Description and content of cats breed Kuril Bobtail

Description and content of cats breed Kuril Bobtail

A cat with a dog character is not a fantasy, but a really existing breed. Kuril bobtails combine tenderness, amazing devotion, mind and beauty.

History of origin

The appearance of the breed of the Curil Cats is closely associated with Japanese bobtails. Their characteristic features are short tails, very developed rear paws and an unusual “dancing” gait. These cats have long been considered alive talismans, bringing well-being and happiness to the house.

In the twentieth century, the active development of the Kuril Islands began. Russian settlers brought pets with them who could not but make friends with local animals. After time, the adorable representatives of the new breed appeared from crossing the Siberian and Oriental Cats. Shorty Siberian Handsaws received new signs only. It is a more thick wool and a strong physique.

The genes of Siberian parents were special about the appearance of cats. From the “Japanese” a new breed was only a neat tail, resembling fluffy pompon.

Stern Kuril Climate contributed to the rapid adaptation of the new breed. Cats have acquired excellent immunity and chic thick fur. Conditions also contributed to the development of dexterity and hunting instinct. Initially, animals were just homemade pets guarding the house of a person from rodents, but when they were taken to the mainland, other people began to be interested in the breed. At the end of the twentieth century, excellent breed characteristics of bobtail and breeders were engaged in developing standards.

Today Shorty Fluffy Cats are popular all over the world. Representatives of this family cat with unusual appearance can be found in Eastern countries and in Europe. Kuril Bobtails are proud owners visiting the exhibition. These cats can become devoted friends to those who give them their love and care.


Kuril Bobtail – Charming Creation. Such cats have an average size, but at the same time they Strong and muscular. Men’s individuals, of course, are larger, and often the weight of the adult cat reaches 8-9 kg. As for females, the biggest of them weigh no more than 5.5 kg.

To date, certain standards of breed signs have been established. Consider them in more detail.

  • Head. Animals are distinguished by a rather large muzzle. Rounded Lob, Expressive, Chin, Massive Chin, Nose Neat. Beautiful, almond-shaped eyes, large, usually yellow or green. Triangular ears, wide, densely published on the inside.
  • Tail. Cropped tail – business card of thoroughbred individuals. Outwardly, he resembles a fluffy brush. Length is usually from 3 to 12 cm. The number of vertebrae differs from 2 to 10. Bobtail’s tails are very mobile, according to legends, they helped wild features to cling to branches during fishing, excluding the risk of falling into the water.
  • Torchishche. Representatives of the breed differ in compact physique. Chest well developed, hips often slightly raised.
  • Limb. Paws in such cats Rounded, wide, powerful. As a rule, the hind limbs are longer than the front.
  • Wool. Fur at bobtail thick and dense. Wool usually has a middle or short length. Especially fluffy come back and “pants” on the hind legs. Features with a long woolen cover the neck is decorated with a luxurious “collar”. This breed almost does not learn, the exception is the period of changing children’s fur for an adult.

The special structure of the body and tail does not cause an animal of discomfort, and also does not bear any danger to their health.


Several varieties of Bobtail on their color. The standard allowed several options:

  • Striped – Classic Color Option+
  • ash-gray+
  • tortoiseshell+
  • Black – such copies are considered rare and very valuable+
  • Redhead – Frequently Ascended Option+
  • Snow-white The individuals of white color typically have a standard greenish-yellow shade of the eyes, but sometimes incredibly beautiful cats with blue eyes are found.

White specks are allowed on a cat fur coat with any shade of wool. Most often, bright places are on breasts and paws in the form of socks. Sometimes there are other color options.

Animals with dark and light brown, gray-beige wool are considered inappropriate. Also not recognized by purebred individuals with acromelastic and ticked color.

Character features

If you want not just to have a pretty pet, but to purchase a faithful friend in his face, Kuril Bobtail – breed for you. Cats not only look charming, but also differ sociability, patientity and friendly character. Animals like dogs are tied to the owners, miss them at the moments of their absence.

Shorty pets love children. They allow you to play with you, iron and squeeze, absolutely not expressing any discontent. Such cats are excellent parents, they carefully care about their babies.

