Differences of the training of the Yorkshire Terrier

Differences of the training of the Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire terriers – very energetic and cheerful dogs. It is difficult to imagine that such a cheerful doggy dogs stepped out next to the owner and silently looks at the people passing by. Typically, yorks are fun jumping, yawn and fuss all the time. Such fidgets especially need training, otherwise the pet can be simply uncontrollable. Learn how to organize these little active dogs to bring them down, so that they grow balanced and brought the owner and surrounding only positive emotions.


Taking the baby to her house, the newly minted owner does not even suspect which explosive nature is laid in his pet. York – Leader by nature, despite such small sizes, the courage and curiosity. At the same time, this is a very friendly dog, he is able to give the owner of love and tenderness. The task of the owner to achieve in his behavior of the golden middle, so that the activity of the peel does not acquire aggressive forms and received the right direction.

Education of York should begin as early as possible. Then your relationship will develop in the right key, and the dog will obey you, and not consider your secondary companion. Starting with the basics, with time you can master increasingly complex teams.

Recommendations for education

To engage in training york, you will not need special skills. These animals are quite intelligent to understand what they want from them, and may be obedient.

Here are the recommendations that experts in the upbringing of these little “Energizes”.

  • Classes should pass in a comfortable environment, that is, in the right place and at the right time. Pesk will listen to you carefully only if he pre-root and is in the good of the Spirit. The first classes should be held at home where there are no strangers, then your pet will be easier to focus.
  • Before you begin to train York, get in his eyes the leader. If this does not happen, the dog will take this role on himself, and all your teams will miss past the ears.
  • To achieve authority in a relationship with York, do not let him in his bed – he must know his place. Especially love to demonstrate their leadership boys – it is believed that they are styling and more active girls. Unfortunately, many owners violate this recommendation, which is why they subsequently have problems in parenting. It is also important that the dog eat only from his bowl and not begging, hoping to get a tight piece from a common table.
  • Use the tactics of “gingerbread”, that is, encourage the pet for the correct commands performed by snacks. “KNUT” can not be connected – the physical impact in the education of the PSA will not benefit.
  • It is important that the pet complies with the established rules with all households. For this, all family members must adhere to a single behavior in dealing with the PCC. Explain to children that if they secretly pamper a dog food from the table, then all education will go to the pump.
  • Listening to the team, the dog is not less closely looking at the host gestures. Consider them in order not to enter the PSA misleading, making movements with hands “off topic”.
  • Prohibiting teams must be executed unquestioning. Try them with the most severe voice, and if the dog is on a walk, then a leash should be wrapped. In some cases it can save the life of a pet, for example, if he rins on a car.

How to teach to the toilet?

Now consider individual skills that York Terrier acquires first. Yorki is so home that even in the toilet is not on the street, but in the tray. You can teach it to cope with the street and on the street, but for you started looking at his behavior. If he categorically does not want to do it in the fresh air and tolerates to return home, then, most likely, he is not interested in the walk.

To change this situation, you need to make it leisure on the street diverse – take toys with you, engage it in games.

To teach the peel to protect the need on the street will be easier, If you bring the baby to walk right after awakening. Also good time will be the moment after meals. If in the summer you will drive it to the toilet to the street, and in the winter in bad weather are lazy to do it, then the dog will be difficult to change the habit. Mixed Option Less Preferred – Yorkings more often adhere to one way to protect the need. Therefore, the owner should immediately decide how your dog will go to the toilet.


Training PSA teams better entrust specialist. Dressing courses make it possible to effectively adjust the behavior, in these classes, dogs are studying both simple teams and more complex. In addition, kennels will give you advice on raising a pet for the future.

To raise an animal yourself, you will have to stockday and tremendous patience.

Start classes only with a positive attitude, Repeat the same teams every day, and you will certainly succeed.

  • Nickname. She is given a dog immediately as soon as she appeared in your home, and it remains for her forever. Do not confuse the animal, calling it different names. It is unacceptable to distort the nickname or call a dog with different names.
  • “Ugh”. This team is in no way an analogue of the word can not. It is consumed solely in cases where the dog is trying to choose something from the ground and eat.
  • “It is forbidden”. This team is more extensive, it gives a ban on committing certain actions. Pronounce its demanding tone, but do not go to the cry.
  • “A place”. Training this team begins on the day of the appearance of York in the house. When he falls out, take it on the dog’s place and carefully laid, saying a calm tone: “A place”. When trying to leave the dog from there, repeat the action and say the team with stricter intonation.
  • “To me”. Pronounce this phrase, showing the dog delicious. After executing the command, give Peskov well-deserved award.
  • “Sit”. When the dog is on a leash, tell her: “Sit!”While pulling a slightly leash up. After executing the team, encourage the pet with a ladded piece.
  • “Lie”. First, show the PSU with a snack, and then lower the hand down and move it forward. When York tries to take from the hand, give this command and, waiting for her execution, hand the reward.
  • “Near”. Voicing this word, slightly attract a leash to myself so that the dog goes down to you on the left. Pronounce this team as soon as you see that the dog is trying to run away from you.

Behavior on a walk

So that your walks did not turn into chaos, the dog should assimilate that on the street he should strictly obey his owner. Let the pet enlighten that running away and rushing at passersby in disabilities.

If the standard commands are still weak, then every time the dog’s wrong behavior stop and stand on the spot. Do not forget to keep the leash tight, without pulling it on yourself, – the dog and so can move on. Need to go in a calm measured pace. Keep in mind that If you beat, the dog will go to you with even greater speed.

The first walks are better not to delay that your four-legged friend will not bother.

Let the time walks gradually. After a month, the behavior of your pet on the street should normal.

Training teams by month

Training York is not as difficult as other breeds, for example, German Shepherd or Bloheland. It is important to earn the authority of my baby so that he clearly knew, “who is the owner in the house”.

  • In 1-2 months Life York must learn his nickname. Also train him the most important teams “to me” and “place”.
  • In 2-3 months The baby is time to master the collar, learn how to walk in it, execute the teams to “sit” and “Gulyai”.
  • In 3-4 months Yorkie well understand the teams “Lying” and “Near”.
  • In 4-5 months dog breeders advise not to master new teams, but to preach old.
  • Semi-annual Puppies is the time to learn the teams “stand” and “take”.
  • Age 7-8 months Suitable to learn to file “voice”, as well as execute the “Aport” team.
  • At 10 months It’s time to go to the platform where other dogs train. There you can teach a pet to new teams, chat with other owners of York Terriers, learn the secrets of successful training and exchange valuable experience.

Experts recommend conducting classes if possible in a game form. It will allow a pet faster to learn information and start doing what you want.

Read more about Training Yorks See next video.

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