Description and rules for the content of Bengal gray cats

Description and rules for the content of Bengal gray cats

Bengal cats have many fans, and it is not surprising, because the animals resemble small leopards, and, moreover, are famous for peace-loving temper. The most common golden and brown color, however, there are adherents of cats of gray shades. What do they look like different, the main features of the care will be discussed in our article.

Features of the appearance

Gray Bengal Cat is a small animal with developed muscles, elegant face and small ears. Breed feature – leopard color, black pads paws and tail tip. Weigh the pet can from 5 to 7 kilograms, and lives on average until 12-15 years.

Bengalov color is spotted or marble. Animals are very smart, it does not cause difficulties of their training and training. In addition, the cats are famous for friendly temper, it is easily found a common language with family members in which they live.

The purebred cat can be calculated on the special gloss of its federation, which is very pleasant to the touch. It seems that she shines. This indicator makes it clear that the animal is great and well develops.

Color and dignity

Adopted standards imply a lot of blooms of Bengal cats. However, the main factor is the absence of extraneous inclusions.

Bengali have wool different shades, which covers a drawing of a certain type. Most often there are animals of gold and silver. You can still see snow, coal and blue cats. Figure on the body can be marble or spotted.

The most popular sockets Bengal. This implies the presence on the main background of two colors sockets. The socket on silver looks very elegant, like, however, on a golden background.

Silver color looks very elegant and unusual. If the main background is very light, the stains are highlighted especially bright. However, the color of the wool can vary from almost white to steel. The peculiarity of this color involves the minimum of yellow and brown shades, red spout, golden or green eyes.

Also among gray Bengal seals coal colors are appreciated. The main background is quite dark, and the drawing is almost black and well released on wool. A distinctive feature can be a dark strip on a muzzle. Breeders nicknamed her “Masking Zorro”, which in color corresponds to the main pattern.

Among the undoubted advantages of silver cats, it is possible to note a very extravagant appearance with quite large for the Feline family. Bengali – real hunters, they are very active and moving. In addition, it is impossible not to note the high intellectual level of these animals.

Although the cats of this breed are pretty strong, they differ in peace-loving temper and easily come into contact with others. Breeders say that animals are perfectly jumping. Produced sounds are similar to meowing only remotely, some believe that they are more reminded Lai.


These leopard beauties for dignity deserve the love of many pet owners. However, Bengali is one of the most expensive cats in the world. For this very reason, breeders do not always behave in good faith, and genetic deviations may appear in kittens.

Animals require attention. Since they are very active, regular walks are simply necessary for the right development. It is worthwhile to remove a special leash on the street, pre-nodded, so that it does not happen with them. If you do not tame the kittens, they can grow dyed. Also adult silver cats will mark the territory, only castration is capable of getting rid of this habit.

How to care

Despite some requirements, Bengalov can be called animals, unpretentious in care. They are very clean and watching their chic striking. Also kids quickly get used to the tray. Catics are very fond of water, they are happy to bathe, however, the abuse of water procedures should not be. It is enough to organize a swimming pet 1 time per month using special detergents for animals.

Despite the fact that the wool is not too long, It is necessary to calculate the cats at least once a week. In case of molting, the number of procedures must be increased, because the drop-down sweeter can get into the esophagus together with food and harvest the pet health.

Sharp claws need to cut weekly. The cleaning of the ears occurs with the same periodicity. If there is an unpleasant smell from the eaves, it may indicate an animal disease, it will be necessary to show the veterinarian.

Catics love communication, they need to be caught more often and, if possible, to train various teams. Loneliness adversely affects animals, they become dyed and aggressive. Therefore, attention is paid – a prerequisite for the maintenance of these gray beauties.


Pet diet is very important for its full growth and development. Bengal gray cats are no exception. There are no special difficulties in this matter, the pets are perfectly eaten both dry food and natural-sized products. The only restriction is liquid canned food, as they adversely affect their teeth.

Dry feed allows you to saturate the body of the seals with the necessary minerals and vitamins. In addition, it contributes to getting rid of the dental stone. However, it is necessary to use exceptionally high-quality feed. Cheap analogs, of course, pet will have, but they can cause serious stomach and digestion problems.

Catics are very loved by boiled fish and offal. You can pamper them with fresh meat and sometimes fermented with milk. Porridge and vegetables may also be present in the diet, but must take no more than 1/5 of the daily norm of the animal.

How to choose a kitten

In order for a healthy and purebred representative of the Bengal breed in the house, it should be treated exclusively in nurseries that have this focus or to proven breeders. We will not know the character of parents.

The kitten takes the house after he will be 3 months old. This period is necessary for socialization and all the necessary vaccinations. Pet health confirm his activity and curiosity. Color can be not yet too apparent, finally it will manifest itself to a one-year-old age.

Prices on Bengalov are high enough, so you should make sure in a pedigree animal. And after the purchase, you need to surround the pet love, care and attention.

Read more about Bengal Cat breeds from the following video.

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