Description and content of puppies Alaja at the age of 1 month

Description and content of puppies Alaja at the age of 1 month

Bold and severe dog of the Alabai breed will be a brave defender and a sure other. Due to the impressive size, Central Asian shepherds attract the attention of owners of private houses. Fluffy puppies in 1 month are already quite large and resemble teddy bears. Grow a healthy pet helps a balanced nutrition and careful care.

About breed

In addition to Alabaya, this weather wears the name Central Asian Shepherd and Turkmen Wolfhound. For the first time, large dogs appeared in Asia countries (from the Chinese border to the banks of the Caspian Sea). The name “Alabai” is translated from the Turkic language as “motley” and “rich”. Most likely it is given to an animal due to its gorgeous wool of the original color. Alabai are relatives of Tibetan mastiffs that hit their sizes.

In ancient times, Turkmen wolfeds belonged to the shepherd dog breeds. They guarded the cattle from the attacks of wild animals and accompanied the nomadic peoples in the way. The main opponent of the Central Asian Shepherd was a hungry wolf. In the fights they survived the strongest representatives of the rocks that continued the population.


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* Characteristic of breed “Alabai” Founded on the assessment of the experts of the site and feedback from the owners of the dog.


Central Asian Shepherd has an awesome appearance. To the peculiarities of the breed can be attributed:

  • Large massive head that reminds bear+
  • An extended face with wide bottom jaws+
  • pronounced abnormal arcs+
  • expressive eyes+
  • Luxurious wool reminding a wild animal “fur coat”+
  • Strong muscular body with a wide chest.

Does the tail and ears of the animal, the owner decides. The standard of the breed allows both options. Alabai with a long tail and uncircumed ears is not defective. The average Asian Shepherd’s colors are black, white, gray and tangible. There are individuals with a Tiger Coloring Fur. Pots grow up to 12 months and reach 80 cm height.

Alala puppies resemble funny plush toys. Like adult dogs, they have a “bearish” head with a big nose. Eyes in the kids of dark color far away from each other. Small ears with tips covered down. Strong legs of oval shape. Kids are born with thick rigid wool.

Features of growing. Growth and weight of puppies in 1 month

Alabai born weighing 300-400 grams. Already by monthly, kids must weigh 3-5 kg. Boys larger girls, their growth reaches 30 cm. Kids at this age extended body with short legs.

Already two months a pet will weigh about 10 kg and acquires the features of an adult dog.


In order for the puppy to suffer from the indentation of the stomach, its nutrition should be balanced and portion. The first 10 days the baby gets food that he was given in the nursery. Feed a puppy in 1 month is necessary 5-6 times a day.

Growing organism requires a large amount of protein (raw, low-fat meat, dairy products and eggs). For the baby, the meat is cut quite finely. Giving mince is undesirable, as it enters the intestine in a semi-earned form.

From raw chicken hearts or liver puppies at 1 month to refrain better, as they can be embossed worms.

Sub-products are more suitable for grazing psam. As for the “Milk”, then at the first stage, Alabayam give cottage cheese. Pets aged one or two months Calcine dairy product. It can be prepared independently: 2-3 spoons of calcium chloride solution are added to boiling milk (10%).

When milk will come, it is filtered and give a puppy in warm form. This dish is especially useful to pets in the autumn-winter period to prevent Rakhit. Also in the diet of the Central Asian Shepherd should include raw eggs. Kids better mix them with dairy products or porridge.

In addition, puppies can be fed by omelet. Alabayam enough 2-3 eggs per week.

Small pets of this breed with pleasure absorb boiled marine fish, which must be pre-cleaned from the insides and bones. The fillet of the river inhabitants should not give puppies, it can be infected with ribbon worms. Also, the monthly adobe menu must contain:

  • Oatmeal, buckwheat porridge+
  • Carrot and cabbage in raw form+
  • GREEN (finely chopped lettuce and parsley leaves).

As for dry feed, then for Central Asian Shepherds Suitable Premium and Super Premium Products. Before feeding, the granules are soaked in water and after 10 minutes they give a puppy. The breeder should closely monitor the weight of the pet and do not flip it.

Despite the mobility, Alala puppies are susceptible to obesity.

Care and content

From the first days of the appearance of a puppy in the house it is necessary to correctly educate. Girls of this breed – miniature and calmer. Perfectly leaving for training and tremble to small households. The males have already possess an independent character and leadership qualities. The owner must not miss the moment and win the authority in the eyes of the pet. With a competent approach from the puppy, a brave defender and a devotee.

Naturally, a large dog requires a large space. As a rule, puppies begin to prepare for the “courtyard” life from 5-6 months, when they have formed a thick undercoat. Up to this point, the beast of “bear” should be warm and cozy. The breeder needs to be purchased in advance for a pet:

  • bowl+
  • cunning+
  • brush for combing wool+
  • muzzle+
  • Set of toys.

Bathing puppies as pollution used, and the wool is combed regularly (1-2 times a week). It is important to teach a puppy to the clawing procedure, as well as the processing of ear shells and oral cavities. Another important point for breeders of the Central Asian Shepherd is “acquaintance” with a muzzle. He is started to wear a puppy on the muzzle every day for 10-15 minutes and put in his favorite animal delicacy. Thus, the dog will gradually get used to the “accessory” and will not show discontent.

Note that the puppies of the rocks of Alabai to 2 months of age are not completely vaccinated, so they are undesirable to contact with other animals.

Read more about the content and education of Alala puppies, see the following video.

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