Description and content of Singapore cats

Description and content of Singapore cats

Cats remain the most popular homemade pets around the world. Among the large number of rocks of these animals are especially popular with the Asian representatives of the Feline Faby. Singapore cat is popular among breeders due to their external attractiveness, fitted in the right and small sizes, in the light of what makes it great with a person in one dwelling.

History of origin

Singapura Cat or Singapore – the breed of pets, which is notable for its modest sizes. For quite a while, these representatives of the feline family were considered the most small all over the world, which is why they were listed in the Guinness Book of Records. Today, the pets of the Singapore breed belong to the class of elite domestic animals, so their population in the whole world is distinguished by rather modest numbers.

Singapura’s ancestors are counted cats living on the same island and who have not saved their popularities among the indigenous population, since the habitat for themselves has chosen waste ditches. Work on the modernization of the sewer system served as the cause of the death of a large number of these animals. However, a happy case allowed the breed not only to survive, but also to radically change the attitude towards such cats. Animals attracted the attention of scientists who were at the time on the island, which were taken out by several individuals in America, where there were further work on breed breeding. In 1974, the descendants of Singapore cats exported earlier were delivered back, after which the animals began to participate in exhibitions.

Some sources also attended the information that its origin is obliged to Bermansky and Abyssinian rocks, since all the same scientists worked on them.

But the animals have already gained their special popularity among breeders, firmly consolidated the right to become loved by homemade pets in the housing of man around the world.


In addition to its small sizes, Singapore cats also have a rather modest mass: so, the weight of adult animals varies from 500 grams to a kilogram. As for the physique of pets, even a small mass does not prevent animals to have a muscular torso with a short but strong neck. Limbs and tail have a normal length, however, there are certain requirements for the color of these parts of the body. On the outside of the paws should not be attended, and the end of the tail should have a more dark wool.

The external features of the cats of this breed make it possible to consider their forgive creatures – due to the presence of large almond-shaped eyes, with an expression of light surprise. Head of cats Round, the nose is wide and stupid. Pupils can be yellow or green shades. Ears small, at the ends of pointed.

The main distinguishing feature of the Singapore breed of cats is their color, in purebred animals it only happens one. And the options for its description can be found a lot – from the color of sun rays to the shade of golden sand. The standard for the cat breed is a cream-colored wool with brown taking, which will be concentrated on the head, along the back and on the tail. This color was called sepia Aguti. Requirements concerning the colors of cat wool, also affect the number of strips on the fur, which should be no more than two, and the root will always be lighter than the end.

Cats and cats of this breed are short-saving animals, but tactile feelings when stroking them make it possible to assert that the fur coat in the pets is very silky and soft.

Faith family is absent from representatives of a cat, in the light of which wool fits tightly to the body.

To the characteristic feature in the appearance of Singapore cats, the “rims” around the eyes and nose should be attributed, the nose of the animal will be painted in salmon, while the pads on the limbs will be pink with a brown tinge. Contrast borders on the face of cats resemble a grace of cheetah.

According to international standards, purebred animals must have the following specific differences:

  • The torso will be rectangular shape with smoothed corners+
  • limbs should not be long+
  • nose with chin should be located in the same line+
  • Ears will expand at the base, they are located on average distance from each other+
  • Eye delay rate is more pronounced to the outer corner, the distance between them is equal to the width of the eye+
  • The tail will be medium length with a blunt tip, its length at arrangement along the animal’s body must reach the cat’s shoulder joint.

As a rule, Singapore cats are born no more than four kittens, while the life expectancy of the pet varies within 12-15 years.

Character features

According to the recalls of breeders, the cats are highlighted by their good temper, are friendly tuned towards man. However, even with a joint living with people of the cats of this breed, tend to maintain their independence and authority. At the same time, animals are very affectionate, willingly spend time with the owner, demonstrate their tenderness. Kittens are very quickly tied to their owner, so difficulties with adaptation to the new place of residence for breeders, as a rule, does not occur.

Cat has a very developed maternal instinct, so they will take care not only about their offspring, but also about the children of their owner. This fact allows you to start Singapore cats, even in large families and with small children.

Cats of this breed are social animals that willingly go to contact even with strangers. Pets are very inquisitive and playful, and they are aggression only in extreme cases – in order to self-defense purposes. Representatives of the Feline family retain their activity and playful temper until the oldest, so the Singapore cat is out of the game or movement is quite difficult. Animals willingly enter games with other pets, regardless of whether it will be a dog or even a decorative rat.

Singaporean cats with all their independence are very tied to their breeder, so they can be unchanged companions in all its home affairs. Animals are smart, so easy to train. If you wish such a pet, it will be possible to train with simple teams, also tailed family members can remember their nickname and respond to it.

Singapore meows very rarely, animals are unobtrusive in terms of joint living, so in the absence of a host, it is capable of finding an occupation and entertainment. Domesticated cats have a congenital hunting instinct, low weight and sizes will not be a hindrance if you wish to catch prey.

