Features of breeding guppy

Features of breeding guppy

Guppies – bright unpretentious fish. They can be easily diluted at home, it can be done both in the overall aquarium and in a separate spawning. Fish whiples, fry appear on the light fully formed. It is easy to grow young, even a novice aquarist will cope with.

How to distinguish a female from male?

For guppies, sexual dimorphism is peculiar. Determine the floor of the fish is easy, it can be done, focusing on 5 signs.

  1. Color. Males are much more colorful, their body and tail shimmer all sorts of flowers. Females look more modest, the abdomen painted weakly, and some species are colorless.
  2. Body size. Females are larger and “Puzzate”. The body of males is more elongated and slender.
  3. Tail. Males have elegant tails: long, flowing, with an unusual pattern or patterns. The tail of the female is small, often rounded and weakly painted. On it can be located all pair of colored specks or not be them at all.
  4. Dorsal. When the male floats, he has a beautifully fluttering spinal fin, he is long and brightly painted. The female has a rounded shape, pale or light pattern.
  5. Anal fin. The male in the area of ​​the anal fin is hamchodia – sexual fish. It has an elongated narrow form. The females do not have it, but at the bottom of the abdomen you can find a dark spot.

As it is clear from the description of the differences, males look much more effectively in the aquarium. But breeders are recommended to contain equal number of male and female individuals in one reservoir.

If one of the males fall on one female in the aquarium, they can drive it to complete exhaustion, from which it sometimes dies.

How best to breed fish?

Breeding guppy is possible in the general aquarium without human intervention. They are very prolific and perfectly multiply independently. If this does not happen, then the following reasons are possible:

  • Sobolay pack+
  • Too cold water (less + 22 ° C)+
  • Overtowered aquarium (one fish accounts for less than 1 liter of water)+
  • Strong pollution of the aquatic environment.

Another reason – the inattention of the owner. There are cases when the guppie is successfully spawned, but the fry people eat large fish. This happens in the absence of shelters in the aquarium. Therefore, for the survival of the offspring “Water World” planted with thick algae, and grots with narrow deepening are chosen as decoration.

And even such an arrangement of the aquarium does not guarantee the safety of kids, Therefore, when detecting fry, they should be rejected into a separate container. The same is done with a pregnant female, if the fish have rounded the belly, and in the anal pass area there was a dark spot, a separate reservoir is provided to her before the very kind of.

There are many varieties of Guppies, among themselves they differ mainly by the color and form of fins. These aquarium fish are affected by a variety of color: blue, red, green, yellow, orange, black and leopard. Most often, with random and chaotic reproduction of the guppy individuals with the most beautiful and rare color degenerate. Therefore, to preserve the purity of the species or during the selection of males and females hold separately. And in an equipped spawning, they cross the best representatives of the species.

Selection – an interesting occupation with which even novice breeders can cope with. You can cross the Guppie different types among themselves and bring new breeds with a unique color combination. In Russia among breeders, annually hold contests for fish with the most bright and original color.

Select feature

In order for the fes to be healthy and beautiful, responsibly fit the choice of “parents”, Paying attention to the following features:

  • Body proportionality+
  • smooth spinless+
  • Long fins+
  • Powerful base of tail+
  • Bright coloring without defects+
  • Active behavior+
  • age from 4 months.

It is necessary to choose only those individuals who have the last spawning was at least 2 months ago.

To obtain tribal fry, select the best male and female of one species, and for experiments with color – fish of different species. Before squating a pair to spawning, they are fed by living food: a rhythm, a pipe or a core.

Arrangement of spawning

Guppies are unpretentious, so you can even breed them in a 3-liter bank. But it will be more comfortable in a small aquarium, equipped in accordance with the following recommendations:

  • 70% of water should be taken from a common aquarium, which contained fish, and 30% – pure stretched water+
  • Water aeration and additional lighting+
  • To stimulate spawning, the temperature of the water smoothly raise to + 29 ° C.

The most important indicator followed by the water temperature. Guppie heat-loving, so if in spawning cool, it is necessary to use the heater. It is placed inside the tank and allows you to heat the water to the desired value. In the prepared spawning, they first launch the male and then the female. It is necessary in order to reduce the dominant behavior of the female individual.


If the male is actively circling around the female – this is the first sign that spawning began. A couple is worn throughout the aquarium, and at this moment there is an important process: the male with the help of a fertilization fertilizes caviar, which is in the belly of females. As soon as the “marriage dance” is completed, the fish can be destroyed on the aquariums in which they were originally held. Do not leave the female one in spawning, the pregnancy of Guppies is long enough – almost a month, and the fish can bother alone.


After 22 days after fertilization, the female carefully observe. With the approaching childbirth, its behavior changes:

  • Fish refuses food+
  • becomes excited+
  • hiding in thickets and other shelters.

Such behavior suggests that the kids must appear during the day, so the female is resting in a separate container. The bottom of the swelling is pre-covered with Javanese moss or placed mellular floating plants. It is necessary so that the fools have a shelter: guppi often cannibalism cases. The water temperature should be no lower than in the total aquarium.

At once there can give birth from 15 to 100 fry. Fruitness depends on age: the older the individual, the more offspring it can bring. Births last about 40 minutes. At their end, the female decreases: hungry and tired, she can eat young.

Caring for fry

As soon as the kids appeared, they immediately begin to swim in search of shelters. In the first days of kids feed live dust. Using a pipette solution with microscopic organisms drip directly to the aquarium. This feed is ideal for just what fry appeared, he perfectly stimulates the growth of fish and does not clog the aquarium. Next include in the diet and other feed:

  • Dry specialty flakes for fry+
  • Pickles Artemia+
  • Cyclopes+
  • Daphnia.

In the first week they give food 6 times a day by microscopic portions, then increase feeding up to 3 times a day. In addition, the kids provide good aeration and lighting, within 7 days the lamp does not turn off almost the clock. The water temperature should be within + 26-30 ° C. Such conditions contribute to the rapid growth of young, and after 2 weeks they can be placed in a common aquarium.

Below, watch the video with advice on the content and reproduction of the Guppy.

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