Description of black Alabaev and their features

Description of black Alabaev and their features

A large strong dog of the Alabai breed has a frightening appearance. In fact, the dog exhibits aggression if its owner is threatened with danger. The rest of the time the Central Asian Shepherds are calm and serene. Pnips gorgeous plush wool, and in gentle age they resemble cubs. Alabai black color looks especially impressive.


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* Characteristic of breed “Alabai” Founded on the assessment of the experts of the site and feedback from the owners of the dog.

Standard breed

Alabai, or Central Asian Shepherds, are relatives of Tibetan mastiffs. Since ancient times, powerful brave animals guarded herds and caravans. They joined the fight with hungry wolves and desperately defended their lives. therefore The main characteristic of the breed is the congenital watchman instinct.

Already from the Small years, Alabai has excellent guards. The appearance of the Central Asian Shepherds is quite terrible. The breed has distinctive features.

  • Large head, resembling bearish. Jaws of Alabayev strong: dogs have a dead grip. Teeth are wide and strong.
  • Miniature ears, Hanging tips down. Some breeders will stop them.
  • Widespread expressive eyes. Color corresponds to color.
  • Large massive nose.
  • Muscular proportional body. Central Asian Shepherd Differs noble posture. Chest wide, back straight.
  • Dense tail Middle Length (Custom).
  • Strong, well-developed limb.

Alabai are short-haired and long-haired. Adult pet weighs from 40 to 90 kg, and its growth reaches 70 cm. It all depends on the floor and conditions of content. Girls Alabayev Much miniature males. Puppies of the Central Asian Shepherds grow pretty quickly, and from 5-6 months they begin to prepare for the courtyard.

Features Color

The colors of the medium -acetic shepherd wool is quite diverse: white, red, brown, pallets, gray and tiger. Special place is occupied by Alabai Black and Black and White Color. Fully coal-black breed representatives possess beautiful shiny wool, which plays the sun.

Note that the dark fur of the Central Asian shepherds is one-photon or diluted brown and reddish subapalities.

The puppies of the dark color of thick undercoat is formed by 5-6 months. Up to this point, the kid fur does not yet have a rich shade and close to gray. Eyes and spout of black “bear” – dark color. Black Alabai – Beautiful and Solid Dogs.

Another common color of the Central Asian Shepherd is black and white. In animals with a white fur coat there are dark areas on the back, head and hind legs. And the pet is visible to black rims around the eyes and ears. Animals with black wool have belly, chest and white paws. In addition, the forehead and plot around the dog’s nose is also bright. Central Asian Shepherds with black and white fur coat look just awesome.

Alabai Tiger Color have a dark gray, brown and golden shade fur. Animal wool decorated with dark transverse stripes. On the face of the Tiger Central Asian Shepherd, there is a black fur fur that creates a mask effect. Alabai with tiger color are quite rare, which causes genuine interest among breeders from different parts of the globe.

Another colors of wool of large guard dogs is called a tan. This option is represented by black, beige or gray tone with white markers, neck and animal paws. Side Alabai look very impressive.


Naturally, large and strong dogs are characterized by. However, with proper upbringing, the puppy grows to the owner with a faithful and sensitive friend. To the enemies, the dog is aggressive, therefore most often acts as a fit of private possessions. With family members Alabai friendliness and stopped.

Children treats tolerant. However, to leave an adult dog with small households alone should not: he can scare the child with a growl.

Central Asian Shepherd has leadership qualities and unfriendly configured to other dogs. In this regard, Alabaev walks exclusively in a muzzle. They are able to suddenly pounce on someone else’s animal and impose irreparable harm to his health, right up to death.

To upbringing puppies of this breed is very serious. Toddler begins to train teams from an early age. Otherwise, the pet will show independence.

Alabai’s ancestors took over the instincts of shepherd breeds. They protect not only the yard territory, but also all his livestock that lives there. Watchhed dog of impressive sizes instantly reacts to strangers. She serves voice and decarly growl.

If the PSA leash is not attached, then strangers can seriously suffer due to the Ilabai iron grip.


It is unlikely that the Central Asian Shepherd will feel comfortable in the urban apartment. Watchdog PEAM requires space and fresh air. Lifeline lifestyle for Alabaev unacceptable. Puppies begin to cook for street life since six months when they appear thick undercoat.

Many breeders complain that Alabai ignore the coneer. This behavior is explained Incorrect location of booth. The fact is that the watchdog is necessary ROUNDS Keep under control the whole territory.

If the full review is closed, the animal will ignore its home.

Alabai very emotional animals. They need In tactile contact and constant attention of the owner. The breeder needs to regularly hug a pet and stroke through thick wool. The Central Asian Shepherd shows his confidence in a person, putting his camp to him (the instinct got from the ancestors). The physical force against Alabaev is categorically impossible: the animal can turn into a real beast and become deadly.

Constantly keeping adult alabaev chains. Dog is vital for long distance walks. In a closed space, the pet will become evil and aggressive. Feed adult pieces 2 times a day at certain hours. In the diet, Alabaev includes:

  • Raw fresh meat (except pork)+
  • Porridge (buckwheat, rice, oatmeal)+
  • Sea Boiled Fish without Bone+
  • Wheat bran+
  • Dairy and dairy products+
  • Boiled vegetables (except potatoes)+
  • Sub-products.

Industrial feed for the Central Asian Shepherd is better to buy Premium or Super Premium Class. Pet drinkers should always be filled with fresh water. Bathing a large pet 1-2 times a year, and combed regularly (2-3 times a month). They need a regular examination of the eyes, as the dogs love to dig ground. Soil particles fall into the eyes of a pet and cause inflammation.

Tips before buying Alala are given in the following video.

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