Description and content of cats Cracks

Description and content of cats Cracks

Currently, the purebred pet is considered a common phenomenon. But not everyone boasts a unique, extravagant breed of a pet. Cat Cracks is an animal that looks like wild, but character has a homemade and kind.

This breed of cats is considered the rare and expensive world around.

History of origin

Breed Cracks is a hybrid, it was obtained when crossing a home cat and wild African Caracal, that is, steppe lynx. The first crossing was carried out in Russia in 1998 by random. For the passage of 9 years in America, scientists conducted a planned mating of a steppe lynx with the Abyssinian Cat to bring an exotic creature. Experience ended with the birth of one kitten, However, the offspring was not characterized by health and stability, so experiments were discontinued.

In 2014, the work began to conduct Irina Nazarova, she crossed the carakal and homely lynx. Selection of the Russian Felinologist ended with the success and receipt of healthy kittens. Nowadays, the generated draws of several species are known.

  • F1 – characterized by genotype, in which 50% accounted for a lane. This offspring – the result of the crossing of a homemade cat with Caracal.
  • F2 – has 25% of the impurities of the African Wild Cat. This litter became the result of crossing F1 and ordinary cats. The price of such pets is below the previous option, due to which there is less exotic features.
  • F3 – F2 female knage result and domestic cat. In such an animal there is only 16% of the wild representative.
  • F4 – It is considered the lowest regeneration, it was obtained by crossing F3 and the male of a different breed. From the wildedness, this kitten has only 6% of the genotype.

It is known that these days in the territory of the Russian Federation there are 70 individuals of the karaks with the generation of F1 and 15 representatives of the generation F2.


Corruptly refer to the breed, which includes Characteristics of Caracal and domesticated cat. This hybrid has the best characteristics of both parents in its genotype, namely: the exoticism of the wild creature and the readiness of the pet.

The appearance of the cat in this breed is bright and memorable, Much in it is inherited from lynx, For example, the presence of ferrous brushes on the ears.

The size of the questure is much less than the steppe caragar, but if the animal is to ensure due care and nutrition, its mass can reach 15 kg. If compared with other domestic cats, then the rolls are much surpassed in dimensions. In length, an adult representative reaches 0.9 meters, the height of the withers – 0.45 meters. The body of an exotic pet is characterized by muscularity and high elegant limbs. On the abdomen of cats there is a fatty fold, the main purpose of which is the protection of internal organs during the battles.

The head of the animal has a small size, if we compare it with a torso. It has an elongated wedge. Karaken’s eyes have a almond shape, they are inherent in a smart appearance and expressiveness. Rainbow shell painted yellow green. Due to the dark edging, visual bodies seem even larger. This breed was inherited from steppe lyry. Hint of wool can be both light sandy and dark brown. The bottom of the body, namely: belly – has a brighter color.

Sometimes dark stripes with contrast color are present on the limbs and muzzle. Young often has light specks that disappear with age. Kittens from the first generation are strong and large representatives of the animal world, they cannot make any sounds, except hissing and hrying.

New generations are acquired a more home and character, while maintaining the color of the fur in the original form and the presence of tassels on the ears.

Kittens Karakteov are born with weight of 115 grams. They have no eyesight, and the ears are located horizontally. On the 25th day of the young life, the youngsters are perfect on the legs and begin to walk on their own. By the month, their ears grows almost twice and have half-caught brushes. Almond-shaped kitten eyes are usually painted in honey or blue-green.

Employer Cracks is changing in coloring, the spots on the body become lighter, and the fur coat is more monophonic.

Character features

One of the features of this exclusive breed is that they do not know how to meow, and, instead, hiss, snort and pussy. Kids can actively “talk” and squeak if they feel comfortable, as well as hiss in case of danger. Kittens can scare a new toy, presence of an unfamiliar person or pet. The adaptation period to something new happens quickly. Animals have excellent hearing, so they can be determined even to identify even insignificant noise at far distance.

Karaks have well-developed hunting skills, as well as love for active games, but despite this, their character is friendly and non-aggressive. Like any other domestic cat, the animal of this breed is affectionate, loves attention to itself. They are peculiar to sleep on their owner, they love these pets to mive people, rub on him and purring. Each individual is individual, but, in general, this breed is considered friendly.

In a stressful moment, the animal becomes the protection of his friend, while exposing claws and spikes.

This is obedient, smart cat breed, which is perfect for growing in the family. This representative of the animal world is low noise, it is characterized by silence in movement, even during entertainment.

Conditions of detention

Despite the fact that karakets are wild roots, they feel great in urban apartments, if they are not small. This animal loves space, it actively moves around the room, running and jumping.

It is advisable to build a game playground for a cat, in which the bratechka will be and several multi-level sites.

Already from 3-month-old Pettza, it is worth teaching to walk, while it is worth keeping on a leash so that the cat will not play and did not escape. An independent walk is excluded.

Cat worth making your house. Personal Pet must be at some height and be closed so that he had a good review and sense of security. A filler must be present in the pot, which should be regularly changed. This cat does not tolerate loneliness, if most of the day people do not have a house, he should have a comrade in the form of a second cat or a medium or large dog.

In the first days of the cat in the new house, it is worth a little limit his space, it stands out his own bowl, tray, water, playground with accessories and soft sun bed.

Crakelet wool thick and short, she needs constant care. In the spring period, pets can be combed daily. In the usual time twice for 7 days. Bathing for an animal is worth carrying out no more than a quarter. This procedure does not bring hassle and problems, since the draws love water procedures. If the cat is often on the street, it should be treated from fleas and ticks using collars, sprays, droplets.

