Description of the character and hagging of Abyssinian cats

Description of the character and hagging of Abyssinian cats

Many cat lovers are not averse to make themselves the Abyssinian representatives. After all, they are not only attractive outwardly, but also distinguished by an excellent nature. Although even their innocent appearance and small dimensions can not hide a chart that cats resemble wild animals.

Description of breed

Abyssinian cat is a very ancient animal. The first of the representatives of this breed appeared in Ethiopia. She was then called Abyssinian. In this country, these cats were considered sacred, they only lived in the rest of the pharaohs. When they died, they buried and cats with them. Animals deserved such attitude Thanks to its royal form, as well as grace, both in their posture and behavior.

This cat breed is distinguished by a beautiful and muscular body, as well as long and slim legs, on which there are soft elongated pads. Tail is very long and movable. Their neck is quite elegant, medium length. The head of such cats from above seems wedge-shaped. It is located beautiful big ears, which some animals can have small “brushes” on their tips.

However, their eyes are considered a distinctive feature of representatives of the Abyssinian rock. They have a almond shape. Their look is very expressive thanks to the black stroke around the entire contour of the eye. Iris has amber color.

The wool they have very thick and silky, besides quite tightly adjacent to the body. On average, weigh such cats up to 4 kilograms. The duration of their life is up to 18 years.

They have a special color, with alternation of strips of various shades (taking). If we consider the standard color options, then they are only 4.

  • Wild color, Where all the colors of ocher, and double or triple ticking prevail.
  • Sorrhel Differs in red, almost red color, with brown stripes.
  • Blue color. A distinctive feature of such cats is a gray shade with gentle blue taking.
  • Faun. Color of such cats resembles cocoa, with beige tinging.

Basic character traits

Although many are called this breed of cats royal, in their nature they are completely different. Like any other animal, the Abyssinian cat has its own characteristics.


Abyssinian cats are afraid of loneliness and therefore require increased attention and even some respect from their owners. Therefore, those who have decided to start, must be taken into account. Besides, They are subject to many diseases that will require special attention to their health status.


This cat breed is distinguished by its mobility and sociability. They are perfectly soldered with little kids. Playing with kids, they will never release their claws. The same applies to other pets. Abyssic voice is very thin and quiet, respectively, they will not be too annoying their owners.

In addition, the pet is very sensitive to the mood of man. If the cat sees that the owner is tired and wants to relax, then she just falls around and will be gently purring, as if calming him. If the cat will see that a person is sad, he will run around, inviting to play with him.

By nature, these beauties are quite curious and categorical. They love to examine everything, learn new places. But if they don’t like something, for example, a bowl for feed will not stand at the wrong place, they immediately postpone her where they consider it necessary.

By nature, they are quite movable, so they can jump high, moving on the cabinets.


Abyssinian cat’s behavior resembles a dog habits. They are also devotees, gentlemen and playing. Small kittens are immediately tied to their masters and practically do not depart from them, while those are in the house.

Even without training, they understand that they are required, and perform everything without delay. If guests came to the owners, they will not hide, but on the contrary, try to play with them. Abyssinian beauties love water procedures very much, what differ from other breeds of cats.

If we talk about cats, despite a bit of big sizes, they differ in a more delicate character, therefore the habits are softer than in cats.

Ownership reviews

Almost all people who have already taken home of these beautiful animals, speak positive about them. The following points are noted.

  • Their tender and gentle character.
  • Too elevated activity.
  • Their sensitivity. They require too much attention.
  • Fast breakdown to the toilet, in some cases they make their business right in the toilet.
  • Unpretentious in food. Can eat both special food for cats and products that feed people.

However, some discrepancy in their characteristics should be noted. For example, some of them are badly getting around with other pets that are in the house. Besides, they are very touchy and categorical. If you do not want something or do something wrong, they will be offended for a very long time, showing it with all their views. That is, not to respond and completely ignore the owners.

Some of the breeders also note that they can eat all the products as they say in the descriptions. However, these are just separate judgments. And only by buying a handsome one, you can define all its characteristic features.

Summing up, you can only say what brings to my house of such a pet, it is worth expecting that he will eat his nose everywhere, like this owners or not. In addition, it is necessary to be prepared for its great activity and the complete absence of fear.

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