Features of dog breed Wolpino Italian

Features of dog breed Wolpino Italian

Magnificent Italian spitts call Wolpino Italiano, these are small dogs, beautiful, long-haired. Thanks to its attractive fox, they resemble doll dogs. But this should not be misleading the future owners: Wilpino perfectly copble with the functions of watchmen. They are characterized by determination, courage, alertness against strangers. As for attitudes towards a close circle, there is nothing to fear the family members – the Italians are very affectionate, attained, positive, love to play.

Caring for these dogs, though it requires regularity, but quite simple

History of appearance

The ancestors of Italian Spitz first appeared in Europe still in the Bronze Age. Dogs traced the history of the breed to such ancient times. Italian dog has become a great number of different breeds.

Most often such dogs bred Florentine dog breeders. Beautiful animals were often portrayed in the pictures of famous artists of the Middle Ages. These wonderful dogs started not only noble Lords and famous people, for example, Michelangelo Buonaroti, but also ordinary inhabitants.

By its name, the breed is obliged to Italian Word “Fox” (Volpino). That is, in a literal translation, the name of the breed means “Italian Fox”. The first official recognition of the breed dates back to 1901. Standards and requirements for the exterior appeared 10 years later. In the middle of the 20th century, the International Cynological Federation registered the breed on the verge of extinction after World War II. In the 60s of the purebred representatives, there were only five.

In the 80s, Italy began a state program to restore the breed in a deplorable state, thanks to this dogs were saved. Breeders were able to completely return the healthy and strong breed of Italian spitts.

Description of breed

“Italian Fox” has quite compact sizes, the body is extremely harmoniously developed, proportional to. Extended wool, raised above the skin. There is a moderately pronounced sexual dimorphism. Exterior Description:

  • Height in the withers – from 25 to 30 cm depending on the floor+
  • The head has a wedge-shaped form, its length is slightly less than half of the entire case+
  • Lobal convex type zone+
  • The muzzle is strongly narrowed to the nose, the nose is straight, the open-type nostrils+
  • mouth black, lips tightly pressed to the teeth+
  • bite in the form of scissors, but maybe direct, on this sign of the dog are not rejected+
  • Round Eyes have an average size, black eyelids and a dark-hint of the iris+
  • Ears in the form of a triangle, cost high, short, slightly tilted forward, are close to each other, length – ½ length of the whole head+
  • The neck length is about ½ head length+
  • straight back+
  • Convex loin+
  • croup is inclined horizontally, not clearly+
  • The chest falls to the elbow, the ribs are rounded+
  • Tail drunk, rises above the back, length is slightly less than the height of the dog+
  • Lands are parallel, stand upright, legs oval, fingers tight pressed, pads and claws painted black+
  • Wool has a thick type, dense, rough, straight, sticking out+
  • In the neck area there is a volumetric gate of wool, on the head is abundant cover of medium length, hiding ears at the base, the muzzle is covered with shortened hair, the fluff on the ears is soft, fits tightly, in the paws behind there are canes, the tail is covered with elongated hair+
  • color according to the standard reddish or snow-white, occasionally there is a champagne, but not welcomed by focus.

Externally Volpino is very similar to different rocks, they are confused with American Eskimos, Japanese, Pomeranian spitches, Mittels.

Character and behavior

In the nature of Wolpino, very friendly, optimistic, balanced, calm, while very decisive and bold. These are incredibly loyal creatures, very loving owners, Confused, loyal. Among the undoubted advantages of this dog – patience, mind, intelligence, curiosity. They rarely roll hysteries, waiting for the return of the owners calmly, very active, cheerful, energetic. The character practically does not change over the years, until the oldest, they remain moving and curious.

The excitement causes them loudly bark, it can occur both during the game and in other situations. Be prepared that, waiting for the ball, in front of the jump, obstacle or in other similar situations, the dog will be lit. Dog wanders are excellent: if she hears the slightest rustle, it will definitely warn the owners. Call or knock on the door will not remain without her attention. At the same time, teach it to distinguish the rustles and noises according to the degree of danger seems to be complex.

Over time, the dog will learn to respond only to those noises that can be considered as dangerous. This is definitely demanding upbringing, training. If this is not done, the dog will be a real puffy, a hugger on any rustle and movement. Italian Spitz is an incredulous to strangers, he is afraid of them, but the familiar is located and absolutely friendly.

It is necessary to properly organize the communication of the dog with people unfamiliar to it, although it rarely exhibits aggression, preferring to avoid contact if she doesn’t like. In the usual life, the dog is very calm, rarely happens a nervous or evil.

So that the pet is educated and obedient, it must be socialized from an early age, in this case it will be a good. This breed is a great partner for children, elderly people.

Ideally, it is better to start such a dog already with grown children, which can be explained how to behave with animals, as the dog is very easy to hurt. Italian spitz is in excellent not only with children, but also with other pets, especially if they grow together.

