Description of blue British cats and the subtleties of their contents

Description of blue British cats and the subtleties of their contents

Many choose a blue British Cat as a pet, because this breed is one of the most popular in Russia. Representatives of this breed are very smart, calm and restrained, they perfectly carry loneliness. It is worth considering the history, features and character of cats, nuances of feeding and care.


Today there are several versions of the pedigrees who explain where the British breed comes from, but nevertheless each version takes place on existence. Many argue that the British breed of cats was brought from France to other countries. According to legend, the sailors took on shopping ships of the cats of this breed, so that they protect the products from rodents. Thus, representatives of the “British” fell into various countries.

Interesting: in the work l. Carroll “Alice in Wonderland” as a prototype of Cheshire Cat performed precisely the blue British cat.

Already in the XIX century, this breed attracted the attention of those breeders who were fond of exotic animals, because the Blue British Cat looks very elegant and beautiful. Special contribution to the development of this breed Harrison Wair. In 1871, the Tabby cat was the first representative of the Shorthair Cats of the Blue Color, which took the prize in the exhibition. Already in 1950, this breed was approved in America, after which it became world famous.

Basic information

To begin with, it is worth considering the description of the breed. Blue British Cat is rather large in size, characterized by muscularity. It has small, but widespread ears. Straight cats like many. Representatives of this breed have practically round eyes, the color of which can be from yellow to rich-orange. Their nose is rather short and wide.

Main feature of this breed – big cheeks. Many attracts the wool as it looks like a plush and stuffed, while homogeneous. It is recommended to derive the coaming of one way initially, and then in the opposite direction, while it will neatly go. Representatives of this breed have a powerful body, wide breasts and short paws.

A distinctive feature of blue British cats are their manners. These are pretty devoted animals that can be compared even with dogs. They listen to their owners, react to prohibitions, and are also able to fully adapt to the owner’s life;. This breed is distinguished by high intelligence and unpretentiousness, so it is even called a businessman’s cat.

If a person does not have a lot of free time, the representative of this breed becomes the optimal choice, since the cat has an independent character, and its wool does not require special care. Briton perfectly understands the measure in everything, therefore does not require increased attention.

Shorthair British British – This is a faithful companion for all family members. Of course, it needs to be careful, affection and human care. Moreover, he may even be offended if it won’t get it all. The feeling of offense can manifest itself in the fact that the cat will completely refuse to face, not allowing herself to iron himself. But such an outcome is extremely rare, because the kitty tries to adapt under the rhythm of the life of his owner.

The lifespan on average ranges from 12 to 15 years.

Features Color

Blue British cats are mainly represented in the blue color, so they received such a name, but other colors are included in this subspecies. The standard of the British breed can be presented in 30 color, while one-color should not be followed. According to the standard there may be deviations from monophonic colors, which lies in the smokyness, incending and diverse.

The breed of blue British includes, except for blue, cats of such color versions like:

  • White+
  • black+
  • Redhead (practical red)+
  • cream+
  • chocolate+
  • Pink-blue (purple).

IMPORTANT: Each above color can be represented by various shades. For example, the British purple color can be light, medium and dark.

Separate attention deserve the colors of the Britons, which combine different colors.

  • Turtle. Such cats usually combine two colors – it can be cream with blue or red with black. Interesting the fact that the turtle color is found exclusively in women’s individuals, since the cats cannot be met with such a colors. More options are possible with the addition of silver – their number includes chinchilla, faded and smoky, while variations are presented by a large amount.

  • Picturesque. This variety of colors includes several options – spotted, marble, tiger or mackerel. This also belongs to British kitty two-color or bicolor and colorspoint.

Important: Felinologists use a special encoding, on which you can learn color, shade, eye color, and so on.

It is generally accepted, so every person who knows the conditional designations of the British may imagine the appearance of the cat to the slightest spot. The encoding consists of Latin letters, numbers and combinations thereof. For example, BRI NS12 62 is a Briton who has an orange shade and chinchilla color.

Blue British cats look pretty harmonious, so a minor retreat from standard requirements for appearance can significantly ruin the impression. Not every drawback becomes a serious reason to reject the animal, but breeders should be familiar with them. If you make the correct selection of the pair, then a small flaw can be easily leveling, which will allow good offspring.

