Description of the breeds of American cats and their content

Description of the breeds of American cats and their content

Today, cats that have good pedigree are popular among lovers of fluffy. After all, the belonging to a certain breed and good pedigree gives the confidence that the cat will behave correctly, and with all its problems it will be easy to figure out. American cats are also no exception.


American cat is largely different from other breeds, and one of its main features is the ability to hunt. Almost all breeds of animals are distinguished by a muscular body or an unusual color. Some of them have very strange ears or do not have a tail at all.

Besides, Animal has a friendly character. The cat is very quickly tied to its owners who not only feed it, but also engage in education. Especially they love young children, with them American cats quickly find a common language, and literally follow them on the heels.

They can also get along with any other pets living in the house, even with dogs. In addition, such cats are very balanced and calm. They love to be located in the room, and not walking on the street.

This is a great way out for those who cannot walk their pets. But at the same time, cats appreciate freedom, and if limiting it, they can even become aggressive.

Breed description

American cats look and behave differently. It all depends on the breed of an animal.


This breed of American cats appeared in the 60s of the 20th century, but only in 1989 was recognized by Felinological Associations. Their distinctive feature is considered a very short tail that can have a curve or direct shape.

American bobtails can be shorthair and long-haired. Both varieties are recognized by fellinologists. If we talk about the first, they have pretty thick wool and the same undercoat. Long-haired cats fur coat is dense, but at the same time and shaggy. For example, in the neck area, paw, tail Wool is longer.

Building in cats of this breed is pretty muscular, these are animals with a wide face and a little colorful eyes. On average, the weight of the cats is 5-6 kilograms, and cats are no more than 4. File ripening occurs only after 2 years. Life expectancy comes to 13-14 years.

In addition, Bobtails are very clever and friendly. They are easy to converge not only with their owners, but also with other pets. Pets are not afraid of other people’s people.

They are excellent hunters and can even catch a fly on the fly.


This breed of cats appeared relatively recently – in the late 80s of the XX century. The story states that a small kitten with ears appeared on the threshold of one house, which turned outward. And in a few years she gave 4 kids to her masters, half of the kittens had the same unusual ears. In 1986, Breed Kerl was officially recognized, and began to participate in various exhibitions. However, the number of individuals is very limited, and this makes this breed of American cats much more valuable.

All representatives have an elongated face, quite big eyes, which makes their look a little surprised. But the ears in these animals are very small, with a bend. Wool can be short and slightly elongated. Color Kerles is very diverse: monophonic or striped.

Many call such a breed of cats clowns, as they perform literally any tricks that they ask them to execute. The nature of these pets is very friendly, and they love to play a lot.

At the same time, the kerlas do not tolerate loneliness, so almost always go for their owners. And if they do not pay attention to them, they begin to pour out loudly, calling for at least turn their heads in their direction.

American shorthair

This breed of cats is considered the property of his country. It has a beautiful and exquisite appearance, independence, as well as beautiful hunting maps. It appeared for quite a long time, even at the beginning of the 20th century. In 1966, this breed received the title of “Cat of the Year”, and was also recognized as international felinological organizations.

Today it is most popular in America, as well as Japan. American beauties very quickly get used to any conditions, as they have an excellent immune system. The smooth-haired American cat has pretty thick wool. Color can be monophonic and tricolor. The latter is considered the most popular.

Such pets are very smart and gentle. They are distinguished by excessive sociability, love to hunt and very high jump up. Live from 12 to 15 years.

American rigid

The fur coat of this animal seems tough only at first glance. On the touch she, on the contrary, is very soft and gentle. However, not all offspring in the future will have the same unusual fur coat. Almost half of the kids has a conventional wool. These are animals of medium or large size, with a slightly rounded body shape, as well as very strong and muscular legs. In addition, their nose is slightly soaked, and the eyes are quite large. In the color of the cats, the turtle tone prevails, with small white or brown stripes.

Patoman’s character is very good and sociable, they quickly be tied to their owners. Not afraid of loneliness, and also considered beautiful hunters on many rodents. In addition, they are distinguished by long-lived and immunity to many dangerous diseases.

Despite the fact that this breed of cats received recognition, there is not a single club in America, which would be devoted to these animals.

American Berman

This breed of cats is distinguished by its unusual color. It can be reddish brown, practically red or nuts. You can still meet Bermansky cats and with black wool color. There are 4 types of color of such animals. This is the color of the champagne, blue, sable, as well as a lilac. In addition, to the touch their wool is always very soft and silky. With the smallest movement, it overflows, making a cat with a real mystical animal.

Cats of this breed are very elegant and strict. Their amber eyes are closely monitored by a person. They quickly be tied to their masters and are just as quickly get used to the new territory.

Bermans are easy to train, very love to children and easily converge with other pets in the house.

Pixie Bob

This is a completely new breed, which was born as a result of the fact that two breeds of cats were crossed: Wild Forest Cats with Short Tail and Simple Domestic Cats.

Experts received a small copy of the lynx, and she almost immediately won the recognition of many fellinologists. The tail in such cats is very low, the length of it can range from 3 to 15 centimeters. The head of the pet has a pear shape, there are eyes-triangles with thick eyelids. Cats of Pixie-Bob can be short-haired or possess the wool of medium length.

A distinctive feature of this breed is the length of growth, which lasts up to 4 years, as well as the presence of more fingers on the paws. However, this animal does not interfere. These cats are very affectionate, they quickly converge not only with their owners, but also with other pets. In addition, they are very mobile and can jump on a large height.


