringing

From the very first day of stay in the new house puppy of the Chihuahua breed, it is necessary to intend to a certain set of basic teams.

  • “A place!”. She is pronounced every time a puppy is sent to sleep or just relax in the reserved corner. Gradually, when pronouncing the team by the owner, the animal will begin to go to the sun bed itself or in the house.

  • Nickname. Recognize your name, especially if in the nursery was not made to allocate puppies, the baby will start not immediately. To secure the skill, you should refuse any distortion of the name and affectionate nickname. The faster the dog will remember the correct form of circulation, the better.

  • “Ugh!”, “It is forbidden!”. Boot commands allow you to prevent accidental poisoning or contact with the source of danger. Learn them should follow how the animal first falls outside.

  • “To me!”. One of the basic teams, allowing to provide obedience to an animal in any atmosphere. Chihuahua possess high intelligence, and quite easily assimilate the basics of dresser.

In the process of learning a puppy, it is very important to observe the regularity and sequence of actions. Starting serious training is not before two months of age.


Walking is an important component for the healthy growth and development of a dog. First you need to spend time on the street, taking a pet on a leash attached to a trainer or collar. After completion of vaccination, you can make walks regular, allowing chihuahua puppy contact with other animals. This will provide socialize it, ensure the necessary physical exertion.

The process of accuracy to the execution of the toilet on the street will also be lighted in the company of other dogs. Animals copy each other’s behavior, we will make the territory. Increase the chances of success will help the game in the fresh air: even the most patient pet in this case is unlikely to wait for the return home to send its natural needs.

The frequency of walks for an adult dog should be optimal. It is enough just to spend time on the street at the o’clock a day in the morning and in the evening. During the period of teaching to the toilet, walking on demand. When the temperature is lowered on the street to + 15 °, it is necessary to purchase clothes for a dog: 2 overalls (winter and demi-season), backups, vests, shoes for protection against reagents. When the temperature is reduced on the street to -20 ° Chihuahua, it is better to leave at home by canceling a walk.

In the House

The first thing that is worth taking care to arrive a new tenant to the house is to arrange its personal place, territory where the puppy can feel comfortable. Such asylum should be located in the room, but not close to windows, heating devices, drafts and passes. It is desirable that the Chihuahua dog can see the owner from his house or from a lay.

Merry moving puppies and adult animals of this breed need games and toys. Rubber and plush balls, hedgehogs and other entertainment they take very favorably. Balls need to choose a compact size suitable for mouth pet. You can also buy all sorts of bones and dumbbells, comfortable for throwing.

Toys from the lives are indispensable during the shift of the teeth: they provide removal of the dental rotation, perform the gum massage. Made shoes or clothes – bad toy for dog. In this case, in the future, the animal may be difficult to figure out which things you can gnaw, and which no.

Caring for health

To preserve the health of the dogs of the Chihuahua breed throughout its life, you need to carefully monitor the common state of the body. Bathe and long-haired, and short-haired pets are not too often. Regular hygienic procedures in the form of cleaning the ears and teeth will help avoid possible problems.

Chihuahua – Dogs prone to completeness. Diet, control over body weight and blood sugar levels are extremely important. Animals of this breed are predisposed to hypoglycemia, and when it detects the veterinarian will give strict recommendations on the regime.

Another important point: Chihuahua is easily cold, hypochea, it is very important for them to observe the comfortable ambient temperature. A sponzer or clothes will need a pet already with lowering indicators to + 15 ° C. To prevent more serious diseases, dogs must be carried out, anthelmintic drugs are performed regularly.

Chihuahua – Exceptionally indoor breed, it is contraindicated with street or aviary content.

Read more about Chihuahua’s content in the following video.

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