Description of white dachshunds, their nature and care rules

Description of white dachshunds, their nature and care rules

Meet white taku on the street is not so easy. Despite the unusualness and peculiarity of white dachshunds, this breed is rarely bred in tribal nurseries, and an exotic white color is considered to be a tribal marriage. Nevertheless, there are people, passionately want to acquire this breed. Read the rules of care, as well as the peculiarities of a pet, you can read this article.



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* Characteristic of breed “Dachshund” Founded on the assessment of the experts of the site and feedback from the owners of the dog.

History of appearance

Long before the dachshund received recognition and was allocated in a separate breed, breeders were engaged in breeding dogs, regardless of their coloring. The main thing is that interested breeders are qualitative characteristics of the animal.

There are a large number of evidence that white with black bursts has enjoyed popularity in past centuries.

Vintage paintings and frescoes were discovered, where the dachshund was depicted. However, after the approval of the standard, the white color dachuck is forbidden to breed. Nevertheless, the albino puppies are periodically born in a taxtachment with a black or brown color for us. Explanation can be somewhat.

  • Canding of two dachshunds with marble-beige color.
  • The complete absence of a pigment that is quite often manifested at the birth of a puppy. The reason for this underlies the genetic failure that does not allow to synthesize with pigments.
  • Emergency degree of spotting, which is expressed locally pigmented stains on wool or a small amount of fur.

Despite the fact that the white dachshund has an exotic and unusual appearance for a regular man in the street, such a color is considered to be a tribal marriage.

Distinctive characteristics

Taxa Albino can be represented in one of three categories. The main indicators of belonging to a specific category are the mass of the animal and breast girth. For standard white dachshunds, the following indicators are characterized – no more than 10 kg, about 40 cm, respectively. For miniature – weight up to 6 kg, chest girth is not more than 30 cm. For rabbit white dachshunds, a mass of 4 kg is characterized, and the grumps of the chest can vary from 20 to 25 cm.

Like the usual representatives of the breed of the dachshund, Albino can have a smooth, long or rigid wool. Depending on its type will be selected care. The smooth-haired taxis hair is short and rather dense, so the feeling arises that the wool is enveloping the torso.

Long-haired dachshund, despite the popular opinions, has long wool only at certain areas – at the greater half of the body, ear sinks, legs and tail. But the fruit of white dachshunds is covered with short hair. For a rigorous representative, the presence of a rough undercoat on the face, which forms a kind of mustache and beard.

The body of albino extended, the paws are not harmoniously short, but at the same time any curvature is not observed. The shape of a clinic shape with a strong stretched mouth. Ear shells are pronounced and hanging, entering the animal cheekbones. Eyes do not have a big size, and their corners slightly raised up. Shades Eye can vary from dark brown before amber, from light golden to azure-blue.

Quite often among tax albinos there are eyes of a bright red shade. Nose, as a rule, coincides with a touch of an eye (may be brownish, beige, black). White breed has a pinkish or white nose.

Despite the fact that albinos are susceptible to congenital pathologies due to the genetic failure, they should not impress the weak or sophisticated animal. The white color dachshund has a strong bone and well-developed muscular corset.

If the dog looks exhausted – this may be a consequence of transferred or occurring disease.

Advantages and disadvantages

Like any other breed, Taxa Albino has its strengths and weaknesses. Of the exceptional qualities of the white color, the following can be noted:

  • Dicky appearance+
  • Mind, intelligence+
  • goodwill to other animals and to man+
  • Perfectly finds a common language with a child+
  • Many celebrate this breed. Having a sense of humor+
  • White feces excellent hunters+
  • possess natural sensitivity, in connection with which they are often used as a security guard in the apartment.

    Of the disadvantages of this breed, it is customary to allocate:

    • high risk getting a spine injury or back disease+
    • Love Dogs to dig land can be a trial for the owner living in its own area+
    • The lack of proper education contributes to the development of self and stubbornness in the dog+
    • There is a tendency to a rapid weight gain and overeating+
    • With coarse and unsuitable, the owner of the dog can hide offended and arrange different kinds of dirty.

    Content recommendations

    The rules of care for the pacach white color do not have serious differences from the content of a regular dog. Albino needs combing wool using a special brush. With long wool it is recommended to give preference in combustion with more rare gear. So it will be possible to fasten the tunted wool much faster. Periodically will have to make a dog haircut, especially in the summer, so that the dog does not overheat from thick wool.

    Tax with rigid wool required such a procedure as trimming. It is necessary to help an animal to get rid of the old and dead under. The fact is that among the dachshunds – albinos there are individuals who are not able to lift independently.

    And if it is not possible to remove the removable wool in a timely manner, chopenins begin to form in this area and the surface of the skin is being contaminated.

    Bathing is made much more. This is not at all associated with any biological characteristics of the breed and bears exclusively aesthetic character. The thing is that white color is more exposed to pollution, rather than brown or black wool. It is worth noting that albino is extremely sensitive to any chemical substances. Consequently, Bathing with shampoo is preferably carried out no more than once a week or only with strong pollution wool. The rest of the time it is recommended to just rinse the dog with warm water.

    Pets and ears pets need to be checked for pollution every day. If necessary, rinse thoroughly with a woven disk moistened in warm water. At the first symptoms of the conjunctivitis of eyes, the feces are recommended to rinse with furaciline solution. Trigging COGOs is carried out no more than 2 times a month. With the age of the animal nails grow slower, and the procedure will be held less. As a rule, albinos dachshunds independently have claws in the process of walking.

    White dachshund will not take a lot of trouble in the content and will become an excellent companion provided that the owner’s love and love will also receive. Persons of this breed have the need for good food and regular physical activity. Albinos dachshunds perfectly adapt to any lifestyle, including to accommodate in the apartment. However, the owner will need to often remove the animal in the park or on a free lawn so that the dog does not experience longing in four walls.


    As mentioned earlier, in a tribal nursery, it is almost impossible to meet the tachum with white color. Even the fact that the dog has extraordinary external data, does not contribute to the growth of its value. On the contrary, the stigma tribal marriage allows you to purchase the albino puppy approximately 10 thousand rubles. But there are breeders who take white colors for exceptional features and increase the cost of the animal. Thus, according to some data, the albino puppy with all documents and vaccinations can do you approximately 40 thousand rubles.

    How to choose a puppy?

    When making a white tachum, you must mention that with such a pet you will not have the opportunity to participate in exhibitions and championships. Also in Tax Albinos there is no admission to breeding. Animal, whose color is caused by a genetic failure, may be in the future the cause of the appearance of many serious diseases.

    In this regard, the purchase of a puppy should not be spontaneous, and adopted with all possible risks and difficulties.

    First of all it is recommended to pay attention to the organs of vision and rumor puppy. Some white individuals are developing in childhood. If the breeder allows you to use the ability to show your chosen puppy with a veterinary doctor. He will accurately tell you about the likely pathologies of the animal, possible due to albinism.

    Important! In no case is it not recommended to purchase a taku with a white color on a private announcement. When you decide to start a pet of this breed, choose only a verified breeder who is ready to provide you with all the necessary documents on the origin of the puppy.

      Dishonest breeders sometimes allow themselves to reduce two white dachshunds in order to get albinos puppies, which is categorically prohibited. Since puppies born in a similar way, as a rule, inherit the various congenital pathology from their parents. Kids possess weak health and need constant supervision. Dachshund, which is a tribal marriage, at birth receives a special mark in the nursery in the documents. Carefully examine the animal documents when buying.

      About the features of the breed, see the video below.

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