Description and content of Abyssinian Cats Blue Color

Description and content of Abyssinian Cats Blue Color

Cats – Some of the most popular pets. There are so many breeds of cats, they are bred for both the soul and exhibitions and demonstrations. One of the representatives of the amazing breed is the Abyssinian Cat Blue Color.

Features of the color of Abyssinsev

Abyssinian cat is one of the most ancient breeds of cats, according to some scientists, it was them that they were bred in ancient Egypt, calling the “radiant cats of the horizon”. This is partly due to their unusual color, which can be blue, brown, silver, lilac, Cherepakhov, Beige (Favong) and Red (sorrower).

The fighter in animals is smooth and smooth, fits tightly to the body and glitters, they have no stripes, points or stains either on the tail or on the paws. Every hair of wool is painted in different tone of one color from all sides. This type of color is called taking and it turns out due to Aguti Gena, which prevails in these cats. If you stroke a cat on wool, then one shade will get, against the wool – the shade of the same color will be varied on the tone, it will be lighter, or darker.

But at the same time, they are not born at once with their own other color, but they acquire it only in the second year of life. Initially, kittens color dull and weak, and only over time it acquires its brightness and saturation.

Abyssinian Cat Blue Color

Blue wool color is present in almost all breeds of cats. If the cat in the generations were black conifers, then sooner or later the subsequent offspring will acquire a blue color. Blue color from Abyssinian cats officially recognized in 1984.

Unlike the string of other colors of this breed, blue color has the most visible contrast and its own characteristics.

  • Cats should not have a bleached bleeding.
  • Along the spine pronounced, unlike the whole body, blue stripe.
  • On the stomach, chest, chin and paws at the bleeding shade lighter. It can be apricot, beige, light brown or cream.
  • On the back, head and tail Wool gray-blue.
  • The nose can be brown or gray-blue. Eye color Suppose from copper color to green, there are also cats with golden eyes or nuts.

Content kittens

When you get any animal before bringing it to the house, you need to cook everything you need. This will allow you to avoid any unpleasant moments, and an animal is easier to move the stress of moving and adapting to a new place.

Abyssinian kittens sell starting from an early age, a little older than two months. But it is better to wait a bit and buy a kitten who was not less than four months.

When buying a kitten, you need to look at it carefully and take into account all the moments:

  • wool must be clean and smooth+
  • Clear eyes, most often emerald or amber, without “tears” or any clusters around them+
  • ears clean, like the whole body, without any rash.

One of the main conditions for the content of Abyssinian cats is the company. They are hard to endure loneliness. If you do not have every day at home, it is better to immediately start two kittens.

There are other features in the content and care of them.

  • Food. Animals can be powered by both ordinary products and specialized feeds. In any case, you need to make food kittens in a variety of and full. Starting from ten months, they are gradually transferred to an adult diet. If you decide to feed the cat with special feed, then they should be premium class. Experienced breeders recommend you manufacturers and brand of feed. Their composition already includes vitamin and mineral supplements and amino acids.

Food should always be in the animal bowl so that the cat is not found “in the future”. And, of course, the animal should always have clean water in the second bowl. Having preferred with natural products, you need to diversify their diet as much as possible and make a kind of menu for every day.

It is important to ensure that the diet does not get prohibited for cat health products. Forbidden products include: fatty meat of lamb and pork, sausages and smoking, legumes and potatoes, drugs and vitamins intended for a person. Of course, everything should be excluded.

  • Toilet. Purchasing kittens in nurseries or experienced breeders, you will give you a little toilet filler to which kitten is used. If you want to change it to another brand, you need to do it gradually, otherwise the kitten may stop walking at all to the tray unusual. Cats of this breed clean, tray need to be cleaned daily or purchase the second to replace.

  • Caring for the appearance of the kitten. Due to the fact that the kittens have short wool, it is not more often to deduct it once a week. Wash the kitten only as needed with special shampoos. Ears clean only visible zones, not penetrating the ear. They need to be cleaned with cotton disks moistened in a solution for cleaning the ears. Animal’s eyes are better not to touch, the kitten himself should learn to wash. Claws cut once every two weeks and only tips. Every year, kittens need to put vaccinations from infectious diseases.

The Breed of Abyssinian cats refers to the number of expensive both in the purchase and in the content. The price of one kitten can be from 15 to 70 thousand rubles, depending on the pedigree, color and reputation of the seller. Therefore, before purchasing these cats, think again – whether you can contain them and provide all necessary.

In the next video, see the description and features of the content of Abyssinian cats.

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