Description and content of black Akita-Inu

Description and content of black Akita-Inu

Akita Inu – the breed of black color with an amazing story – loved people with their attachment to the owner and appearance. Dog even put a monument in Japan after the exit of the Khatiko cult film.


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* Characteristic of breed “Akita Inu” Founded on the assessment of the experts of the site and feedback from the owners of the dog.


There are several options for transferring the name of the breed from the Japanese. Akita Inu – Dear Hunting Dog. Another option: In-Dog, and Akita – Province name. Despite the Japanese roots, the Dark Color dog can more often meet among American representatives of the breed. They occurred as a result of crossing with a mastiff, when after World War II, Akita was brought to America. These are dogs dense addition and powerful, while Japanese breeds are more slender.

Representatives of Akina-Ina black color similar to the image of an ancient Japanese painting. This coloring is the subject of admiration for the Japanese. Although it is often called tiger or sesame. These colors are rarely used in selection. Wool color passes a number of age-related changes. The color must be clear and clean, and if there are spots, they should also have clear outlines.

The Japanese dog is pretty affectionate and sweet, but it does not prevent her from being the dedicated guard of his owners.

She is very obedient and restrained. Moreover, she just admires her devotion. Although there is such an opinion that it will be only one owner.

Character and content


  1. Fearlessness.
  2. Security-guard.
  3. Training ability.
  4. Purity. The dog is known for its neatness and after each walk will try to put himself in order on their own. The owners are also important to maintain the purity of the pet. Take care of the wool, help with a molting, and contain the animal will be quite nice. Weekly need to check the dog’s state of the ears, claws and cut the wool between the pillows of the paws. Wash pets preferably a couple of times a year using special shampoos. Frequent washing will not benefit the condition of animal wool. Since active chemical elements can damage the protective layer and fat, harm wool and skin.
  5. No specific smell. Because of this, many even compare this breed with cats.
  6. Silence, no reason does not bother.
  7. Devotion. They are monophrices: the dog is undiafoldly devoted to one owner and very hard changes the family. If you take into the house of the already matured Akita puppy, be patient, you need to conquer his confidence.
  8. Longevity.
  9. Suitable for the apartment, and for aviary content. But if Akita still lives in the apartment, then physical exercises on the street should be given a lot of attention. It is necessary to take care that the home Akita receives intensive physical exertion and did not gain excess weight. Otherwise, your four-legged friend will become lazy, larger and it will be bad to obey.
  10. Not very expensive care.
  11. Rarely sick.


  1. Due to stubbornness, the training process is long. The dog matures after two years. If they tightened with training and had to raise a pet for only two years, you can already and not continue. During this time, he already had a personal opinion about everything, and to convince him almost unreal. In addition, if until the time of growing up the process of upbringing, learning and training Akita-Inu, then this incredibly smart animal will no longer be able to develop in itself the indicator of intelligence that representatives of its breed are famous in the world.
  2. Aggression to other dogs. This is a dog with bright leadership qualities. Akita guard the place where they live and walk. Therefore, with difficulty, they make themselves similar and answer aggression on any attempts to meet relatives. If there are several pets in the house, it is desirable that they grow simultaneously with the Akita.
  3. Abundant Link. Periodically, Akita is completely reset their undercoat. Such a saturated mole time can last until 21 days. Wool drops a lot, and it will be hard to keep clean. It is necessary to comb out it from time to time to remove dead hair and contain wool in order. Need to use metal comb and duct.
  4. Does not tolerate the heat. This is the northern animal. It is advisable to keep it in a cool room.
  5. It is impossible to leave for a long time alone. By nature, this breed is thoughtful and closed, but at the same time very sociable and friendly. Thanks to this, the owner can get rid of stress and irritability. And the bored animal is looking for adventures and, as a rule, finds them.

Fairy-tale character or real friend?

Akita-Inu has features and companion, and security guard.

The features of the bear, chanterelles and wolf in the black color, and even significant sizes with a fabulous face – all this makes the four friend’s very attractive externally for future owners.

They feel what mood at the owner and begin to support support. Therefore, Akita Inu is a true friend. But having honed the danger for yourself, the owner or his loved ones, the dog quickly reacts to the enemy.

Gennes of fighting dogs, who even even called samurai, are partially transmitted to modern individuals. Representatives of this breed will fall on the defense of loved ones or its territory. Although Akita Inu is a recognized guard and watchman, it does not talk about her uncontrolled irregularity. She carefully thinks over his offensive on the enemy.

Despite the very cute muzzle, a plush fur, with a pet, you should not suck, be obsessive and neglect to treat him.


It should be responsible to approach the diet of the pet, the most correct choice will be dry food of good quality. It needs to be complemented by natural products – to give low-fat cottage cheese, kefir, meat, soups from vegetables. Akita Inu Puppies need to be included in the nutrition of vitamins, it will help the growth and development of a pet.

If you give a characteristic of behavior, the mind and other qualities of black Akita-Inu, you can confidently name this breed of extraordinary and full-fledged. The dog has an unshakable character and intelligence. With proper upbringing and care, you get a friend, security guard and decorating your home at the same time.

All about the breed of the dog Akita-Inu look next.

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