Fale Labrador: Description, Content and Selection of the name

Fale Labrador: Description, Content and Selection of the name

To date, there is a huge variety of breeds of dogs. Each of them has its own distinctive features: both positive and negative. Among all existing varieties of four-legged pets, such a breed is especially distinguished as Labrador.

It is believed that this animal gets along well in the family, it is positively configured. In addition, veterinarians and experienced dogs identify such positive features of the nature of Labrador as loyalty and dedication, goodwill and t. D. And one of the most popular colors of such a dog is a fawn (or straw) color.

What features are inherent in the animal of this breed? What features are a pet? In what conditions it is necessary to contain a four-legged friend? Which nickname for him to pick up? Answers to these and some other questions you will find in our article.

History of origin

Of particular interest not only with research, but also from a philistical point of view has the history of origin and the occurrence of the breed. Scientists believe that the ancestors who gave the lives of Labradors were Newfoundland. The exact date of the appearance of a species is unknown, however, this occurred in 1700-1800. It is believed that his name of the breed Labrador received thanks to the Count Malmsbury, who called dogs in honor of the island.

The official recognition of the Labrador breed occurred in 1903 in Britain, And in 1917, a variety was also recognized in the United States of America.

To date, the breed described is quite widespread.

Labradors are raised not only in homes and apartments, but also use in law enforcement and social purposes.


Labrador Retriever Palemary Color is an animal that is quite high all over the world. Of course, this applies only to purebred representatives of this species. So, in order to keep the purity of the breed, The International Cynological Federation took certain standards in relation to adult dogs and puppies. Only those animals that fully comply with these indicators are considered real Labradors.

First of all, standards concern the anatomical structure of the animal. So, traditionally the dog should have a naked large size. Moreover, it should have an unusual form: its outlines – wedge-shaped, and the muzzle is oblong.

Must meet the standards not only the shape of the animal head, but also separate items. It is believed that the cheeks should not be hung, on the contrary, they must be touched, the nose is a straight and even, slightly narrowing towards an end. Labrador’s teeth are smooth, and the bite itself should be correct. Widespread eyes usually possess brown hint. Ears like their own triangle.

Distinctive features and the structure of Labrador’s body has. The back of the dog is straight, the loin and the neck is pretty strong and strong, and the chest is very wide. Tail thick and has a horizontal orientation.

Animal wool is quite dense, it is endowed. There are several popular wool colors: cream, fawn and even black.

Interesting fact: Despite the fact that today the pale color is one of the most popular among the dogs of this breed, a long time similar color was considered marriage, and “in price” were only black animals. However, today the situation has changed: some breeders are specially engaged in breeding Labradors of this color.


If you are thinking about the acquisition of Labrador, you should carefully familiarize yourself with its typical behavioral models, as well as character traits.

So, specialists noted that the animal possesses a very good-natured temper, quickly and easily comes to contact. Moreover, Labradors can interact even with small children, which is usually not a feature of the character of dogs having such large sizes. Animals are non-aggressive and unlockable.

Also, the owners of Labradors are noted by pronounced loyalty and devotion of the dog in relation to its owner.

The use of Labradors as service dogs is explained by the fact that animals have short intellectual abilities, they are pretty smart and intelligent. In addition, a distinctive feature of Labradors is an excellent scent. Also four-legged pets show hunting abilities and can be guide for blind.

It is worth understanding the fact that Labrador is a breed of dogs that requires increased and constant attention. She does not tolerate long loneliness and long lack of owner. Therefore, if you decide to start the dog of this breed, make sure that you will be able to pay a due amount of attention and take care. Otherwise, it is better to look at other varieties.


In order to preserve the health of the animal and extend its life as much as possible, you should follow some rules for its care and content. Generally speaking, Labradors are rather unpretentious and persistent animals, but still you should stick to simple instructions. Remember that your attention requires not only a small Labrador age of 3.4 or 5 months, but also adult dogs.

Mandatory care procedures are primarily bathing. It must be carried out regularly, but do not abuse water procedures. Before placing the Labrador into the water, check its temperature.

The temperature indicator should be approximately +40 degrees Celsius – it will be the most comfortable for the animal.

The blending procedure itself must pass in several stages. So, first of all it should be moistened to the wool of the dog from the bucket. It needs to be done very carefully so that the liquid does not get into the ears and the eyes of the animal. The wash procedure itself should start with sides, back and tail, and the head is recommended to wash the last. It is also important to take into account the fact that for bathing Labrador can not use detergents intended for a person. For these purposes in the zoological store you should purchase a special dog shampoo.

In addition to periodic bathing, smaller and more frequent hygienic procedures should be carried out. These primarily refers to claws.

Labrador claws should be cut very carefully so as not to touch the flesh of the animal or its blood vessels.

Daily compulsory procedures include cleaning teeth. It should also be done only specially intended for animals toothpaste. Clean the oral cavity can be with a toothbrush or gauze.

Do not neglect also cleansing eyes and ears. This can be done with cotton swabs and discs moistened in warm water. If you notice too intense pollution on the ears, then the cotton wand is preliminarily recommended in vegetable oil.

Also, the category of leaving activities includes regular combing of a dog. Especially often and actively it should be done during the period.

Do not forget to play with the dog and pay attention to her. Just that it will be your true friend.


Labrador breeding is a rather difficult task that is a little. However, if you still decide to do dog breeding, then you should clearly follow the recommendations and instructions of specialists.

First, you should remember that only purebred individuals can be used as a parent pair. Only in this case, you will receive a real and valuable Labrador, and not a mix. The age of females and male should be at least 2 years. Only at that age in animals there are genetic disadvantages, so it’s not worth a hurry. Otherwise, litter can be sick and unsuitable.

It is possible to carry out the breeding in a natural way through a challenge every other day or artificial fertilization.

List of Klikek

If you still decided to make Labrador in your house, then you should think about how you call your pet. Of course, in this sense, there are no restrictions – everything is only in your imagination.

In general, when choosing a name should be repel from the nature of the animal. It is also not recommended to choose too long nicknames or hard-acting names, as it will cause discomfort not only to you, but also your pet. Also, the unusual color of your pet should be taken into account.

You can call the girl in the following names:

  • Star+
  • Arrow+
  • Ima+
  • Vanila+
  • Jasin+
  • Spark+
  • Caress+
  • Charm+
  • Yuna+
  • Flores+
  • Maya and T. D.

For boys, such nobilities are suitable:

  • Wind+
  • Henry+
  • Hunter+
  • Zeus+
  • Lord+
  • Spark+
  • Biddy+
  • Yakhont+
  • Nitro+
  • Pilot and T. D.

The above list is not closed. At your request, for your four-legged friend, you can choose one of the specified names or independently come up with a unique and exclusive nickname. Anyway, make sure that it was a militant and liked you and your family members.

About how to care for Labradors, look in the video below.

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