Description and cultivation of Scottish cats of purple color

Description and cultivation of Scottish cats of purple color

Among popular breeds of cats special place are occupied by Scottish. Fluffy lumps with expressive eyes and plush wool instantly conquer the love of all households. Also cute Scots are famous for the amazing variety of colors. Especially beautiful pets with purple wool.

This color is rare, therefore causes genuine interest among breeders worldwide.

Breed history

There are several varieties of Scottish cats in the world, but the leaders among them are undoubtedly Scottish Folds – Fold cats with short soft wool. For the first time, representatives of the breed with an unusual form of ears appeared in the province of Scotland in the 60s of the last century. By breeding work by American breeders in the late 70s managed to register the breed in CFA (Association of cat lovers), and the Scots began to conquer the jury of exhibitions and conquer champion titles.

    The official name of the breed:Scottish Fold Shopper Cat

    Country of origin:Scotland

    Weight:females 3.5-4.5 kg, males – up to 6 kg

    Life expectancy:12-15 years old

    Standard breed

    Color:All colors are recognized, including colors without white.

    Head:Round, wide, massive with strong chin. Nose short, wide, straight. Profile with the transition, but without a deep foot. Full cheeks. Large round molding pads give a short face distinct outlines.

    Wool:short, very thick, not adjacent. Due to the thick, the undercoat will be from the body like plush. Texture dense to the touch.

    Body:Cat from average to large size, muscular, squat. Breasts, shoulders and spin wide, massive. Neck short, powerful. Limbs low, muscular, threads thick, round. The tail of medium length, thick, with a rounded tip, without thickening and hardening, movable along the entire length.

    Ears:Small, bent forward, with slightly rounded tips directed to the middle of the muzzle. Posted widely, tightly pressed to the skull, emphasize the round shape of the head.

    Eyes:Large, round, widely placed. Eye color corresponds to wool color.

    Charming and Scottish Purple Straight Scottish Cats.

    The official name of the breed:Scottish-Strait (Scottish straight)

    Country of origin:Scotland

    Weight:females – up to 4.5 kg, males – up to 7 kg

    Life expectancy:up to 15-20 years with proper care

    Standard breed

    Color:The tail is long and medium length in proportion to the body (up to the middle of the blade), movable in all articulations. Long tail is preferable.

    Head:Round, with convex skull and forehead, round cheeks and face. The transition to a wide back of the nose slightly flashed without stop and council. Upper profile line smooth, Moderate length nose back.Round cheekbones, cheeks full. Full cheeks are especially noticeable at cats. Chin is well decorated. Round, strong, but not protruding. The width and roundness of the face are emphasized by round and full pads under Vibrisa-Viskpard. Head goes down to a short neck.

    Wool:dense, plush, thin texture, double, not adjacent, medium length, closes the body tightly. Wool texture depends on the color and season.

    Body:Middle size, moderate length with rounded circuits, one width from the shoulders to the cereal. Dense, muscular, medium bony, on a closed fastening limbs. Paws with firmly compressed fingers. Movements are free and elastic in all joints. Cats are somewhat smaller cats.

    Ears:Small and medium sizes, narrowly open, relying with slightly pointed tips, but wide at the base, wide and highly supplied. The tips are slightly divorced. The outer surfaces of the ears are well pubes. Inside dense and lush brushes.

    Eyes:Big round, divided by a wide nose, wide open with a cute expression. Eye color corresponds to wool color.

    Nose Middle:Nose short with soft deflection. Light stop admissible. Profile of moderate lines.

    The characteristic features of Scottish cats can be attributed:

    • Strong muscular body with long limbs+
    • widespread+
    • Expressive eyes blue or amber+
    • Luxury mustache and short, tight tail+
    • The face of the flattened form, which adds an animal to similarity with a plush toy.

    But the most important highlight of this breed is a variety of colors. Fur pet can be a monophonic, two-color, and also have an original drawing.

    Subtleties of color

    Specialists divide the color of Scottish cats into several groups.

    • Tabby. Animal wool decorated with geometric pattern.

    • Solid. Cat wool painted in a monophonic color.

    • Shaded. This feature implies the presence of a silver or gold shade of wool.

    • Cherepakhov. Color is a combination of dark flowers spots with a red or cream tint.

    • Ticked. One of the most spectacular colors, it is characterized by the alternation of dark yellow rings across the entire length of the hairs.

    One of the most unusual colors of Scottish cats is a purple. This specification refers to the type of solid. Fold kittens of a purple or lavender color look very gently and the color resemble forget-me-not.

    Note that this color has its own nuances. For example, allocate Lavender and deer shades. For the first characteristic of the pinkish blue color of the wool, and the nose and foot – purple with a pink sweat.

    Cats with a deer color have a beige color of fur, and the nose and pillows of the paws – pinkish. Confused deer coloring with a lilac color that closer to the lilac shade is not worth. These are different colors. Also there are Scottish cats with a color of a purple tabby. The main color of the wool in the cat is beige, and the drawing is painted in dark lavender tones.

    Purple Scottish cats are distinguished by a monophonic color of wool without inclusions. However, young kittens at birth can see a small twist of another shade, which will disappear with age. For purple Scots are characterized by an orange or gold color of the eyes, there are individuals with the eyes of a copper shade.It is impossible not to recognize the fact that Scottish cats with a purple wool – animals of amazing beauty.

    Features of content

    Plush pets, like any cats, require competent care and proper nutrition. Before bringing home Scottish kitten, the owner must purchase the following accessories for him:

    • Small tray with low side+
    • Natural materials litter+
    • Khogtetchochka+
    • Hypoallergenic toy.

    Start tying an animal need from the first days of appearance in the house of this fluffy lump. Scottish cats are considered perfect pets. They are easy to come to contact with all family members, feeding a special sympathy for small households. Movable cats prefer sleep. Very tied to the owner and love to sit on his knees.

    Sleeping Pets should not be located near the window or on the passage. Scots love warmth and comfort. Long walks in open territory they also do not complain. This breed is prone to the household. For cats, various designs are of great interest, for example, stairs or shelves.

    Scottishts feed on the feeds of premium or super premium class. They are perfectly learned and rich in need for cats with vitamins and minerals. Natural products are suitable for Scots: low-fat meat, porridge, boiled fish and vegetables. The diet of kittens should be diverse. And at the same time, babies can not be flipped. Animal with overweight begins little move and subsequently acquires a number of dangerous diseases.

        Cats with short hair are combed no more than once a week. Such a procedure is carried out with the help of special brushes and ridges. Bathing pets as needed, and for the cleanliness of the ears and eyes are watching daily. Scottish kittens are distinguished by high tearing, so the owner needs to be stocking special drops from pet store.



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        * Characteristic of breed “Scottish lop-eared” based on the assessment of the experts of the site and feedback of the owners of the cat.

        On how to choose a healthy kitten of the Scottish breed, tells the following video.

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