Description of the Romanian Shepherds, their character and content

Description of the Romanian Shepherds, their character and content

Romanian Shepherd – this is the collective name of the Romanian Carpathian, Romanian Mioritskaya, Bukovinsky and Black Romanian Shepherd, which is not officially independently independent. The first two breeds are most famous and are popular as shepherd and guard dogs.

Origin and history of breeding

These physically enduring and brave dogs the shepherds of the Carpathian mountains were rated since ancient times. It is believed that Romanian shepherds were the result of natural crossing between Slavic and Turkish shepherds. Over time, the breed became increasingly perfect due to the selection by farmers breeders of the most healthy and strong dogs. But despite the excellent qualities, These dogs are rarely found in other countries, except for their native Romania.

Romanian Shepherds are not officially recorded as a separate breed, but they are recognized and considered popular in breeding Romanian Carpathian Shepherd and Romanian Mioritskaya Shepherd.

Romanian Carpathian Shepherd appeared from breeds of dogs that lived in the Carpathian area near the Danube. For the first time, the standard of this breed was described by the National Institute of Zootechnics of Romania in 1934. By the end of the eighties of the twentieth century, about 200 dogs of this breed were recorded, but only in 2005, Romanian Carpathian Shepherds were recognized as the International Cynological Federation (FCI) and entered the group called Shepherds and Scotch Dogs.

Romanian Mioric Shepherd has also been removed on the territory of the Carpathian Mountains. It was recognized as an independent breed at the same time as Romanian Carpathian Shepherds in 2005 and also enters the group of shepherds and strict dogs.

Generally accepted standard

To date, there is a description of the main parameters of the Romanian Shepherd.

  • Head. It should be large sizes, wedge-shaped with convex and wide forehead. It should smoothly move into a non-narrow face, the length of which is slightly shorter than the length of the forehead. Strong cheekbones well developed and rounded. Pussy lips, black, they should not form folds or balls.

  • Eyes. They have a almond shape, a little sideline. They are medium in size with brown iris. Eyes should not be convex or recessed. Eyelids always firmly fit and only black.

  • Nose. It should be big and wide, have black color.

  • Ears. Normally, they have an average size and triangular shape, rounded at the ends. They are located higher than the eyes. Ears from Romanian shepherders always go down to the head.

  • Teeth. Ideally, they are large and tightly delivered. If there is no more than three teeth, it is considered disqualification. The bite should be correct, not having clearances, with big fangs and perfect cutters.

  • Body. Normally the length of the hull is longer than growth. Dog males are usually shorter. Medium sized neck, powerful and embossed,. Chest volumetric and wide, goes to elbow. Spin from the Romanian Shepherd, solid and friction, with a convex lower back.

  • Limb. These dogs have large, located in parallel to each other limbs and a confident lycstick. The shoulders are strong, with a moderate slope, elbows are located almost at the most chest. Hips wide with developed muscles. Oval brushes, large, with strong fitted fingers. Chain claws of black color, paw pads big and also black.

  • Tail. It should be strong, fit into standard length, with long hairproof. When a dog is calm, the tail is lowered down in the shape of a sickle. If the animal is excited, then it can be at the level of the back and above. Romanian shepherd dog should not fall on the back and be rolled in the form of a ring.

Differences in appearance

And Carpathian, and Mioritsky Shepherds are large dogs having a powerful backbone and developed muscles. But there are some differences in the exterior of these animals.

  • Carpathian shepherds. Male dogs reach a height of 66-74 centimeters, female – 58-66 centimeters. The rate of weight of this breed – 36-70 kilograms. Animals are characterized by rudeness, density and stracasting of white, red wool, gray colors. It is allowed to combine these colors with the dominant background of white color.

  • Moritskie Shepherds. Dog height in the withers is 65-85 centimeters, animal weight – 50-65 kilograms. Wool thick and fluffy. Color can be white, with ash-gray or creamy color spots or completely without stains. As an option, wool can have a completely ash-gray or cream color.


Romanian Carpathian Shepherd Differs Devotion to his owner. It is a faithful and reliable companion, while having a very balanced character. This is a very brave dog that will easily protect people and a herd from predators, and the territory of the house – from strangers. They are affectionate in dealing with children, but it should be remembered that the dog is very massive, and during the game can involuntarily cause injury to a small child.

Distinctive feature of the nature of the Romanian Mioritsky Shepherd is considered discipline. These animals are raised and calm, easily leaving for training. They are very good shepherds.

A feature of this breed is the fact that she cannot be changed by the owner, she keeps the loyalty to the owner all his life.

How to care?

Despite the fact that dog data breeds have a strong health and excellent immune system, They need regular care and a certain mode.

  • Hygiene. Dogs with such wool should combing a rigid ridge several times a week, during molting to do it every day. Often bathe not recommended, but this is the necessary procedure after molting. You need to teach a puppy to brush teeth with special pastes, since these dogs even at a young age quickly forces a dented stone. And it is also necessary to monitor the state of the ears and purify them with antibacterial solutions. Eyes can be wiped with a chamomile decoction or a special solution.
  • Conditions of detention. Data Data is categorically not recommended to keep in a city apartment. The optimal option is a house outside the city or in the village. Romanian Shepherds Need a Daily Long Motor Load. Carpathian Shepherds Very Terrible Starnings with Loud Voice. Mioritskiy have a more peaceful temper and can get along with other dogs on the territory of one yard.
  • Feeding. The main product in the diet of these dogs should be meat and cereals: buckwheat, rice, oatmeal. They can be fed dry balanced food for large breeds with high physical activity. An adult animal is fed 2 times a day, puppies – 4-5 times. It is strictly forbidden to give dogs tubular bones, fatty meat, salty, sharp, roasted and sweet food.
  • Prevention of diseases. It should be regularly made the dog put in the age of vaccinations, visit the veterinarian in a timely manner. Do not forget to handle animals from ticks and fleas. Observe hygiene and correct feeding mode.

Romanian Shepherds are perfect dogs for both the protection of the house and to communicate.

They are hardy, have a strong health from nature and are able to be a devoted friend to their owner for many years.

About what features shepherds are possessed, see the following video.

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