Description and content of the German Shepherd puppy in 1 month

Description and content of the German Shepherd puppy in 1 month

The German Shepherd is considered the largest watchdog breed of dogs, so it is often rated for service in police and protecting private territories. To grew up a loyal and reliable protector from the puppy, it needs to raise and train from the first days after the acquisition. In addition, the baby needs to be able to properly care and provide it with balanced nutrition.


German Shepherd puppies are shoved blind and blind, because it is so laid by nature. When they appear on the light, they have no teeth, the first fangs usually appear on the 20th day of life. As a rule, breeders sell babies in a two-month age (for 55-60 days), by this time the crumbs have time to get used to independent life, become fastened, and their owner has time to do all the necessary vaccinations. Sometimes it happens that the kid of shepherds turns out to be on the hands of the new owner before.

German Shepherd puppies in 1 month are characterized by several generic features.

  • Body type. Breast wide, barrel-shaped, spin short. Paws in pets are quite large, thick and long, there is no profits on them.
  • Growth. At one age, the worser shepherds look in the form of soft lumps, the growth of which varies from 19 to 21 cm.
  • Weight. Female weigh much less than males. The average weight of one-month kids is not more than 4.2 kg. At the same time, the new owners of the puppy do not need to worry if the weight of the pet is below the norm. His body is constantly growing and formed for 12 months, so standard weight indicators are stabilized on the third year of the dog’s life.
  • Appearance. Almond-shaped eyes in the first months of life preserve the blue shade, which over time changes to dark carries. Lob puppies pronounced, head proportional to the body, a small hubber is noticed on the nose, a large black nose. Todded ears big and soft, they are in a hanging position until the six-month. As for the wool puppies, in the first month of life, it is characterized by stiffness and thick undercoat, most often it has a black and brown color, which may change several times to one year old age.

Features of care

After purchasing a German shepherd puppy, the most complex and stress will be the first week. It is during this period that the baby needs to be concerned and comfortable for living. In advance, the owner should be asked by the breeder, which was a diet of a pet, which frequency of food intake was and the size of the portions.

Since one-month shepherd puppies practically do not differ from the parents of other breeds, you need to care for them, adhering to standard rules.

Features of character is important to consider at the later deadlines for the development of the animal (After two months of life), the individual qualities of the pet finally form up to a three-year-old age when the nervous system is fully developed.

Since the German Shepherd is a long-haired dog, it follows from an early age to teach the cleanliness. For this, kids arrange water procedures and perform combing wool. Wash small fluffy is recommended no more than once a few months, excluding winter time. After swimming a pet, you need to carefully wipe and give time to dry yourself, choosing any place in the house where there are no drafts. Provide a wool healthy and brilliant view will help the weekly combing, which is carried out using a special brush.

Separate attention deserves eye care. For one-month puppies, they must be clear, clean, without signs of selection and tears. To avoid the development of such a disease, like conjunctivitis, eyes need to be cleaned regularly moistened in the chamomile infusion tampon. It is also impossible to forget about the control of the state of the ears, which, during this period of life, the kids are hanging. At least once a month they need to be wiped with a swipon moistened in a special solution. Single-month handsomeness are often caused by itching and pain teething teeth. To the puppy not to spoil furniture, he needs to buy special rubber toys. These accessories will greatly facilitate the process of teething and serve as an interesting object for games.

At this age, the owners of puppies need to worry about the conduct of compulsory defenses. To date, for this in pharmacies you can find various suspensions, the dosage of which is calculated by the weight of the crumbs. When parasites were detected on the puppy wool, it is impossible to process them immediately with drugs. To do this, you should buy a special shampoo intended for dogs aged 1 month, it will not harm the health. As for mandatory vaccinations, they are beginning to be done at 1.5 months of age, one-month babies are not vaccinated.

Than feed?

The feeding of a monthly puppy of the German shepherd is considered rather complicated and time consuming, this procedure is largely reminiscent of the feeding of an infant. In the first month of life, the kid feeding is recommended to perform with a conventional bottle with a nipple, which is designed for newborns. You can also use a small tube, which is carried out directly in the stomach. This method of feeding, as a rule, is suitable in cases where the newborn pet can not eat independently.

The feeding process must be carried out when the puppy lies not on the back, but on the tummy.

Every day, the owners of a pet need to ensure that it goes out normally to the toilet. Since one-month kids are weakly developed muscles for this, their mother lies genitals after each feeding, thereby stimulating the emptying of the bladder and intestines. If the host assumed the role of the “new” mother, then he will have to carry out this procedure after each feeding: take a small piece of a wet rolling and gently wipe the region Genitals Puppy. After 2-3 minutes of such touches, the crumb will definitely empty. Such a procedure should be carried out by the age of 4-5 weeks to achieve a puppy, then he will be able to go to the toilet independently.