With other four-legged inhabitants of the house (cats, dogs) Bobtail will easily find a common language. True, it is possible that he will strive to dominate, expressing his superiority. As for hamsters, homemade rats and birds, it is better not to start them if the representative of the Kuril breed lives in your house. The same goes and fish in the aquarium.

Congenital hunting instinct will tempt the cat to hunt for seductive live food. Activity and dexterity are inherent in all short-haired fluffy pets. They deftly climb on the cabinets and shelves, so it is better to remove all items from available places that may fall and crash.

Kuril bobtails are very talkative. At the same time, they are not just meowing, and publish a whole set of sounds with different intonations. The meowing of such four-legged pets can resemble a grumbling, tweet bird or even a dog bark.

The similarity of these interesting cats with dogs is manifested in other nuances. For example, they try to guard their owners. Bobtails are always with joy accompanied by man and even often sleep nearby, thus showing their care.

Representatives of this breed Possess high intelligence. Kittens quickly teach to go to the tray. At any age, these animals behave adequately, they rarely accurately claws about the upholstery of furniture, do not ride the curtains.

The most amazing is the fact that such cats Easily leaving training. They can be learned to execute the “Aport” team, get up on the hind legs, overcome obstacles. For training it is worth choosing a game form.Teams need to be made clearly, and for success, be sure to reward delicacy. It is enough to give classes 10-15 minutes a day.

Too long training for nothing, pet can lose interest in the same type of occupation.

How many cats live?

Representatives of this breed usually live up to 12 years old. Some long-livers reach 17 years of age. Not only genetic factors affect the duration of the life cycle of the animal. This is due to the fact that the cat owner is cautious. High-quality food, clean water, no stress, timely medical care If necessary, all this can extend the life of the bobtail and make it more pleasant.

How old are growing?

Newborn kittens of this breed weigh from 90 to 150 g. The development of female individuals continues up to 2 years. By this time they can achieve in weight 4-5.5 kg. Male representatives develop up to 3 years. Adult cat weight varies from 6 to 9 kg.

If you trace the change in the indicators in stages, then by 2 months the kitten can weigh 1.5 kg. In 4 months, the mass of the body of a cat can reach 2.5 kg.After 5 months, an increase in weight becomes no longer such a quick.

After a three-week age, kittens begins to change the color of the eyes. During this period, it is already worth carefully cutting a pet cathe. If somewhat kittens, they may accidentally scratch each other.

Fourth week – the beginning of the dust. At this time, it is necessary to provide small cats with clean water. Now you can start teaching kids and to the toilet. It is important to consider that the filler must be mineral. Commercial and silica gel options are not suitable because the inconsistent kittens try everything new to taste.

Monthly animals can already see and hear. They confidently stand, go and even run. On the fifth (for the first time) and the seventh week (second time) are carried out anti-slip processing of animals. Upon reaching the kids of two months old, they make the first vaccination.

Three- or four-month kittens can be taken into a new home. They can already do without mom, kittens themselves eaten, drink, know the world around. By this time, the second vaccine must be made.

In eight-month-old age, the fluffy ends the change of teeth. Active growth is also coming to an end. This is the perfect period for animal sterilization. If the owner does not plan to explore cats, it is better to carry out an operation, saving a pet from problems in the future.

It is important not to miss this period. An adult animal with formed habits can be badly perceived sterilization both physically and morally.

When Bobtail marks a year, one more anti-shine preventive treatment is carried out. After that, pets are transferred to adult food. Also at this time make a mandatory integrated vaccination. At the exhibitions of the short-castness, handsome can be displayed already after reaching it for 10 months.

During this period, all the advantages and breed signs are clearly visible, allowing us to evaluate the individual and make it a professional description.

Conditions of detention

Cats of the Kuril breed as a whole unpretentious. They need standard care. These animals do not make the territory that, undoubtedly pleases the owners. In addition, they do not smell, which also facilitates the content of pets.

The main thing is to equip a cozy corner for a cat. Great, if it is not just a sleeping place, but a whole game complex. You also need to buy a tray, tanks for feed and water, toys. Do not go around attention and special brake.

  • Combing. A short animal fur coat is periodically, 1-2 times a week, comb. To do this, you can use a mitch of rubber or silicone. If the fur is long, you may need a special brush and a comb with large teeth.

