Features, Character and Content of British Cats of Black Color

Features, Character and Content of British Cats of Black Color

Classic British cats recognizable on their fur saturated gray shade. But there are many varieties of this breed, including luxurious black British, which many consider not only mysterious, but also mystical.


The British are considered one of the oldest breeds, and their homeland is England. According to some information, they got into this country with French sailors, and stayed there to live. For many years they were ordinary street cats, and only nature answered their breed. During this time, they developed some genetic features that are inherent in this species. That is, the animal possessed a huge body, large rounded eyes, as well as very dense and water-repellent wool.

In addition, the British Cats are quite neat and clever animals, which allowed them to become pets of the British. Already at the end of the XVIII century, breeders began to cross these beauties with representatives of other breeds. First, their color was only blue, but over time it turned out to diversify the flower gamut. And at the end of the XIX century, certain standards of cats of this breed were installed. These are two main colors that are responsible for forming secondary shades: black and red.

For the formation of black in color, such a gene is responsible as Zuomelanin. However, for its appearance it is necessary that the British cat is present two genes: B and D, but at the same time the gene must dominate. In addition, the British can be smoky. Among them are to celebrate cats with color black smoke. Their wool has a black color only on the tips themselves, but the roots of it is white. Paws and face completely black.

However, the real British cat has a smooth color, without any transitions or shades. The same applies to the undercoat. Animal wool can be long and short. Black British cats differ slightly from their gray congor.

  • They have a more rigid and bright fur, which appeared in animals due to ferrous pigmentation.
  • British’s body is quite dense, with a wide back and short legs.
  • Front paws have five fingers, but the rear – only four.
  • Tail Long and Thick.
  • The muzzle of a rounded shape is placed on a wide neck. In addition, it is a fold, which is only among representatives of this breed.
  • British’s ears are small, with rounded tips.
  • Their eyes are huge, wide open.
  • Cat weight can reach up to 10 kilograms, but cats weigh no more than 6 kilograms.

Character features

Despite the color of these beauties, which makes them mysterious and strict, the British are pretty affectionate and sociable. They have an excellent reaction and a sharp mind. They quickly get used to the new place of residence, and also tied to their owners. However, in front of other people’s people, they love only to paint and show their self-sufficiency. Even stroking themselves will not give themselves, will observe some distance.

Representatives of this breed with close contact with people can affect their health. This is especially useful for those who suffer hypertension or cardiovascular diseases. Although the British and love affection, they never feel lonely. These beauties can perfectly cope with their loneliness, playing with a tail or any toy. Therefore, such cats are very often driving engaged people who love animals, but do not have much time on games with them.


British cats are quite unpretentious animals that can live in a house under 15 years. To do this, you need to observe only a few simplest rules.

Special attention should be paid to their thick wool. Once a week this animal is needed combing. You can use for this special comb with “droplets” on the tips of the teeth, so that the animal does not hurt. But during the period, it is necessary to do this much more often every two days. In addition, it is necessary to deal with the combination from childhood, it is possible to do it already in 2 months, when a fluffy pet begins to explore everything around.

Such cats love to lift themselves that it is very dangerous during the molting period. After all, the hair will sow them in the stomach, as a result of which problems may arise with the intestines.

So that this does not happen, you need to give your pets special pills or pastes that will help the hair to dissolve in their organism.

From the six-month age you can begin to bathe British. Do it necessary as they are contaminated. However, for their health, swimming must be carried out no more than 2 times a year. You can use a special shampoo that is sold in any veterinary pharmacy. In the most emergency cases – for example, participation in various exhibitions or severe pollution, pets can be broken and more.

In addition, bringing home a small kitten, you need to take care of his accommodation. He can be equipped with a small corner: Build or buy a special house. You can install it in a convenient place for the owners, but if the pet does not like it, then you will need to give up. Otherwise, the proud Briton will live where he wants.

Do not forget about the toilet, in order to protect yourself from unnecessary trouble on cleaning all at home. You need to teach him from the first appearance in the house.

However, no special efforts will be required, since cats are distinguished by cleanness. Buying a tray for the toilet, you need to pay attention to its dimensions. The tray must be large, since both cats themselves are rather big. Better if the toilet is closed.

The filler should also like the cat, otherwise it will not go to the toilet. Therefore, when buying the British, it is necessary to ask the breeders as they used. If there is no such information, then you need to buy fillers that do not twist so that the pet is then not separated dirt all over the house.

Be sure to take care of the claws of your pets. They need to be either regularly cut, or install in the house of a bratechka so that the pet does not damage the wallpaper or expensive furniture.

Crop the claws are best in special institutions, because, making it yourself, you can damage the cat vessels.