Conditions of detention

The main point relating to the content of the animal is the correctly selected diet. So, the power of Singapore must be strictly controlled, as animals may uncontrollably, it will cause a set of excess weight. For those cats that will be powered by the feeds of industrial production, the breeder is recommended to strictly control the daily rate of its consumption of a cat, avoiding an increase in its amount. For one kilogram of the weight of the animal will be required for more than 25-30 grams of feed for one feeding. The optimal industrial feed will be products that have no more than 30% of meat ingredients in its composition. With such nutrition, the cat should always be in free access drinking water.

Pets that will eat ordinary food, you need to provide all the necessary vitamins and microelements. That’s why In the diet of cats must be present such products:

  • low boiled meat+
  • cereals+
  • quail eggs+
  • Cottage cheese and sour cream of medium fat+
  • Boiled vegetables+
  • fruits.

Singapore feeds 5-6 times a day + if the pet is still small, then the wet or canned products in the form of patesta are selected from industrial feed. Adult individuals will be enough two feedings per day.

There is a list of products that are contraindicated for animals:

  • Sausages and smoked sausages+
  • pork+
  • River fish+
  • Any milk+
  • confectionery.

As a supplement to natural food, the owner of cats is recommended to use mineral and vitamin complexes that can be purchased in retipetec. As the experience of the content of Singapore cats shows, from the forage of industrial production for them, premium products will be suitable more.

For wool animal special care is not required: as a rule, cats coped with hygiene on their own, however, to improve the appearance of the wool, the breeder can sometimes leave the pet. It is necessary to remove dead hairs. Usually such manipulations are carried out once a week. Molting in animals takes place without much inconvenience for the breeder, most often the owner does not even notice the beginning and end of this process.

In bathing Singapore cats do not need. Such a need may appear only if a small pet participates in specialized exhibitions. Require the attention of the ears of the animal, as they are allocated in their sizes, due to which they become a kind of target for dust and other contaminants. Every week the owner should inspect his cat and remove the accumulated dirt using a wet woven disk + you can use cotton wands and a special tool for cleaning the ears that will be able to purchase in the pet store.

Eyes require more frequent care, so they are treated with wet sponges daily, also allowed to use chamomile, calendula or hunter.

Today in Metaptecs you can meet wet wipes, which are designed to care for the eyes of pets.

The Singapore Cat Breeder will need a cunning chamber that will have to cut out the abnormal claws in a small pet as they are growing. Usually such procedures are carried out twice a month. Also, an animal can help themselves to rest them – for this, it is worth placing two or three brates in the dwelling.

Singapura hygiene measures suggest the care of the oral cavity of the animal. Pitts teeth clean several times a week with a soft brush.

These animals are distinguished by congenital cleanness, so it is very quickly involved to protect the need in a special tray specifically. However, the breeders of this breed are recommended to be inexperienceful owners to acquire a closed design for an animal, because in these periods it will need solitude. As a rule, animals adapt to the use of toilet with any filler.

Due to the developed intelligence of the animal, the pet needs to cope with the need for the toilet immediately. For these purposes, the owner is recommended to purchase a special lining.

Because animals are quite active and playful, the breeder will need to ensure leisure of small cats in the home. To make an animal than to take himself, it is better to install various ladies in the house, tunnels, buy several toys, houses and hammocks.

Singapore cats can be launched, but in this case it is worth remembering that animals react very badly to cold and draft. That is why it is recommended to go out with animals on the street only in warm season.


In a miniature breed of cats, growing and development proceeds quite slowly. Usually complete mature Singapores reach closer to 24 months. However, even such a leisurely development does not interfere with animals of this breed, it is famous for its excellent health. Among the frequent problems, an increased sensitivity to vaccination can be noted, so all the vaccinations of Singapura should be made only in good veterinary clinics. Degelminting and profuse for miniature pets are mandatory.

In order not to provoke the emergence of problems with the health of your pet, it is worth avoiding drafts in the room where the cat dwells.

Symptoms that the animal was caught up, will be:

  • discharge from the nose and eye that the owner should notice in the process of daily hygienic procedures+
  • apathy and farewellity that are unusual for this breed+
  • sneezing and increasing body temperature.

The presence of at least one of the above symptoms is a good reason for the imminent appeal to the veterinarian. Self-medication in this case is not recommended.

It is worth highlighting the main ailments that can occur in the breed in the light of the lack of genetic diversity.

Infertility and inertness of the uterus

Most often ailments affect female individuals. As a result of the peculiarities of the muscle tissue of the animal organs that are not able to decline in due rhythm and with due force, cats may have problems with natural childbirth. In this case, pregnant animals hold a cesarean section.

Lack of pyruvatkinase

This ailment applies to genetic failures, as a result of which the glycolithic enzyme deficiency is observed in the body of the pets, which becomes the cause of hemolytic anemia. Signs of such a disease will be a change in the behavior of an animal, when the cat becomes sluggish, the appetite worsens, wool loss is observed. Such a disease can be sluggish, however, there are cases of rapid development of the ailment, which may be a serious threat to the life of a feline family.

Singapore breed cats may also meet vices in appearance. These include:

  • Defects in the structure of the tail, which will only be noticeable when taking+
  • Dark color Village at the very foundation+
  • Gray color animal fur coat.

    How to keep Singapore cats, look in the following video.

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