To care for claws, a pet must be provided with a quality brake, for example, sisalava. Such a subject is safe, durable and durable. But also do not forget about shortening claws with an animal, to do it once every 14 days. When the procedure is worth using cunter – a secateur that has a protective limiter.

Among the hosts of exotic cats, antitsarats are considered a popular accessory.

Thanks to this new-fashioned device, you can protect furniture and other household items from Karaket Claws. Antityraft consists of material and medical adhesive, with which it is satisfied with the claw. This accessory is safe for a cat, but can create some discomfort to him, since the animal will not be able to climb on any height.

There are situations where claws are deformed or inflamed when using antihafts.

Craquet hearing organs worth viewing once in 45 days. The procedure is worth expanding the Cat’s ear, lock, then clean with a cotton disk. After that, cotton swabs should be mixed in boiled water and clean the ear re. Use cotton wands to clean the auditory passage is strictly prohibited.

If selection, raids are selected, then it is worthwhile the pet to the veterinarian.

And it is also worth wiping the eyelids of an exotic cat using a cotton disk, which is moistened in a tea brewing or chamomula brave. Wipe the eye stands in the direction from an external angle to the inner, with the eye should be closed. Purulent discharge from the visual body of the Karaknet are the reason for visiting the doctor. Pet that eats raw meat products does not require cleaning teeth. Animal does not form dentities due to self-cleaning and gum massage.

When playing with a karak, you should not use your hands and fingers, as an adult person can harm the person, herself is not wanting. Balls and Mahalki are suitable for toys. Accessory with feathers can only be used for kittens aged 3-4 months. When choosing toys, it is better to give preference to high strength subjects. If the entertainment attribute is constantly accessible to the animal, it will lose interest.

An excellent option for entertainment for the cat of this breed is a sports complex, which is qualitatively recorded. Carette is important physical activity and vigorous entertainment, so the owner should take care of the equipment for games in advance.

Since this animal is pretty smart, it quickly gets used to the toilet. Filler can be used any, for example, wood or gel. The pot should be located in the corner of the room where the pet is constantly. Problems with addiction does not arise, a person does not even have to teach this animal, he does everything alone.

It is worth knowing that if the pot will not be removed on time, then the cat will not go to it.

Since the karakte is considered a rare breed, their breeding remains a problem. On the territory of the Russian Federation, one nursery breeds this breed, who has several subsidiaries. Each challenge can be called genetic experience that cannot give an excellent result. In order to carakal fertilized a small animal, scientists create special conditions of detention and nutrition.


The basis of the normal growth and development of a pet is considered proper nutrition. It is especially careful about the kittens in this matter. IMA Time intensive growth they need a mass of vitamins, nutritional components and vital elements. According to experts, quail and chicken head are those products that are optimally suitable for small kittens.

From monthly age, young it is worth giving mince, after which – meat with a bone. By the 6-monthly age, the norm for the animal will be 3 quail per day. After the semi-annual age, the growth intensity is reduced, by this time the beef, fish and chicken must be present in the diet.

Feeding is worth carrying out raw meat products, do not bind it to heat treatment. If the meat is frozen, then it needs to warm.

Karakta food must be extremely natural, such products should also be present in the diet:

  • Crolcatin+
  • Non-fat fish+
  • Official products+
  • Mineral-vitamin complex with calcium and phosphorus+
  • Filtered or bottled water in large quantities.

It is forbidden to feed the cat of this breed pork, products that they passed thermal processing, smoked, sweet food or from its table.

Despite the fact that the digestive path of the Karakenet has the ability to digest the skins and bones, with improper nutrition can seriously suffer the health of the pet. After graduation, it is necessary to remove the remnants. For a day, the animal requires feed, which ranges from 5 to 10% of its weight.

An adult individual can be translated into an industrial velsels-class superfire or holistic:

  • Canadian “Acana”, “GO Natural”+
  • Czech “Carnilove”+
  • French “Grandorf”+
  • Italian “Farmina N & D”.


As the ancestor of the Karakta is a steppe lynx, the animal is characterized by strong health and strong immunity. They also have a good digestive tract, so the cat can digest meat and bones.

Animal is quite steadily for extreme conditions of existence, they can live without water and eating a long period.

Thanks to the fortress of immunity, an exotic cat rarely suffers from widespread feline illness. However, the owner should not forget about regular vaccination against viral infections and rabies. This is especially important if your pet regularly walks on the street. There is no accurate information about the length of the health of the karakets, however, it is known that such a pet lives a few years less than the usual domestic cat.

If the owner does not plan to receive offspring from the quest, then it is worth castration or sterilization of a pet. Otherwise, the animal will be nervous, intensively marked the territory, and may later be sick. Such operations take place safely, after 7 days the cat no longer remembers the happening. The optimal age for castration is considered to be 8-11 months. A month before the procedure, it is worth the Karaknet, and in 14 days – to handle from flea.

For half a day before the operation, it is worth providing a cat with a hungry diet and abundant drink. After castration, the animal needs peace and regular processing of the wound with the help of “chlorhexidine”. In the first days after the procedure, feed the pet is stuffing.

As a rule, if the kitten is bought in the nursery, it is already neutered.

Cracks is a breed, difficult for breeding, and therefore quite expensive. This calm and smart animal will quickly remember their name and will adhere to all the necessary rules in the apartment. Such cats never climb on the table for food and are not noisy until their owner is resting.

Video about cats rocks Cracks See below.

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