Description and content of white Scottish cats

Description and content of white Scottish cats

If a person loves cats and thinks about the acquisition of this particular breed as a pet, then you should look at white Scottish cats. This is a stunningly beautiful animal with unique features and habits. It will be a sure other, always ready to divide with the owner and joy, and sadness. The breed is distinguished by enviable friendliness inherent in not all the representatives of the Feline family, as well as perfectly be dedicated to children. Does not conflict with other pets and very easy to contact people.

Varieties and description

There are several different representatives of Scottish cats:

  • Scottish Fold – Foldful Shorthair Cat+
  • Scottish Straight – Crash Shorthair Cat+
  • Highland Fold – Foldful long-haired cat+
  • Highland Straight – Straight Long-haired Cat

Although cats are quite different, you can still note some similar characteristics. All representatives round head with rather large eyes giving appearance very cute expression. Ears either straight or hang. Scottish Fold and Straight have a very interesting undercoat that makes them similar to plush toys.

Also in this breed most cats with different color. But most often Scottish cats have a white color.

All of them are endowed with straight ears at birth, but by 5 months, these parts of the body change the position and adjacent in the head. Folding is single, double or triple. If the ears did not lie down, then the kitten is so straight.

White Scottish Cat weighs, as a rule, from 3 to 5 kg, height – no more than 30 cm. Life expectancy is about 15 years, but often you can meet long-livers crossing even a 20-year-old threshold.

These are very smart cats, quickly understanding the owners who are well-taught to brake and tray. Almost all non-conflict and open to communicate.

Eye and wool color

Any breeder cherishes the dream to purchase a blue-eyed Scottish kitten. Such an eye color kitten is inherited, and it is possible to predeter. The sky color can be seen both in feline albinos and clean white plaid. Such beauties can be seen in the representatives of Scottish Fold. Their white color brings the breeder of thought about purity and innocence, humility and fragility.

The representative of this breed is obtained by a boiled white, casting with glitter, any yellowness is absent. Only at birth with kittens can be found several bluish specks if parents or ancestors had a blue color. But sometimes black specks occur if the ancestors were black. Over time, they disappear, and fur becomes snow-white.


If it was decided to bring a white Scottish kitten to the house, you need to know everything about the right care.

  • Always need to air the room, as the plaid do not tolerate the stoolness.
  • Need to remember swimming. It should take place at least 3-4 times a year using a special shampoo at a comfortable water temperature (up to 40 degrees of heat). After the pet procedure, it is necessary to gently flush the towel, not rubbing, apply a drying hairdryer, if the animal is not afraid of the sound of the device, and, of course, comb. Kittens do not like water, so in extreme cases you can buy a special dry shampoo or choose spray.
  • Complete cats need not least 2 times a week. To do this, you need to use a brush with rare teeth in order not to injure pet.
  • As it were, it would be none to led pets in the salons, these cats are not recommended to cut, because the wool protects them from supercooling.
  • In sedentary cats that do not leave at home, claws need to be processed. You can purchase a special cunter and use it every two weeks. It is better to take care of buying brates and already kittens to teach it, watching where they like to sharpen claws.
  • Kittens’s eyes can get very pleasant – this is due to the special structure of the nasal channels. You should regularly wash the eyes of the pet marley, watered it with water.
  • Ears always need to be cleaned with cotton swab, moistened with vegetable oil. In a veterinary pharmacy, you can also purchase special solutions for ears.
  • Toilet. The kitten is easy to teach the tray, simply improving it after sleep and feeding on the right place. Scotchs in this regard are quickly involved and rarely deliver the owners of trouble.
  • Short-time cats often have problems with teeth and gums, so every week it is necessary to carry out the hygienic cleaning of teeth with a cat brushed. You can use water or buy a special paste for pets.

White Scottish Care will never be in a burden. You need to pay attention to hygiene, nutrition and care of pets from childhood. In this case, healthy loves will always be in the beautiful arrangement of the Spirit and will be the best friend for many years.

Read more about Scottish cats See in the following video.

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