Features Chihuahua Black Color

Features Chihuahua Black Color

Chihuahua of black, without shades and enclosures in wool, occurs infrequently. Such animals look very elegant, gives them gloss in some cases and the presence of a white spin on the neck, having a shape of a tie. Much more often you can see dogs having a black and sided color. So wishing to purchase a pet coal-black color may have to work hard in the search process.



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* Characteristic of breed “Chihuahua” Founded on the assessment of the experts of the site and feedback from the owners of the dog.

History of appearance

The first pure black chihuahua is considered to be their ancestors that have the name of Terchichich and appeared in Mexico in the XV century BC. NS. They looked not quite as we used to imagine dogs of this breed. Treads had small sizes, a native body, short legs, and also not cleaned to bark.

There are several versions of the origin of this breed, however, experts tend to Indian. According to her, the name happened from Chihuahua, located in Mexico. It was there that the dogs noticed in the second half of the XIX century. Their progenitors of Terechich broke themselves with wild dogs, as a result of which the first representatives of Chihuahua appeared.

Already at the end of the XIX century, dogs were brought to Europe. Their unusual appearance became a decisive factor, and kinologists became interested in this breed. There were also individuals with black wool.


These dogs can have a black, chocolate, tiger color, gray undercoal, as well as other coloring options. They have a rather proportional body, long, highly planted tail and a small head. Ears standing, and eyes are quite large. Muscular torso, paws strong.

The average weight of chihuahua balances from 1.5 to 3 kilograms. Dwarf subspecies weigh from 0.5 to 1.5 kilograms.

Coal-black chihuahua nothing, except for shade, do not differ from the representatives of this breed of other colors. Moving dogs with elastic steps, pushing out the rear legs. During running center, the center of gravity is a little shifts.

Surveral cover and color

Dogs of this breed can be divided into 2 groups depending on the length of the wool. The first of them includes chihuahua with short and soft fur. Second – individuals with long and thin horses, eyes in the area of ​​ears, neck and paws.

Color can be almost any. It should be borne in mind that dogs having a whole white, black, chocolate color can be found quite infrequent. This is used by breeders, raising the price on such animals. Mark not married, but they are found at Chihuahua most often, therefore the cost of such pins is slightly lower.

Of the common colors – Lilovaya, yellow, cream and sable.

Blackflow dogs can have any other gene, so breeders are especially valued. However, we must not forget that if the animal is a carrier of chocolate and red gene genes, this will affect the shade of offspring. Wool can be brown or even with brown tint.

In addition, it may also differ in the color scheme, which is especially striking on chihuahua with long wool


Chihuahua varieties are somewhat, each of them has its own fans. Consider them in more detail.

  • The smooth-wallet dogs are rather short and brilliant fur. You can have imprisoned, but this is an optional condition.
  • Long-chest are, as follows from the name, owners of long, soft and thin wool. It can be like a straight line, so lying with light waves, however, does not remind the fluff. On the ears, neck and legs are formed gentle eyes resembling a fringe.
  • Short-horses have a non-standard fur. It is longer than smooth-walled, however, is much shorter than that of long-grazing breed representatives.
  • A variety of mini-chihuahua has a small size, and, accordingly, modest weight – from 1 to 1.5 kilograms. But Micro is recognized as one of the smallest species in the world – they weigh from a pollogram to 1 kg. Mini and micro chihuahua differ in that they have enough imminent immunity. It affects both the health of dogs and the duration of their life in general.
  • Black dogs Cobbies have a strong body and developed muscles. The head is rather large, the muzzle is slightly shortened, and the forehead is convex. Large dark eyes are widely placed. Triangular ears are lowered, are in standing position.
  • The type of deer is distinguished by its elegance and grace. The ears are highly set on a long muzzle. Have a fairly tender body and not too developed musculature.

Character features

Chihuahua lovers appreciate the representatives of this breed for the mind and stability of the psyche. Despite their sizes, dogs are very bold and not at all susceptible to hysterical. In addition, they are curious and even distinguished by some.

