Description of the breed and the nature of the Burmese cats

Description of the breed and the nature of the Burmese cats

Burmese cats are very beautiful pets. They are distinguished by friendly character, good temper and quiet, gentle voice. Your owners such an animal does not cause any problems.


The roots of modern Burmese cats leave in the ancient legends of Burma, where these fluffy animals dwell with temples – in those years the monks considered them sacred, which is why the breed and began to call “Sacred Burma”. According to legends, many centuries ago, these cats were completely white, but once the trouble happened – robbers attacked the temple, the rector died, bravely defending the statue of his goddess.

At that moment, a miracle happened – the eldest cat on the nicknamer Sin jumped on his deceased owner’s head, and immediately his wool littered with a bright radiance, as if broke out. Frightened criminals rushed with a swarming, and monks along with other cats managed to drive them out of the temple. A faithful cat for several days did not move away from the lifeless body of his owner and so died near the foot of the statues of their goddess.

All other animals who lived in the temple, as a reward from the higher forces, received the sky blue eyes and a gentle golden color – as well as the statue made of sapphires and gold. At the beginning of the last century, Burmese cats brought to Europe.

In 1919. The Millierer Vanderbilt’s worldwide with these animals in France – in the homeland of these animals he acquired for the huge money of the two kittens, but only one pet pet was able to get to the new house. This cat later made two first Burmese on the light, after which scientists began active work on the reproduction of these unusual animals. However, world wars almost destroyed their work – in those years, the sacred birmanians were practically destroyed. To prevent disappearance of the face from the face of the earth, the cats began to cross with Pershes and Siami.

In the middle of the 20th century, the breed was recognized as official science, and in the 80s there was the first exhibition in Italy – it was then these fluffy and received world recognition.

Nowadays, Burmese aristocrats are greatly popular and huge love of breeders in various countries.


Burmese cats can not be called large, however, they have a pretty strong muscular body, males are much greater than females. The torso is a bit elongated, the paws are small, rounded, the tail is usually medium in size, quite fluffy. The head is rounded, the ears are small, stand straight, slightly rounded on the top. Bright blue eyes. When little Burmese only appear on the light, their eyes are much lighter, but as they grow up, they acquire a rich shade of Aquamarin.

The characteristic feature of the Burmesers is considered to be their gorgeous wool – soft, pleasant to the touch, not inclined to the formation of koltunins and almost having no undercoat. On the breast of the animal, a pretty shaggy collar, and the wool on the babes is slightly curled. The most common areas of Burmese cats like:

  • Blue Point is deep gray with unobtrusive blue notes+
  • Point Point – Brown+
  • Dark chocolate+
  • beige.

On the stomach, the wool is usually a bit lighter, and the main part is symmetrically located “socks” on all legs, they are thinking about something like “spurs”. It should also be borne in mind that the Burmese appears completely white on the light, and only many months have become acquired by their characteristic color.

Possible breed defects include:

  • Eye color that does not meet the adopted standards+
  • The presence of a silver shade in one or both eyes+
  • strabismus+
  • White spots and stripes on the stomach+
  • non-standard structure of tail and head shape.

Animals are also not allowed to participate in exhibitions, which have no “spurs” and “socks” on their paws, marriage is considered multicolored spots on the legs and excess “spurs” of the level of the jumping joint.


Sacred Burma is a very ancient breed, and today such cats remain among the most popular homemade pets worldwide. An animal never ceases to strike his breeders who discover all new and new character traits every day. Having stopped on the cats of the Burmese breed once, you will never doubt it correctly.

Burma is characterized by tenderness and aristocraticity, it has good manners, calm and balanced. Exceptional communicativeness and sociability in it go hand in hand with a sharp mind. If guests are expected in the house, the animal willingly go to contact, absolutely not frustrating unfamiliar people.

Especially please such pets of lovers take pets on their hands or keep them on the knees – they do not expect any resistance.

Cats and cats of the sacred breed Get well with people and other pets pets, Whether there are dogs or a cat of other species, they are established by peace-loving and something respectful relationships. However, it does not apply to small rodents and birds, Burmese cat is a magnificent hunter, so cells with hamsters, parrots and canas better keep well closed.

At the same time, Burma can be jealous of its owner to other inhabitants of the house. If you live a few pets, do not forget to pay special attention to your Burmezen – take it on your hands, often smoke, speak a tender voice and play.

Burmese Cat can be without disassembly in families with young children – the animal quickly finds contact with the kids, with a big hunting communicates with them and allows him to “squeeze”.

At the same time, this is a surprisingly curious animal, which in the literal sense of the word “Wives his nose where you can and where it is impossible”. However,, Cat inspired literally to intrusiveness, therefore always achieves from his owners what she needs.

Animal absolutely does not tolerate familiarities in relation to oneself. The sacred Burma is a completely self-sufficient creature with a powerful energy, but she suffer loneliness and dismissive appeal quite painfully, it begins to hurt, wither, and may even die.

In fact, there is only one “Spoon of tar” in this “barrel of honey” – non-stirred and intolerated Burmesers can have quite serious problems with the character – males at any convenient case begin to mark the entire territory, and the females shout at night in the days of estates.

Pluses and minuses of breed

Like any other living creature, the sacred Burmese have their advantages and disadvantages. If we talk about the pluses of cats and kittens of the Burmese breed, then you should mention:

  • Exceptional friendliness – these animals are perfectly soldered with children and with adults+
  • Delicacy – cats always understand if the owner is busy, and do not annoy him with his attention+
  • Pets are characterized by good immunity and strong health, so do not require constant control by the veterinarian.

Of the minuses, you can allocate the following features:

  • Long wool, which is coming daily to comb and collect it from carpet, upholstered furniture and own clothes, if the cat lay on it+
  • When buying a small kitten it is impossible to predict in advance what color wool will be in the future – the coloring usually begins to change in six months, and is finalized only by 12 months+
  • Very often, “socks and gloves” are summarized, so any, the most elite cat experts can recognize defective, and will not be allowed to participate in exhibitions and competitions+
  • Animals are extremely warm-loving, they are not adapted to life on the street, and you can only contain them in the apartment without self-deputation.

About Burmese cats See in the video below.

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