Features of snow bengal cats

Features of snow bengal cats

Choosing a pet for yourself, it is worth paying attention to such charming creatures, like snowy bengal cats, which seems to resemble leopards. These are pretty friendly and playful creatures that will not let you get bored with your owner. In addition, Bengal cats are considered excellent hunters and “strategists”. And if a fight occurs between the cats, each of them is waiting for the rival errors and only after that attacks.


White Bengal Cat was brought artificially. Therefore, problems with natural breeding such animals may arise. Even thoroughbred kittens are guaranteed will not be light. However, in the future the corresponding gene will still manifest. Snow Bengal has a snow-white coat with clear marks and stains. Eyes are the same blue as the Siamese cats. The body is pretty muscular, with a wide back and very long neck. The head has a wedge-shaped form, and short ears are high. They have a rounded form.

The wool of these beauties is short and very thin, it fits tightly to the body. To the touch she resembles a little atlas. With kittens, it is much longer, besides that, some of them are born albinos, but with time there are specks on the body. Weigh these beauties from 6 to 11 kilograms. But the weight of the females is slightly less, from 4 to 8 kilograms.

However, this does not affect their mobility and grace. They are perfectly coping with various obstacles and can balance anywhere.

Options Color

All snow-white Bengals are very similar and beautiful in their own way, however, differ in genotype.

These handsome people were born as a result of crossing Bengal breeds with Siamese cats. Their body is completely white with small beige marks called Points. The difference between the background and patterns is almost imperceptible, however? The specks are quite pronounced.

This breed of cats with blue eyes, which when flash acquired a ruby ​​shade. Baby Links Point appear on the light practically white and remain the same for a long time. Only after 75 days you can see the weak manifestations of stains, however, only a year later, the drawing will be quite noticeable. Links, not only the tip of the tail and the nose have a brown shade, but also the pads of the paws and rims of the eyes.


This kind of cats appeared as a result of crossing Bengalov and Burgers. Sepia is considered the most dark representatives among snow beglows. Their body is not quite white, rather cream. Wool “Decorated” Bright Cinnamon Slaves. For those sepies that have a solid color, the difference between the body and spots are completely indistinguishable. Just like Links, the tip of the tail and other parts of the body have a brown tint.


This kind of cats has a Tonkin color, which is differently called “mink”. Many call this kind of animal marble. It appeared as a result of crossing the Siamese and Buman breeds. At the birth of kittens already have pictures on their body. The body is painted in a cream color, and it has brown and dark orange marks. In all the rest, they are similar to other subspecies of Bengal cats. They can be blue, and green, and with a golden tint.


By choosing a snow-white blue-eyed beautiful pet, he needs to provide appropriate care. And although they are completely unpretentious, it will be necessary to watch them, especially if it is a little kitten. Bringing a baby to the house, do not keep it constantly on hand or play with him. It just needs to be left alone and let us get comfortable in a new setting. If there are several rooms in the house or apartment, then you need to restrict ourselves to one so that the kitten began to gradually be mastered.

In this room, you must definitely put a tray with a filler, an iron or plastic bowl, as well as prepare a sleeping bed for it. To the toilet must begin to teach it from the first days, otherwise the kitten will mark all the places. You don’t need to scream at him, you need to say calmly so that he understands, and not afraid. In addition, the tray must stand away from the rest. If the cat goes not in the tray, but to another place, then its toilet must be moved there.

These cats are distinguished by cleanness. They will not walk in a non-bank tray. So you need to often change it. The filler is best to buy such that will hide all unpleasant odors. “Marked” place can be treated with vinegar or some special means.

Sleeping place placed in the corner, but most often the kitten chooses him. Many Bengalie sleep along with the owners or on batteries. Do not blame them for such behavior. Need to relate to them with caress and tenderness, only in this case they will be reciprocity. Otherwise, the kitten will grow very aggressive and fucking. They need to talk to them so that they feel care. Besides, It is necessary to remove all items that can cause a kitten harm.

Snow Bengals must necessarily get full care. Despite the fact that the wool they have very short, at least once a week they must be combed. Use for this you need scallop with stupid teeth to not harm. A couple of times a month it is necessary to cut a snow beaglov claws. If the owner himself can do it, then it should do it a specialist.

In addition, it is necessary to clean the ears once a week to your pets. Can do it with special cotton chopsticks.

In addition, it is necessary to buy special toys to your favorites. You can do this in pet stores or in veterinary pharmacies. Do not forget that pets need frequent swimming.

By the way, Bengali loves to sprawl in water. Since they are very mobile and energetic, their energy should be sent to the right track. Very good if the owners live in a private house. Indeed, in this case, you can make a special place for games in some kind of corner, where pets will be able to play without tired. In the city of Kotam buy leashes so that you can take walks with them.

Than feed?

Very important in caring for a kitten is the feeding process. For snow Bengal cats more suitable special dry food. They have all the necessary useful vitamins and minerals that are necessary pets. In addition, they will not cause any harm to the teeth, nor the gums of cats. You can buy food in specialized stores. Eating such cats with great pleasure, But still you need to follow so that they do not overeat. After all, it can even lead to obesity.

So they need to feed them no more than 4 times a day, except for this portion should not be too big.

Also be sure to give pets A large amount of water so that urolithiasis does not appear. If the cat will drink very little, you can buy special drinkers that have miniature fountains. This will immediately attract the attention of animals. However, the cats of this breed love to swim very much, so they can even flip a bowl with water.

For those who decided to feed their pets only by natural products, you need to get acquainted with their diet. It must necessarily include meat. It may be boiled beef, and rabbit or chicken. A couple of times a week I need to give fish, but it should be maritime, not river, because in the latter there are many bones.

Also in the diet of cats should include a variety of vegetables. For example, many cats love cucumbers or bell peppers and eat them with pleasure. In addition, the menu should include dishes from various croup.

Must be carried out vaccination, as well as regular inspections from veterinarians, so as not to miss the possible disease of the beloved pet.


The snowy breed of Bengal cats appeared on light artificially, so all breeders are very responsible for breeding. The pair is chosen more carefully, besides, there must be a mating permission. It is done 2 times a year and no more. So that the breed is purebred, it is necessary to use the cats of the first, second or third generation.

Paul ripening begins in cats of this breed late, a year after birth. Only after that you can begin to carry. Cat pregnancy lasts 2 months and 5 days. After childbirth, the kittens remain with the mother up to 3 months. And only after that they can be translated into a new habitat.

Summing up, we can say that Such snowy Bengal cats will be not only friends for their owners, but also will be able to participate in various exhibitions. After all, such beauty should see everything without exception. However, for this it is necessary to provide animals worthy care.

About the peculiarities of Bengal Cats See in the video below.

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