Features of the breeding of thorns

Features of the breeding of thorns

TERNECTIONS – Peace-loving fish, they look beautiful in the aquarium, especially colored breeds. Life term is small – 3-5 years, so many breeders are trying to breed their terek at home, and it is good for them. These aquarium fish are well multiplied. When creating the necessary conditions of female, the caviar of the caviar, from which tiny fry appear on the light.

Breed nuances

There is a two black stripes from the back to the belly, the tail of the tail and fins of the Dark Straight. But there are artificially derived rocks with a bright color: yellow, green, purple, orange, raspberry and blue abdomen. Such a fish looks gorgeous in the aquarium, but not always when reproducing it is possible to get the same beautiful fry. The fact is that there are two types of color thorns:

  • TERNECTION Caramel, Painted with special injections+
  • TERNECTION GLOFISH – These are genetically modified fish, in the structure of the DNA of which the genes of glowing jellyfish and corals were included.

    Falls in Glofish completely adopt the painting of parents, unlike caramels, whose offspring is born with colorless. therefore If it is planned not only the content of the thorns, but also their breeding, then it is better to acquire a portion of the glob. From caramels they differ more intense and uniform painting. Of course, and the globes in the litter several fry can be colorless, but the main percentage of kids will still take the color of parents.

    How to determine the floor of the fish?

    At the Terenia, sexual signs are weakly expressed, but you can distinguish the male from the female:

    • The dozen spinal fin is pointed, and the female – rounded+
    • Anal fins of females wider than the males+
    • females larger and puzzled.

      Sexual differences are clearly manifested when the fish reach is 7 months.

      For spawning, selecting individuals from 8 months to 2 years. Fish should be at least 3-5 cm long. For successful reproduction, one female and two males or two females and three males must be rejected into a separate reservoir.

      Arrangement of spawning

      Screwing is preparing in advance, the capacity of at least 20 liters is suitable for its arrangement. Water should be soft and warm. Temperature in the range of + 24 … 28 degrees Celsius, and rigidity 5-10 units. To mitigate water, we use taula, rain or boiled water, and to increase the temperature – heater. In order to transplant into a new environment of fish, there was no stress, part of the water can be taken from the aquarium. The reservoir necessarily supply a system of aeration, but the additional light is not needed.

      Terensics perfectly multiply with natural daylight. Aquarium is located in a quiet place, away from bright sunlight.

      To protect the caviar Dno stuffJavanese moss. His thick thickets will defend the future offspring from hungry parents. But it does not guarantee the one hundred percent preservation of iconic. So for more reliable protection Install the separator grid, it is placed just above the bottom, about 2 cm. In cells will slip the eggs and, thus, will be unavailable for adults. For greater stability of the design under the grid, you can put a pair of large stones.

      Preparation for breeding and spawning

      In order to stimulate spawning, the temperature of the water in a common aquarium is raised by 2-3 degrees, and the fishing is suitable for a day: no food is given during the day. For the next day they are well fed up with high-quality live food. Moth or Coretra will suit the most, these treats will give strength and configure the “love games”.

      For reproduction, choose the largest and fuzzy female and the most bright males. Fish should be active and moving.

      In the spawning of thorns, they are launched in the evening, and in the morning most often starting “Clearing”. But sometimes it takes more time to adapt to the new space to the new space, and the spawning begins only a week later.

      therefore do not get upset if the fish did not immediately spishly, perhaps they are still born. Daily fish in spawning continue to feed with a bottle or other living food, and follow the indicators of water. Particles of unselected food are necessarily removed, otherwise they will be charged and will poison the aqueous medium with harmful substances. It can beat off the desire to multiply.

      If the spawning does not occur within two weeks, then for some time males and females sit apart separately from each other. And then again connect, doing all the above described. The most frequent reasons for the fact that fish do not multiply, it is:

      • Cold or rigid water in spawning+
      • Conditions in spawning greatly differ from the environment in the general aquarium+
      • Poor state of fish, exhaustion and illness+
      • Strong knock, hollow and loud music, as well as overwhelming the host of the owner to water pets+
      • Inappropriate age of thorns, some individuals already at the age of two ceases to spawn.

        During spawning, the males chase female throughout the aquarium, circling near it and press her belly. In the process of these “love games”, the female mosk caviar with small portions, which the males immediately fertilize. Icra settles on the bottom or on the leaves of plants. The whole process can take from 2 to 3 hours. At once the female is able to postpone about 1000 eggs, but not all of them will be viable.

        After the end of the spawning is completed, adult individuals are immediately deserted into the overall aquarium. In spawning, replace a quarter of water to fresh and add bactericidal mortar – methylene blue. This is an excellent tool for the prevention of the development of fungus and infection with parasites that can destroy the young.

        Growing Malkov

        About a day from caviar appear larvae, which hang on the glass and the leaves of plants. And after 4 days, fry appear, at this moment you can hide a few snails, they will maintain purity in the aquarium. Kids 4 times a day feed live dust: The solution with infusories dripped with a pipette or a syringe directly into the water with fry. You can give other feeds of small size, for example, Pupils of Artemia or specialized dry food for fry.

        In order for the fes to grow quickly and well, the aquarium should be well covered, and the water in it should be perfectly clean.

        During the first two weeks, the daily replacement of the water part of the water is required. Fish grow uneven and stronger can eat weak. Therefore, teenagers sort, large sit down in a separate container. For this reason for the breeding of thorns 2-3 additional reservoirs. When Malek is growing and strengthened, it can be transplanted into a common aquarium.

        In the next video you can watch the growth of fry of the Glofish thorns.

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