The dog is distinguished by a sharp mind, good intention, perfectly responds and interacts with man. The dog is great as the first pet, since difficulties in his character are not serious. Even amateur will cope with the upbringing of this dog. It is enough for the foundations of the dresses that are easy to explore to achieve good mutual understanding with a dog. It is important to have patience, perseverance and observe the sequence in education to achieve rapid success.

Puppy Wolpino is pretty stubborn and too playing, self-confident, so you need to start up with the first days of his life in the house.

How to choose a puppy?

If you decide to purchase a puppy of this breed, you must take into account that Wolpino kennels are most common in Italy, and in our country there are much less. In Russia, there are only a few professional breeders, with whom we can safely deal. Italian spitches are rarely found, waiting for sale announcements for a very long time. Preferred preferences, as a queue is formed on babies.

Before buying a puppy, learn the distinctive features and breed standards at a young age:

  • The wool of a young dog is short, sticking out, produces the impression of a plush surface, in the area of ​​the muzzle and the back of the ears quite short+
  • The limbs of strong type, paws round+
  • Eye color – only dark eyes look like beads+
  • Introduced Smooth Dark Pigment Nose and Lip+
  • Tail rounded on the body+
  • The ears stick out, the size is small, but they look bigger than in adult individuals, up to 2.5 months of age can be tilted forward.

In no case should not be observed:

  • Propeshin, Galisin+
  • pus and emissions from eyes, nose, ears+
  • crusts next to the nose+
  • any contamination on the body.

Pay attention to the behavior of puppies: as a rule, they are active, energetic, very friendly. Must alarming, apathy, aggressiveness. Check for a puppy card, whether all vaccinations are affixed in the passport.

The price of puppies is usually high, the rise in price indicates fraud. The cost is influenced by Paul, parent achievements, approximate prospects of the representative. Dogs are very rarely sold without documents, pedigree, because it is not a commercial breed.

Food and care

Italian spits are recommended as decorative dogs for a private house or apartment in the city, although in Italy they are often street, live in booths. Our climate is well suited to dogs, they adapt well, especially since wool has water-repellent properties, the undercoat is very thick, it allows not to freeze in the cold. In the heat they feel pretty good, but they are very thinning in the season.

Dogs recommend to organize the following lifestyle of the dog:

  • It’s necessary to walk every day at least half an hour, if this is not done, Wilpino starts to splash out the energy in the house, spoil things+
  • Pets love to play, move, participate in sports, are pretty smart in learning+
  • Dogs swim well, so if there is an opportunity to go to the water, Spitz will be very happy.

As for hygienic leaving procedures, they are simple, but require regularity:

  • Combing a special comb no less than once in 7 days, it allows you to reduce the amount of wool in the apartment and avoid the formation of plowing lumps+
  • Italians wash it three times a month, the dog is combed, otherwise the confused wool will have to cut after swimming+
  • It is recommended to wash a pet with special shampoos and use air conditioners to make wool easily combed+
  • claws are trimmed once in 2 weeks with a special drive+
  • if necessary, cut the wool between the fingers+
  • Once a week spend cleaning ears, teeth+
  • twice a day wipe eyes so that there were no leaks.

Strike the dog of this breed is not necessary, exhibitions suggest images in kind. Exception – wool on the paws and milling hair in the collar zone, on the housing.

It is very important to provide a dog Balanced nutrition so that the pet is well developed and did not pain. The diet should be Nutritious, quality, Feed dogs both finished feeds and self-cooked food. The finished feed is chosen from the premium and holistic series, it can be both wet and dry type. It is important that the feed number corresponds to age. If you decide to prepare for a pet yourself, observe the following proportions:

  • ⅓ – protein food, i.e. meat, ideally – beef+
  • ⅔ – Curtains+
  • fruits+
  • vegetables+
  • Suklomelochka.

It is important to periodically give a dog vitamin and mineral complexes. Feed Wolpino from its table strictly forbidden!

If you comply with all recommendations for care and feeding, the dogs will rarely root, it is a rather strong breed. They live under 16, there is a genetic predisposition to the following ailments:

  • dislocation lens, patella+
  • Addison disease+
  • Cryptorchism.

Very important In time to make vaccinations, carry out processing from parasites of both external and helminths. Do not deal with self-treatment, in case of problems better get a branch consultation.

Education and training

Pots of this breed are very clever, well and quickly think, they must be trained. Curiousness are amazing, but to teach a pet to classes and training are needed from an early age. In this case, success is practically guaranteed to educate a disciplined dog. If you do not engage with Wolpino, they can be evil, egocentric.

In Dresser, persistence and softness are required at the same time. You can not shout on PSA, especially beat him. It is impossible to offend a dog, she will refuse to fulfill the requirements. It is better to give a little time to classes, but daily, so that the dog does not tire and get used to training.

And do not forget to encourage pet! To study one team takes up to 3 days, newly added new, with the obligatory repetition of the previous.

About the features of Wolpino Italian breed, see the following video.

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