Description and content of beagle puppies in 4 months

Description and content of beagle puppies in 4 months

Playful and friendly breed dogs Beagles are very popular among breeders. Dogs belong to the racing rocks, although their size is rather miniature. Beagle’s puppies for 4 months acquire the features of an adult dog and begin to actively be interested in the world around.


Bigley belong to the ancient English breeds. Historical information about the appearance of miniature hunting dogs is very little. Modern Beagles – Active Pets with short thick wool and hanging ears. They possess a great scent and instantly remember various teams. Distinctive features include:

  • Muscular strong body+
  • Short dense wool+
  • Neat head (the muzzle should not be pointed)+
  • Expressive eyes (brown)+
  • Strong tail of medium length+
  • Strong limbs+
  • Call voice, stretching bark.

Bigley wool coloring looks very impressive. It corresponds to the color of the racing, so the tip of the dog’s tail is painted in white. The most common color of this breed is tricolor. White, red and black plots decorate the body of the dog. There are variations of this color. For example, brilliant (many light shades) and drawn (fur on the back of the animal predominantly dark color). Adult dog weighs about 20 kg, and its growth reaches 40 cm.

Grow bigly fast enough. Already by 4 months of life, the dogs begin to appear indicators of the future exterior.

What a puppy looks like?

Beagle kids appear to light helpless and blind. Up to 3 months, they slowly adapt to the world around the world and gradually come out from under maternal guardianship. A four-month pet begins to actively study the dwelling of the host and contact with households. During this period, the dog is growing: a puppy acquires the features of his parents, and the wool picks up a saturated shade.

Its growth reaches 40 cm, and weight varies from 7 to 9 kg. Boys beagle larger girls. At the age of 3-4 months, a puppy changes the milk teeth to the indigenous. This process ends by half a year.


The first puppies for puppies of this breed is food adapted for an immature digestive system. The menu consists of:

  • raw low-fat meat+
  • rice, buckwheat+
  • Degreased cottage cheese and kefir+
  • Fresh water.

From 4 months the diet of a small pet becomes more diverse. Puppy begins to give meat insides. From plant writing in the beagle menu there must be cereals (buckwheat, rice and heroles), as well as greens. Grounded pets allowed to eat fresh vegetables and fruits. Also for it is useful to acidic products (kefir, procurement, ryazhenka and fresh cheese).

As for industrial feed, high-quality premium products are suitable. They are enriched with vitamin complexes and perfectly absorbed.

Puppies feed (4-6 months) 3 times a day.

Content and care

Representatives of this breed in the “gentle” age look like plush toys. Kids are very curious and prefer active games. However, as True English Lords, Bigley differ in opposition. Already from 4-5 months puppies Show stubbornness. In this case The owner needs to be patient and calm. The baby should not be constantly punished and all the more applied physical strength in relation to it.

The process of education should be consistent and methodical.

With a competent approach, a beagle puppy grows a cheerful and friendly dog. Pet devotedly serves the owner and adores playing with small households. Despite the miniature growth, Bigley lead an active lifestyle and approach athletes. They are ready to run for hours and jump outdoors without a hint of fatigue.

As for the “relationships” with other pets, the English dogs show aggression only to small animals (hamsters, chinchillas and decorative rabbits). They are also not always friendly to the cats, since they possess the instincts of hunters. The individuals of the female of this breed of the Pockelors and are easily leaving for training. Males more stubborn and wayward. Their upbringing must be engaged from the first days of appearance in the house.

The owner must take into account that Beagle, first of all, refers to the racing rocks. In this regard, pets need long walks. Dog need to “leave” all its energy outside the apartment. In addition, miniature animals have a good appetite and prone to obesity.

Physical exertion for the beagles is vital, otherwise the pet health will threaten the danger.

      Naturally, like other dogs, wool care is needed. The dog is combed with a rigid brush 1-2 times a week. Bathing pets as dirty, using special shampoos, including dry. For this breed, they are especially relevant. Another important point for the beagle is observance of ears and eye hygiene. For cleaning of ear sinks, cotton wands moistened in a special solution will fit.

      Eyes are a problem zone Bigley. If the owner appears, the owner must immediately show the pet veterinarian.

      With interesting facts about dogs Bigl breeds can be found in the following video.

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