The prohibition of breeding is superimposed on representatives of rocks, which are characterized by long-haired, have a broken tail or some other flaws.


Briton is an independent cat that in adulthood perfectly transfers loneliness. It attracts attention to the fact that it does not require the owner of a caress – she does not jump on his knees, does not harm and so on. But it is strongly tied to his owner and with long partings it really misses. The British cat is often compared with the English gentleman, since it is characterized by a sense of self-esteem, tranquility and restraint.

Interesting the fact that blue British cats do not like strangers. They try to keep them away. This favorite attracts the attention of calm and caress, although he will not be imposed on the owner. He is pretty smart, loves purity and behaves like an intellectual. These cats are not inclined to bite or scratch.

They will be a worthy option for families in which there are little children.

It is worth noting that The representative of the Blue British cats is a dominant animal that wonders perfectly with other pets, but will be led by a leading position. But he must understand who is the owner in the house. These cats are pretty smart and clean, so there should be no problems with discipline. Representatives of the British breed adore to play. They love to chase flies or butterflies. They love freedom in everything, including in space. British perfectly leaving for training.

Many specialists emphasize that it is a harmonious combination of good behavior and an attractive appearance made cats of the British blue breed with such famous. Cats are distinguished by aristocracy and majesticity. Outwardly, the cat resembles a teddy bear – I want to stroke her, at the same time she behaves quite restrained and patiently. British’s unobtrusion is their constant advantage.


Separate attention deserves the feeding of the British. Already a month, the kitten begins to get acquainted with solid food. At 1.5-2 months, the kitten needs a 5-time nutrition. Already in 6 months, the amount of feedings decreases to three times a day. An adult cat needs to eat just 2 times a day. It is not forbidden to treat his pet with various “yummy” between having food, but it is worth remembering the negative impact of overgrown, which leads not only to obesity, but also significantly reduces the life of the cat.

Important: Blue British should be given by vitamins, and the courses should be held.

To begin with, contact the veterinarian, which will select the optimal complex of vitamins for your pet, depending on many factors.

For feeding blue British cats, you can use several feeding options.

  • Finished feed. Today there is a wide range of finished feeds for both kittens and adult individuals. You should give preference to feed from well-known manufacturers. It is strictly forbidden to buy WHISKAS products, since it includes a rather large number of harmful components. If we consider protein, which is the main component of finished feed, then it is made from the bone of the carcasses and the skins.

  • Natural food. If it is decided to feed your pet natural food, then it is worth remembering that the cat is a predatory animal that needs animal products. Initially, any meat, like by-products, it is worth sending for several hours to the freezer. All food must be filled in warm form. It is strictly forbidden to add salt into dishes.

It is worth sticking to the norm in the fish, because its frequent use can lead both to diseases of the kidneys and the development of the urolithiasis. But neutered cats, in general, it is better to exclude fish from the diet.

  • Food combination. If desired, you can use integrated feeding. In this case, the basis performs dry food, but fisheries and meat products of natural origin are used as feeding.


Blue British need to be careful in several directions.

  • It happens that allocations arise around the eye, and this is found both in kittens and adult individuals. For cleaning it is worth using a cotton swab, pre-closed in a solution for washing the eyes. If the selection is purulent, the pet is necessary to show the veterinarian.
  • Ears also require care. In normal condition, they must be clean, odorless and uniform painting. To clean the ears it is necessary to take a cotton swab, moistened in the specialist.
  • Special brushes apply to wave, which are equipped with or rubber, or metal bristles, which should not be injured the skin of the pet. To the calcination it is necessary to teach from young age so that the kittens have already understood what they do with them. Pet must be patient to providing this departure. It is necessary to take particularly carefully to the calcination during the mole period. This procedure will avoid the appearance of a fur on furniture, carpeted floors and other places. To collect wool after the procedure, you can apply a special rubber glove or wet hand. Swimming is not included in the set of mandatory actions.

If the pet has blocked hard, it is worthwhile under the warm water, using a special shampoo.

    Blue British cats are distinguished by excellent immunity. If they carefully care for them, then they are practically not prone to diseases. With the slightest changes in the behavior of your favorite, it is worth contacting the vet for help, then you can help the animal and avoid serious complications.

    What are the subtleties of the content of blue British cats, look in the following video.

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