Ignore the combing process can not. Otherwise, the pet may begin dermatological problems. Twice a year worth doing grooming.

  • Bathing. Surprisingly, short-tired cats love water procedures very much. They gladly splash in both natural water bodies and in the bathroom. Often wash the four-legged pet optionally. This is usually done as needed: when the fur coat is contaminated or before the upcoming exhibition.

Pre-wool handle disinfecting paste. When bathing use Special shampoo. Too often use detergent is not recommended. It can dry the skin and make the animal fur dull. After the water procedures, the animal briefly turn into a soft towel or used for drying hair dryer.

  • Care of hearing organs. It is necessary to periodically examine the ears of the pet. If contamination is detected, they should be removed with a cotton stick and an antiseptic agent. Do it need to be maximally carefully, not immersing the subject. Same You can not use vinegar, hydrogen peroxide or alcohol-containing drugs.

Long wool growing on the inner surface of the cat’s ears should be chopped. This will reduce the accumulation of secretory fluid.

  • Cleansing eyes. To do this, use a soft tissue napkin. Previously need to moisten the eye drops for animals.

  • Teeth cleansing. To deliver a pet from a plaque and prevent inflammation, you should purchase a special paste and brush in a specialized store. Also on sale there are special delicacies that contribute to the purification of the teeth and the oral cavity.

  • Toilet arrangement. The tray is better to choose with high side. Cats of the Kuril breed especially actively buried “their business”. Therefore, the filler can fly apart.

Of course, you should not forget about the timely change of filler.

Ideal conditions for Kuril Bobtail – a private house where a lot of space. However, such a cat can be kept in the apartment. Pet will be happy to leave the owner of nature, go fishing. At the same time, it is important to regularly inspect the coat of a cat in order not to miss the possible appearance of fleas, ticks or other insects.

An excellent solution will be the purchase of a special protective collar.

Than feed?

The diet of the short-cast pet must be balanced. We list products that should be included in the Curil Bobtail menu, if the owner decided to feed a pet natural food:

  • Raw meat – base of home predator menu+
  • Sub-products offer boiled cats+
  • Boiled fish turns on in the diet no more than 2 times a week, it is preferable to use low-fat varieties+
  • Eggs (yolks) can be given 1 time in 3 days+
  • Efficiency Products (kefir, cottage cheese, Prostokvash) more useful for adult cats than simple milk+
  • Cereals (except for millet and rice) perfectly complement meat, porridges are boiled on the water+
  • Boiled and raw vegetables – valuable source of fiber, before feeding them are pre-crushed.

If you decide to feed the cat with an industrial feed, then choose high-quality premium or super premium options. The main components should be meat and sub-products. Mixed food is allowed, but not recommended. It is impossible to combine in one feeding dry food and natural food. Regardless of the type of feeding, the pet should always be available to a bowl with clean water.

Pour a liquid from under the crane cat is not worth. It is better to poke a pet with bottled or filtered water. Do not forget about fresh herb. All cats love greens. It suits the organism of the animal by vitamins, improves his well-being and mood.

Special grass can be purchased in the form of seeds and grow it in a pot on the windowsill.


Curil Bobtails come from places with a harsh climate. Such animals are not terrible wind and frost, they Different with strong health and good immunity. However, cats can still be subject to intestinal diseases, urogenital system, kidneys. This is especially manifested in old age. Mature individuals may have a deterioration in view, problems with teeth.

If you notice a violation of health from your pet, then in this case it is better not to launch the situation. Many diseases can be successfully treated in the early stages. In addition, it is important from an early age to pay attention to the state of the animal, follow its correct nutrition. At the very first alarming symptoms, such as lethargy, loss of appetite and so on, you should contact the branch. It is necessary to make vaccinations in a timely manner, undergo regular veterinary examinations, carry out mandatory prophylactic treatment from helminths.

Kuril Bobtail – Wonderful Breed. Your fluffy pet will not let you get bored. Remember that pet is a big responsibility. Show your love care, show her love, take care of her well-being. Then smart, kind and inquisitive animal will surely answer you devotion and tenderness.

An even more interesting information about Kuril Bobtail will learn from the following video.

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