Do you need a labrador a muzzle and how to choose it?

Do you need a labrador a muzzle and how to choose it?

Labrador is a rather calm and kind dog, despite its very impressive sizes. Many owners and just passersby can wonder if you should wear a muzzle on Labrador, will not be dangerous to walk without it and how much the character of this dog is unpredictable. Let’s understand.


According to kinnologists, to teach the dog to the muzzle stands from the smallest age.

Little and cute Labrador puppy in a muzzle looks very funny, but in fact it is very serious. At an early age, the importance is not to protect the dog surrounding from teeth, and in the habit of your pet to such a necessary accessory. Agree, it will be much more difficult to put this design on the mouth of an adult who formed a dog – it will certainly object to.

That is why it is necessary to use this device almost from birth, to teach PSA to the rule of wearing forever. In addition, the protective element on the face of the dog relies on the law.

How to choose?

Like any individual accessory, muzzles are presented in a huge number of executions. Make the choice is necessary so that everything is suitable exclusively for the dog that you have. When you buy your pet this auxiliary element, you need to pay attention to several important factors:

  • First of all, it is worth remembering that males and females of Labrador, as in any breed of dogs, the structure of the skull, and, accordingly, the muzzles are different+
  • The material from which a muzzle is made is very important (various models are suitable for different tasks – the best option is usually not here)+
  • Differences are different and the size of the muzzle, even the form sometimes varies.

The perfect option is to come to the store along with your favorite and choose an accessory in size, because everything is purely individually. When choosing a muzzle, it is important to take into account even the sex of the animal: for the boy it is worth a stronger option, because these individuals are physically larger and stronger girls.

Materials from which the product can be performed is also a huge set. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages:

  • There are metal options, they are strong and quite comfortable, but are not suitable for cold season+
  • Leather views are also comfortable, but not so strong+
  • Textile muzzles may simply not fit and injure the animal+
  • Plastic option and one of the most impractical, albeit a petty pet.

The purchase of such a product will have to be carried out more than once, the pet is growing, the dimensions of his muzzle are changing.

There are muzzles who are attached directly to the collar, and those that are combined directly with the leash, therefore it is very important and the right choice of these components.

Collar and leash

You should not save on the accessories. So that the dog does not rub, did not give and prevented the product, put on the neck, Choose high-quality materials and adjustable size. If you choose everything right, it does not even have to change it when your puppy becomes an adult dog.

At first, the trainer is best suited. She is harmless even in case of sharp jerks and help control your pet, holding it next to him.

There are a variety of leashes on the market, they can be both beautiful and light, but in this case it is worth a preference to a reliable option, that is, durable. The safer material, be it nylon, leather or tarpaulin, the safer will be both you and a dog.

Video with collar seats see below.

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