Features and Review Feed for Sirius Dogs

Features and Review Feed for Sirius Dogs

Russian company is engaged in the production of sirius feed. Premium-class products are universal and fits most dogs. The feed of this brand is an excellent analogue of foreign products.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantages of the sirius manufacturer feed are their high quality and good composition. They contain useful components.

  • Proteins. The basis of corporate feed is meat. It is the main source of proteins. Many buyers confuse the fact that meat in feed is dried. But manufacturers argue that in the dehydration process it does not lose its useful qualities. Protein, located in the composition of the product, is very quickly absorbed, and also benefits an animal body.

  • Fat. To create dog feeds used two sources of fats. Both they are equally good. The first is a light chicken fat. It is obtained as a result of processing chicken meat. So it is considered high-quality and nutritious. This element is ideal for dogs. Besides him, in the composition of the products of the Sirius brand there are salmon fat. It differs in high quality and perfectly affects the health of the dog, as well as on its appearance. Regular use of Sirius rich rations is particularly well affected by dog ​​wool. It becomes smooth and shiny, and the dog looks more well-keeped.

  • Carbohydrates. The main sources of carbohydrates in sirius feed are wheat, corn, as well as rice. Selected cereals also serve as sources of high-quality vegetable protein. Due to the high carbohydrate content, the product quickly saturates the pet and makes it energetic.

  • Additives. To make your products more useful for animals, manufacturers use only high-quality additives. So, the composition of their feeds contain dried celery and pumpkin. Therefore, the Sirius dog feed fit even animals that suffer from digestive problems. In addition, a dry yeast can be seen as part of products. This component contributes to the strengthening of the animal immunity, as well as its nervous system.

In addition to high-quality composition, Sirius products have other advantages.

  1. The diet of this brand is very diverse. You can choose suitable products for both adult dogs and small puppies.
  2. Dry sirius feed can be the basis of the diet. They are nutritious and useful. In small granules there is absolutely everything you need a pet for normal development. Therefore, animal owners do not have to buy vitamins or any useful delicacies.
  3. All food for dogs are natural. There are no artificial dyes in their composition, as well as flavors. Full feed fits even animals with sensitive digestion.
  4. You can buy corporate dog food in most pet stores. It is inexpensive. In addition, there are packaging of different format. Therefore, dog lovers may choose the best option.
  5. All products for dogs have a pleasant taste and aroma. Therefore, it is happy to eat even the most capricious animals.
  6. Sirius’s branded feed is popular not only among ordinary dog ​​lovers, but also among veterinarians and people who are engaged in breeding thoroughbred animals.

Cons Sirius also have. First of all it is worth noting that Full products contains wheat and corn. So it does not fit dogs with a tendency to allergies.

In addition, the product description does not specify which preservatives are used in the production of branded feed. But this problem is not so significant.

Assortment of Feed for Adult Dogs

Dry products for adult dogs are rich in vitamins and very nutritious. There are three types of rations on sale. Each of them has its own characteristics.

  • Lamb with rice. This feed does not contain meat flour. It is enriched with all the vitamins who need an animal for its livelihoods. Dry granules delicious and satisfying. It is this product that takes the most popular among dog lovers. His dogs eat with great pleasure.

  • Beef with vegetables. To create this product, high-quality meat is used, as well as a bird. The product is suitable for both healthy animals and sterilized or low-effective dogs.

  • Meat diet. At the heart of this feed meat components and salmon. Product very quickly saturates dogs and makes them energetic and cheerful. Spent food quite slowly. So big pet packaging enough for a long time.

In each feed there is a small amount of vegetables. It makes it not only tasty, but also very useful. Dry granules are sold in packages weighing 3, 15, as well as 20 kg.

As a rule, dog lovers buy a small packaging only on the sample. If the animal likes the selected products, its owner will be much more profitable to acquire large packages with dog food.

Dry granules are recommended to be stored in a warm and dry room. Food reserves must be protected from moisture, as well as from direct sunlight.

Products for puppies

Separate attention deserve feed created for young puppies. They appeared on sale not immediately. When creating this product, manufacturers tried to consider all the needs of the body of the kids.

The main source of protein in such feed is gentle lamb meat, as well as chicken. They can be used for feeding small puppies, as well as dogs aged up to three years. They provide animal with all the necessary vitamins, as well as microelements. So the pet does not need any additives. He remains healthy and strong without it.

Manufacturers recommend to feed the feed puppies in a tempered form.

So much easier for them to cope with their portion of food. It is worth remembering that the animal should always have access to water.

The amount of feed is calculated taking into account the age and weight of the dog. Enter the product in the diet kid need carefully and gradually. In this case, it will quickly get used to new nutrition and there will be dry granules with great pleasure.

Food for different breeds

Sirius feed producers understand that the needs of small and large dogs differ significantly. Therefore, for representatives of different breeds, they produce their feed.

For small

Products for dogs of small rocks differs from the usual even their appearance. In packages are small crockets that small dogs can easily warm up and swallow. The main source of protein in such products is easy and dietary turkey meat. Therefore, they are ideal for animals with sensitive digestion. Turkey meat is also an excellent source of energy. Therefore, food with such a component in the composition perfectly saturates fussy and movable animals.

Products from this line can be given to all small dogs weighing up to 10 kilograms.

You can enter feed in the diet after reaching a 10-month-old puppy.

Feed the animal, following the tips of the manufacturers specified on the package. In this case, the pet will not overeat.

For large

In packages with dry foods for dogs of large breeds there are increased size granules. The main ingredient in such products is meat. Large animals are very nutritious. They have everything you need for the health of bones and animal wool. Products are suitable for both lowactive pieces and mobile dogs, which run a lot and walk.

Selecting food for a large Labrador or Shepherd, you need to consider the taste preferences of your pet. In this case, he will definitely be satisfied with his feed.

Owners of large animals it is more profitable to buy big packaging with dog food.

Review reviews

Most pet owners speak well about Sirius dog food. They note that pets eat this product with great pleasure. So it is easy to introduce into the diet of the animal. The dog gets used to the new food very fast. Regular use of such feeds has a positive effect on both the appearance of animals and the level of their activity.

Summing up, we can say that the sirius feed can be made of the basis of the diet as a big and small dog.

Video review feed from the Sirius brand is presented in the following video.

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