Depending on how the puppy meals is selected, it will largely depend on its full development. The diet of the monthly handsome must be balanced. The menu should be made in such a way that the pet gets all the necessary vitamins and useful trace elements. In addition, at the same age, the feed meals can be divided at smooth periods of time. Typically, small shepherds provide hexide nutrition with an interval of 3 hours. Feed puppies at the age of 1 month can be in several ways.


It provides for independent preparation of feed, which is given every three hours and contains in its composition minerals, vitamins, calcium, carbohydrates, fats and proteins. In this case, one portion should not exceed 200 grams. The approximate menu for the baby may look like this:

  • The first portion is a dairy porridge (only the manka is exception)+
  • The second portion – raw mince, which over time is replaced by finely chopped pieces of fresh meat+
  • Third portion – meat or vegetable soup+
  • Fourth Reception – Dairy Porridge+
  • Fifth serving – minced meat with grated carrot+
  • Complete feeding with kefir or cottage cheese.

Important! Raw meat (minced meat) is saturated with vitamin B, the body of a small shepherd is best absorbed him in boiled form. Therefore, in the raw form, the meat is recommended to be given in the amount of the daily norm of no more than 3/4. It is advisable to give preference beef and pork.

This method of feeding has both its advantages and cons. The advantages include: the ability to control the number and quality of the used products, when manifesting allergies, you can quickly replace one component to other. As for the shortcomings, they include the complexity of cooking. In addition, the traditional way of feeding is not suitable while traveling with a dog.

Finished feed

This option is considered an excellent alternative to the traditional method. For feeding one-month puppies in this case, buy preserves, canned food and dry food. Before purchasing finished feed, you need to know the taste preferences of the dog and take into account its age. For example, it is not allowed to give such food for an earlier three-week age.

Monthly kid is recommended to feed with mixtures from the heat being worked in warm boiled water.

The daily rate of use of dry feed is indicated by each manufacturer on packaging individually. It depends on the weight and age of the baby. If the dog will eat in this way, then it is necessary to constantly control the bowl next to the food with clean water. Of course, the use of dry feed greatly simplifies the care of the puppy, the owner does not spend much time on cooking. But such a diet has its own minuses: there is no confidence that the food components indicated on the package will include. In addition, these feeds often cause allergic reactions, since many manufacturers use low-grade sub-products for their manufacture.

It is also worth noting that monthly shepherd puppies can not be fed not all. Forbidden products include the following:

  • bakery products+
  • seeds+
  • citrus+
  • sausages+
  • Salted and pickled vegetables+
  • Fatty fish and meat+
  • Spice dishes+
  • Necripped milk.


No less important in the content of a shepherd puppy is its upbringing. The kid must know his place to eat and relax. To do this, a special place is allocated in the house where bowls for feeding and water are put. At the same time, it is important to pay attention to the height and material of the manufacture of dishes. It is desirable to acquire non-metallic products with a regulated stand. Since until the two-month age of a puppy without vaccination, it is impossible to bring to the street, it must be accepted to the toilet at home (for this use disposable diapers). To properly teach a pet to the toilet, the owner should be shown a specially designated place and patiently explain. Girls are mastering such “lessons” much faster than boys.

In independence from age, the puppies are distinguished by playfulness, are not the exception of this and representatives of the German Shepherd. They show their activity during games. To the small chaluncia during such fun damaged furniture, it should be accustomed to the game with special toys. For example, a wand is good for this. Pet with great joy will run after her, carry in teeth.

Since during the games, a mischief can grab any item, the owner must teach him to understand the team “Fu”, which you need to give without increasing the voice, calmly tone. Increased information can form cowardice from the future shepherd. Games with baby is desirable to spend on the carpet, since the slippery floor can cause the fall and fracture of bones.

At the same time, puppies are considered too small to teach them difficult tricks. But to teach to the order of kids can. It will help in the future to avoid the departure of food and house. It is recommended to start upbringing with input to use such teams as “to me”, “place”, “you can not. They must be used in a game form and do not forget to encourage pets with caress and snacks for obedience, thanks to this attachment to the owner will strengthen, and the teams are enshrined in memory with a pleasant Association.

Important! Rising a puppy, it is forbidden to raise his hand and voice on it, because separation from the mother in one month for him and so is a huge stress. The constant rigidity and pressure from the owner will make an aggressive and naughty puppy in the future, to correct the nature and behavior of which will be very difficult.

In this video you can watch the training of a monthly puppy of the German Shepherd.

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