For black British, it will take an annual vaccination, as well as processing from various parasites. This is especially important if the pet walks on the street. You can buy a special collar for him or use suitable drugs. In addition, it is necessary to hang the tag to the collar with the address or phone number – in case the Briton is lost.

Be sure to follow the health of the animal. After all, despite the excellent immune system, which they inherited from their ancestors, the British are susceptible to diseases. These may be heart disease, for example, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, which is incurable. But it is still possible to prevent it. For this you need to do your favorite once a year ultrasound. It will be better if the same doctor starts watching the cat.

Black British are susceptible to teeth diseases, so they need to follow them with special zeal. That is, to buy special toothpastes and regularly clean the teeth, as well as to remove the dentities in time. After all, if this is not done, they can lose up to 30 percent of all teeth.

Than feed?

British cats are strongly susceptible to obesity, so you need to follow so that they do not overeat. You can feed them both natural and production feeds. However, you should not mix them, as this will lead to problems with the stomach.

You do not need to buy only those feeds that are intended for the British. First of all, it is necessary to pay attention to their contents, as well as on your pet. After all, all the feed is completely different, for example, for neutered or sterilized animals, it is necessary to buy only special feed, where there is no phosphorus, no calcium. In addition, it will be better, you will get dry, not wet food. Feed your pets you need 2 times a day. After meals, the dishes need to be washed and pour only fresh water, which should be a lot. So you can avoid overeating an animal.

If natural feed is used when feeding, they must consist of the following products.

  • Raw meat. You can give veal or turkey. Do not boil meat, as it will lose all its benefits. Just enough to quit boiling water and immediately put in a bowl.
  • Fresh or boiled vegetables. It can be pumpkin, and zucchini, and cucumber.
  • Sea fish, best without bones.
  • Eggs.
  • Cottage cheese.
  • Sea cabbage, which will make a hairpin more silky to the touch.
  • Mineral and vitamin supplements, which can be purchased in a veterinary pharmacy.

Be sure to protect your pets from any sweets and pickled products. No need to give them anything roasted or smoked, as this can lead to the most unforeseen consequences.


This process is not only troublesome, but also a pleasant, because as a result, small kittens will appear. Paul ripening in cats of this breed occurs 9 months after birth. However, it is not necessary to make a knit. It is necessary to give your pet well faster. Conduct the challenge is best after 15 months of life, because if you do it before, all the kids may die during childbirth.

Mating should be carried out only after the second or third estrus. Cat should be left with a cat for several days. On the first day, animals only get acquainted with each other. Pregnancy British lasts up to 9 weeks. The first signs are the swollen and Porozovy Nipples Cats. In addition, she eats a lot, and after 5 weeks she will significantly increase the belly.

Be sure to take care of the place of childbirth. It should be burnt from the rest of the space and lay a soft cloth.

After childbirth, the cat is important to praise, and also give her something delicious, then change the litter.

To get black offspring, the owners will need to work a little, especially in choosing a partner. Consider some rules:

  • For challenges, only black individuals choose+
  • In the pedigree can not be gray relatives+
  • Both pets must be absolutely healthy and have the necessary vaccinations+
  • Before viscating cats, you need to handle from parasites.

If the owner does not know how to get the desired result, it is best for this to contact the specialists who will be able to choose a decent partner for a beloved pet. In addition, you can familiarize yourself with the breed compatibility tables that are compiled by advanced specialists.

  • If one pet is black, and the second is a tricolor or bicolor, then the future offspring will be half consisting of their black kittens, and half – from bicolors.
  • If the mating will be carried out between biccologists and tricolors, their offspring can be unpredictable. Half kittens will be biccologists, 25% will receive black color, and the second 25% will cause almost white.

How to call Kottenka?

When a little kitten appeared in the house, he must give his nickname. However, too hard to hurry with it. It is necessary to look at the kid, study all his habits, and only after that choose a nickname for him.

The name for the boy must emphasize not only his beauty, but also its color. For example, it can be Chernysh, Black or Mavr. Interesting and such names as graphite, Darth, Schwartz, Hippo, Beetle, Cosmos, Noir.

The girl can be called a baggie, in honor of the black panther from the cartoon, or the Knight, which means the night. Nunta name is very beautiful, so called the Greek goddess of the night.

Other names:

  • Smorrodinka+
  • Shadow+
  • Spacey+
  • Chanel+
  • Noine.

All this does not mean that the name must only correspond to the color. For example, bringing a kid to the house, you can see that he distinguished himself something, and the nickname itself will stick to him. Already after 4-6 months, the pet will respond to it.

Summing up, it is safe to say that any pet in the house requires both appropriate care, and attention from its owner. Only in this case, the Briton will look at 100%.

All about the breed of British shorthair, see the following video.

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