This is a very rare and expensive breed, which has an unusual appearance. An animal is small, but at the same time a native body, the paws are very short. The body absolutely does not have wool, as it was obtained as a result of crossing 2 breeds: Munchkin and Sphinx. The first representatives were born at the beginning of the XXI century.

All cats are wonderful health, but the fact that they have almost no wool, requires that in the room there is always a high temperature. Need similar cats and more high-calorie food. Their character is very friendly and playful. They love to soak on their own owners. Besides quickly mastered in a new house.

The duration of their life comes to 12-14 years.

American Balinsiyskaya

This breed of cats was born as a result of crossing Siamese cats, whose wool is a bit longer than usual. As a result, it turned out a breed of cats with a fringe on the tail. In addition, such cats are very graceful. They have a wedge-shaped head with a narrow face and long nose. Ears them in the form of a triangle, eyes a little diagonal and almond-shaped.

Balinese cats are very devoted to their owners. Therefore, they rejoice when they appear in the house, and not even against walking on the street. But you can only walk on a leash, since the animals are not completely accustomed to life outside the house. It should also be noted that Any walks badly affect their wool.

How to choose?

Decide on the choice of the kitten is very difficult, because almost all the breeds of these animals are not remarkable. So before buying you need to know exactly the breed and the floor of the buying pet.

If a person does not want to mess around with kittens, then it will be better to take a cat or sterilize the cat.

Those who wish to teach offspring, it is necessary to teach a pedigree animal well, and also make sure the cat is completely healthy. After all, all this is very important for breeding small beauties. Choose animals only in nurseries having a good reputation. Do not buy cats from the hands, ordering on the Internet – now full of unfair sellers, always ready to take advantage of the non-knowledge of the future breeder.

But even this is not the most important thing. Most important to the cat like a person visually, because she will live in the house and constantly fade before.

In addition, before bringing a pet to the house, it is necessary to take care of his dwelling so that he felt at home.

Than feed?

Also need to take care of the feed for your pet. During the purchase, you should definitely find out what foods a kitten eats. If he is completely small, then they must be picked up. Can be used industrial or natural feed. If preference is given first, the pets will receive all vitamins and useful substances in their diet. However, only taking into account the fact that the feed will be the highest quality. Industrial feed can be both dry and wet. Both types are useful for kittens, they are well balanced and perfectly absorbed by the body.

Those who prefer natural feeds must first find out what can be given to their kittens, and what – no, and also not forget about feeding frequency. Adult individuals feed best 2 times a day, be sure to with the same break between meals.

In addition, the diet should include the following products.

  • Non-fat boiled meat – 100-150 g. It can be chicken, beef or turkey. It is best to cut meat into small pieces so that the cat was more comfortable to eat. It should also be remembered that meat products are recommended no more than 3-4 times a week.
  • Sub-products. Two or three times a week, you can give your pets by the Patoms, but they also need to persuase.
  • Fish. Twice a week it is necessary to give fish. Better if she is sea and no bones.
  • Kashi. Porridges from different cereals may be present in the diet of cats daily. It can be oatmeal, rice, buckwheat. So that the pet eating with appetite can be home to porridge meat or fish.
  • Boiled vegetables, For example, carrots or beets.
  • Dairy. Milk to give cats. But a little low-fat yoghurt or cottage cheese a pet will not hurt.
  • Greens. It should also be present in the diet of cats, but you need to know which pet prefers more more.
  • Water. Be sure to give fresh and purified water. It should always be in the cat’s access area.

In addition, you need to know which of the products will harm the cat, rather benefit. They should be attributed to the following food:

  • Any sausage products+
  • Smoked products+
  • raw meat+
  • Potato dishes+
  • Any sweets+
  • Beans or pea+
  • sharp or too salty.


First of all, you need to take care of the residence of the cat. It must be located so as not to prevent the owners, but at the same time I liked the pet. For example, the cat can be equipped with a sleeping place or a gaming zone. True, most cats will not carry out all day there, because the animal rightfully believes that absolutely the whole apartment belongs only to him. The tray must be chosen with high sidelights so that the filler does not fall out.

The filler is better to buy in special stores, you can also use small sawdust or crushed paper. In addition, it is necessary to change it regularly so that there is no unpleasant odor in the room.

In the access area, you can install a bratechka so that cats can take care of their cohesives. But this is still not enough. It is necessary to cut the claws once a month and it should be very careful, because the blood capillaries are very close to the claws. If the owner is afraid to harm his pet, then it is better to seek help to a veterinary doctor who knows how to make such a procedure quickly and painlessly.

If the pet has wool, you need to take care regularly. That is, it must be combed to make a special comb, but to make such a procedure 2-3 times a week. During molts are combed daily. Only in this case on the furniture will not be visible traces of wool. Bathing your pets should be used 2-3 times in 6 months or do it as they are contaminated. You can use special shampoos that are sold in any pet store.

In addition, you need to clean your teeth cats. There are special brushes and pasta for this. It is necessary to do it 2 times a week, and teach it better from the ever. Do not forget about the ears of your pets. Clean them with special ear chopsticks.

You should also regularly make the necessary vaccinations and process cats from various parasites: worms and fleas. For reprisals, special drugs are used, and with the second, you can apply special collars who have 6 months.

Summing up, we can say that The content of a home American cat requires certain knowledge, because such animals will need to carefully care. Only then the animal will respond with love and affection, and his life will exceed the established norms for several years.

You can learn more about the American cat from the video below.

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