Description and rules for the content of spiets of the Sobolinsky Color

Description and rules for the content of spiets of the Sobolinsky Color

Playful, Fluffy Spitz for a long time enjoys great popularity among breeders. The four-legged pet is a fearless watchman and a true friend. Special attractive animal gives an amazing hue of wool. Pomeranian Spitz of the Cathedral Color – the present “Decoration” of a dog world.

Characteristic of breed

A charming pet with a fluffy fur and a funny tail is a representative of one of the oldest breeds in Europe, which was removed several hundred years ago. Modern kinnologists have not lost interest in Pomeranian Spitza and are happy to bring four-legged friend to the house. This breed refers to dwarf decorative dogs. Despite the miniature, Pomeranian Spitz is a very brave dog, which is distinguished by intelligence and smartness. Some positions described below can be attributed to the peculiarities of the breed.

  • A kind of physique. Visually Spitz resembles a fluffy “square”.
  • Gorgeous fur with thick undercoat. On the neck – “collar”, and on the hind legs there are “pants”.
  • Neat, elongated muzzle with smart eyes.
  • Sticking ears and fluffy tail “ring”.
  • The growth of the adult dog does not exceed 23 cm, and the dogs weigh about 2.5 kg weigh. Pomeranian spitches live 15-18 years old, they are distinguished by strong health and rather unpretentious care.

    However, the master of the fluffy puppy must be Ready to make training from the first days of his appearance in the house. Pomeranian spitts are pretty afraid and without proper education can become uncontrollable.

    “Fluffy” are perfectly soldered with children and can play for hours with your favorite toy. At the same time, representatives of this breed are quite ambitious, do not tolerate rivals and can challenge a large dog.

    Checologists allocate intellectual abilities of such a dog. Spitz are easily leaving for training, instantly respond to their nickname and even able to perform tricks.

    Features Color

    One of the most common shades of spitz wool is a sobular. This color combines two colors: the roots of the fur is light, and the tips of the hairs are dark. The intensity of shades is uneven.

    Satisfying color has some varieties, which will be discussed below.

    • Orange or red. This color is monophonic, although in some cases there are individuals with a face and rear paws of lighter tones. Spitz Orange-Sobolina Color is a frequenter of various exhibitions. His “Fire” Wool color especially effectively looks against the background of other breeds of dogs.

    • Cream. Coloring is close to white, but has a pleasant warm or cold shade. For coloring cream sable characteristic blond eyes and spout. Fully color of the wool is formed by the first year of life, when the PSA appears under.

    • Gray or wolf. This is the most common color of the orange spitz. Fur dog has a gray base that casts silver. Tips of hairs painted black. The color of the body of the PSA for several tones lighter muzzle and ears. The tail of the tail is darker than the base. The brightest sections of the wool are focused on the shoulders and mesh of the pet, even minimal deviations from the color of the color are considered marriage.

    It is worth noting that the sable color is changing as the animal adults.This feature is associated with the presence of a puppy fluff. For this reason, most babies have a gray shade fur. The main color is manifested only after three months of the dog’s life. In the period of growing up the breed of the Sobolinsky Color gradually loses the pigment and acquires a homogeneous color of the fur: orange, cream or gray.

    In addition to the Sobolnaya, Pomeranian spitts can have another color.

    • White. Currently, it is very difficult to meet completely snow-white spitz – most often the puppies have a cream shade wool. Choosing spitz white color, it is worth paying attention to his pedigree. If distant relatives have another shade of fur or dark splashes, then, most likely, after molting, white puppy will become like them.

    • Black. This color looks very effectively. Spitz with a black fur with a similar undercoat. However, puppies are born with brown shade wool, but after the first molting, it becomes black. Spitz such a color look like small dark “glitter”, and reminiscent of the bear.

    • Blue. Similar color is found quite rare, so the purchase of the puppy will cost expensive. Blue color is various shades of gray. Also found marble color, which is very suitable for exhibition activities. Charming spins with original wool colors attract the attention of others and are a real gift for picky dog ​​breeders.

    • Brown. Fluffy chocolate-colored dogs are distinguished by a bright appearance, thanks to which it is difficult to get lost on a walk. Extraneous enclosures on brown wool should not be. Also the nose and lips of the dogs have chocolate color.

    • There are pomeranian spitts Tiger and spotted color. For the first characteristic, the presence on the back of the animal dark stripes, and in the second case, the carrice of the pet is decorated with spots of saturated colors (black, red or gray).

    Naturally, the price of a puppy with a cream tint of wool will differ from common gray dogs – the original colors of the orange spitz are valued quite high. In addition, when buying a puppy, the floor plays a big role, as well as a pedigree dog.

    The female part is more expensive, as it will bring offspring, and the owner himself can do the sale of this breed. This feature is characteristic of decorative miniature dogs.

    The pedigree provides information on the titled PSA ancestors and gives important information about the absence of serious genetic diseases. If the puppy is defective, its cost is significantly reduced.

    Care and content

    Fluffy Pomeranian Spiters of the Cathedral Color are great for accommodation in apartment buildings. Miniature animals are unpretentious, but at the same time, without proper care, they threaten danger. For example, pets requires special attention. It must be performed regularly, otherwise the “teddy bear” lose all his charm, and the rolled fur will become a housing for parasites.

    The procedure is carried out 1-2 times a week, and during the molting period, combed is a daily occupation.

    With the appearance of chatins, it is necessary to neatly cut off the unnecessary lump of wool. Spice haircut carries out a specialist – at home this is quite difficult to do.

    Particular attention to the owner must pay the hygiene of the teeth and the ears of Pomeranian Spitz. Clean the ear shells can be cotton wands, moistened in a special solution. As for the care of the oral cavity of the animal, today there are special pastes and toothbrushes for dogs. Also spitza need to wipe the teeth by a piece of gauze, impregnated with hydrogen peroxide (1%).

    In order for the animal’s wool of the Casual Color did not lose her denotes and gloss, he needs the right diet. Spitz puppy eats food up to 5 times a day, adult dog is enough 2 times a day. Such industrial feeds are suitable for this breed (preferably premium). As for natural products, the adult orange is useful to eat:

    • Fresh meat (for the exclusion of pork)+
    • Boiled fish (without bones)+
    • rice and buckwheat+
    • low-fat cottage cheese+
    • carrots.

    Also Spitz should be provided with high-quality drink (fresh water room temperature). A healthy pet is distinguished by activity and good appetite. If his behavior becomes suspicious, then the owner must urgently show the dog veterinarian.

    Looking for spitz.

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