Features and types of haircuts of Maltese Bolon

Features and types of haircuts of Maltese Bolon

Maltese or Maltese Bologna – a compact miniature dog having a thick snow-white wool cover. Her appearance is the subject of pride of owners. But for its maintenance it has to spend a lot of time and effort. Maltese’s haircuts are quite varied and allow you to give these domestic fans a special charm.

Depending on whether the animal is exhibition or not, the style is determined, in which its appearance will be drawn up. Popular haircuts of Maltese Bologna in Korean style and other options for boys and girls not only emphasize the bright personality of representatives of this breed, but also facilitate care. For exhibition instances, the length of the wool is strictly regulated, and to preserve an impeccable silhouette will have to make certain efforts.


Maltese Bolonka requires regular professional grinding. But do not forget about everyday care of wool, because even cutting pets require attention. It is very important to systematic combing, maintaining the cleanliness of the dog coat. Experienced breeders have even special graphs that allow you to determine the frequency of implementation of procedures. Puppies should be accustomed to hygienic care, which in the case of maltesis breed dogs includes:

  • bathing+
  • Washing paws after walking+
  • Preserving the purity of wool on the face+
  • wiping eyes and ears+
  • Wearing Papillotock Biguchi+
  • haircut split tips of the isvoy hair.

Only after the pet can calmly transfer these procedures, you can confidently send it to a full-fledged grooming in the salon, or invite masters to the house.

    According to the breed standard, the dog’s wool breed Maltese for the exhibition must exceed the length of the height in the withers by 5-10 cm. When the animal moves, its fur coat flows mantia, in a static position it should lie beautifully, forming a clear, graphic silhouette. Properly performed exhibition grooming emphasizes advantages and hides the shortcomings well.

    A dog purchased as a domestic pet can wear much more fantasy hairstyles. Here the fashion for maltesis is very diverse – from Korean Kawai to plush bears.

    Required tools

    For dog haircut breed, special tools are used to create a flawlessly flat line and a beautiful shape of hairstyles. In addition, grinding devices make it possible to produce hygienic care without pain and discomfort for pet. Among the basic components in the Arsenal, the Master must be attended by:

    • cunter to shortening the abnormal claws of the animal+
    • chopunorez, with which the rolled sections of wool are removed+
    • Hairdressing scissors with acute edge+
    • haircut machines with nozzles for forming different wool length+
    • Combs and boosters to remove deadlock and heaven.

      It is extremely important to acquire specialized devices if you plan to independently perform the Grooming Maltons. Machines for dog haircuts are less noisy, take into account the features of the coil of the animal. Combs should be metallic with antistatic effect. Nylon and natural brushes are also well helped in giving the fur coat of Maltasis of an attractive appearance. Milling scissors will be useful for model haircuts.

      In addition, technical and mechanical devices can be attributed to the list of instruments that facilitate grooming. So, in the salons use compressors and special brackets with a loop for fixing an animal. There are in the carroom arsenal and means for removing darkens and spots in the area around the eyes, wet wipes to remove contaminants. A variety of shampoos, oils, air conditioners for unwinding wool, as well as dry powder to remove excess skin, quickly giving the shape of a dog neat type.

      Types of Strezhek

      Magnificent coat, allowing to create original haircuts – one of the reasons for the incredible popularity of maltesis. But beautiful hairstyles in the fantasy version can afford only brushless dogs. Everyone else has to be content with those liberty that admits the standard.

        The average frequency of the salon visits varies from 2-3 times a month for exhibition maltheses and 6-8 times a year for pet-class dogs.

        Under a puppy

        Excellent haircut for the summer – “under a puppy”. And also this option is called “Muton” due to similarity with the pile of popular fur. The main part of the coil is shortened with scissors, the machine is used only as a means of hygienic care in the anal area. A long bang remains on the face, the mustache, eyebrows, plots around the eyes.

        The shelter on the body and legs long resembles a puppy. As a result, it turns out convenient and quite recognizable hairstyle that you do not need to update too often.

        The only minus – in winter, the dog can freeze, you will need additional “clothes” or a warm sponzer to prevent hypothermia.


        Among the variants of haircuts for maltesis hygienic confidently holds leading positions. It is perfect for domestic pets, allows you to choose any length of the isva hair. Mandatory in the list of procedures enters promotion of hairs in the intimate zone, between pillows paws. Veterinarians recommend paying special attention to the haircut of wool inside the ear – in this case, it is possible to ensure compliance with hygienic requirements, avoid the development of the inflammatory process.

        When making a hygienic type of hairstyle of maltesis, various liberty is allowed. Including painting by special means allowing to significantly diversify the image of a pet. But it is also possible to use the machine that shortening the coat over the entire body is as evenly uniform and efficiently.

        Tone in this way the dog always looks aesthetic and gently.


        Korean-style haircut – Popular Option for homemade maltesis. It is also called “Kawai” (toy) and consider the heritage of the anime culture. Grooming provides for the preservation of very short wool on the surface of the face, shaving the cheek area. Long hairs are preserved behind the ears, a hat or a long tail is left on the surface of the head.

        The surface of the neck is also divided very short, recommendations on the length of the wool on the body and the paws are left at the discretion of the hairdresser. It is worth paying attention to the fact that most often the body remains almost naked. But the surface of the paw retains fluffy products.

        Kawai is one of the most complex haircuts requiring regular hanging of the ouveau hair due to its uneven growth. It is better to trust the groom specializing in this direction of the haircut.

        Under a teddy bear

        Another version of Korean style offered by fermented for maltesis. A haircut under a teddy bear reminds the option “Muton”. The wool on the housing is shortened to 5 cm, on the head and face the length is the same, the ears are also triggered shortly, most of the hairs are removed inside. Thanks to the correct cutting, the appearance of a dog becomes “plush”, toy and cute.

          When making wool in this style, compliance with symmetry and overall harmonicity of the appearance.


          CARE FOR WHERE MALTESE for the exhibition requires a particularly thorough approach to the case. The length of the wool must be maximum – by 5-10 cm more than the height of the dog in the withers. The tips of the jungle hair are equal to the formation of a beautiful and clear line. On the pads of the paws, the anal area is removed for excess wool. Top music is formed on the head – tails, forming a clear and smooth sample.

          During the preparation for the exhibition, the owner of the dog breed Malteza has to master the use of papillotes, allowing to grow the desired length. Before twisting “Biguchi”, the coat must be lubricated with special oil, drink masks, sprays. Separate curls (width of papillos) are wound and secured with rubber bands.

          Between the washing sessions you need to repeat the oil or other means several times to improve wool growth. Change Papillary needs 1-3 times a week.

          Child Nuances

          Selection of haircuts for dogs of Malthese breed largely depends on the class of the pet. If we are talking about the show level, you will definitely have to maintain the maximum length, ensure that the paws have a rounded shape, and the entire appearance was harmonious and stylish. For pet-level dogs, you can pick up much more varied solutions.

          As for the floor of the dog, here the separation goes rather Subjective. For boys more often offer shorter, “hooligan” haircuts – under a teddy bear or under a puppy, allowing you to minimize wool pollution, facilitate the process of hygienic care. For girls, more often is offered a cute design style. Kavai haircut here is quite appropriate and allows you to show fantasy both in the choice of form and in the color decision, the use of decorative decorations.

          About how the haircut of dogs Malthese passes, look in the following video.

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