Chihuahua is easy enough to offend, and they do not bring out when they scream on them. However, in the event of a conflict, peacefully behave and go to meet the owner. Also dogs are distant.

It is better to prevent stressful situations to not injure the pussy. They themselves are very active, sociable, adore games and become a great friend for the child. At the same time, it is necessary to take into account the dimensions of the Chihuahua and the possibility of its accidental injury in the game of the game, so communication with very young children, which are capable of negligence to cause harm, it is necessary to limit.

Care rules

No special difficulties in care for chihuahua. However, dogs are sociable, and they need attention. Smooth-grayscale pets will need to scam every 2-3 days, a snack with long wool – daily. Frequent bathing – under the ban, because animals are very gentle and can easily cover.

Also, dogs need a regular examination of ears, teeth and eyes, which need to be cleaned. From dental will help get rid of toy or special delicacies for dogs.

When they grow claws, they should be cut independently or in a veterinary clinic.

Chihuahua requires clothes for walking. It is needed both in bad weather, and in hot sunny. Black-colored pussy must have a minimum of 2 overalls, one waterproof – for autumn, and the second warm – for cold weather.

In the summer, a domestic pet should be put in front of a walk in a light suit of light cloth – this will help protect it from sunlight.

Recommendations for feeding

Chihuahua feel well as feeding by special purchased feed and natural food. If the food for a pet is purchased in the store, you need to use high-quality products of reliable manufacturers.

Presence in food corn, wheat, preservatives and dyes can harm the animal, followed by this closely follow.

If we are talking about natural food, the owner must take into account that in the diet of the pet there must be a sufficient amount of meat. The choice can be stopped on a bird, lamb or beef. However, it is necessary to take care that the tubular bones do not fall into the bowl.

If possible, it does not harm feeding 1-2 times a week by by-products or sea fish.

Also Chihuahua for full growth and development will require cereal, fermented milk products, cottage cheese, boiled eggs, vegetables and fruits. But sweets under the strict ban. Also harm the dog can smoke and pickles.


If it was decided to start the house of the Black Pet of the Breed of Chihuahua, it must be borne in mind that the walking of these babies is still needed. And to do it regularly, so that the dogs splash out their activity. Just so they will be able to develop both physically and emotionally. Regardless of the color, for the walk of dogs of this breed, it should be displayed at temperatures from -10 to +30 degrees.

Lower indicators can lead to the frostbite of a gentle animal, and higher – to overheating and thermal impact.

The first time of the kids may be afraid of the streets, so you need to teach them to walk gradually. They must pass in a quiet, peaceful place, in the absence of cars and noisy people in the immediate vicinity. The main thing is not to frighten the dog, because the fear can serve a bad service, and homemade loves will begin to be afraid of walking and the surrounding world.

In the first and second month after walking began, their duration should not be more than 20 minutes. At the same time, the owner should not release a dog from the species, he will need to follow, so that Chihuahua is not wet and not a frost. And also one must not forget that larger dogs can injure the baby, so it is better to stay from them away from. With a large cluster of people or in public places it is worth using a leash.

Obstacles such as puddles, high steps and t. NS., can become a big difficult for kid, so the owner’s help will need to overcome them.


Chihuahua is very smart, and training will only benefit them. Black Pet is able to quickly learn teams and delight their owner. Experts recommend that it is necessary to train puppies since gentle age.

In addition, if there are prohibitions in the house, they must be pushing the baby from the first days of his appearance in the family.

It should be borne in mind that the dogs of this breed are quite arrogant. If you pour them and ignore this fact, the pet will be lazy and not obey. One of the tenders of the kids is an unfortunate bark. To avoid this, you should give Chihuahua more often to communicate with people and teach to various living conditions.

How to choose?

Black Chihuahua – the dog is not like a dog, if it is necessary to ask all the documents from previous owners. You need to evaluate the baby visually, a healthy pet will be fun, active and friendly. You should also pay attention to the shock, it will be responsible for changing the shade in the future. Best to be black – it is a guarantee that the color will not change too much.

More interesting facts about Chihuahua, see the following video.

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