Features of the care of the French Bulldog

Features of the care of the French Bulldog

French Bulldog is one of the most custom dogs that is designed to keep the apartment. These are friendly creatures that are well getting along with people and other pets, it is not difficult for them to care, but some rules of content is important to strictly observe to maintain the health and longevity of a pet.

Equipment places

Before bringing a puppy to the house, you need to equip a place for it. It is important to isolate all objects that are dangerous for a new family member. Ideally, the dog should be contained in a spacious bright room, where all small items, for example, wires, are removed as above. It is worth it to put and install bottles with household chemicals and detergents – Curious puppy will surely ask the contents of the bottles. The garbage can be in a closed box so that the animal does not eate out from there anything harmful.

So that the kid felt comfortable, for him you need to buy a special lay. “Bed” for Bulldog Place as far as possible from radiators and other heating devices as well as from drafts.

Suitable and ordinary rug. If you arrange it in the right place, the dog will quickly get used to his recreation area.

When the puppy is growing, you can buy even a sofa or a separate house for him. At the same time, the size of the house should allow the pet to stretch in full growth during rest. To be a bed to be safe for dog teeth, you need to buy a product from durable material. During the operation of the Lena, do not move it from place to place, it will deliver the dog psychological discomfort.

When a bulldog rests in his place, do not disturb him, let him feel protected on his own litter.

What an inventory need?

When selecting bowls under food and water, try to give preference to stainless steel copies with a special stand. While the puppy is small, it is more convenient for him from a small bowl, for an adult individual dishes need to be changed to a more voluminous.

At least up to 2 months, that is, before the vaccination period, the puppy must always be at home, And therefore you need to provide a place under the toilet. For these purposes, absorbing diapers or tray will fit. It is more convenient to first teach the baby to visit the diaper, and then start the teaching to the tray. When all vaccinations are made, it will be possible to bring a pet to the street, but do not rush to part with the tray. Let it remain just in case. Firstly, the puppy will take care of the toilet on the street not from the first days, and, secondly, the pot may need, if suddenly the dog gets sick, and it will not be taken to the street.

Special attention should be paid to toys. This inventory will be required during the change of teeth. Toys can distract the pet while his owner is not at home.

Pick up ordinary products from rubber, complex structures with a large number of parts not only more expensive, but also dangerous for the dog, besides, they do not always attract her attention.

Features of nutrition

French Bulldogs You can feed both dry finished feed and natural food.

  1. In the first case, the owner must choose only the products of Premium and Super Premium Categories. These animals are prone to a rapid weight gain, which significantly undermines their health, and therefore it is necessary to closely monitor the portion of dry food. Daily dose in accordance with the weight of the dog Feed manufacturers point to the packaging, but it is more reliable to turn to a veterinary specialist, so that it calculated the daily portion for a specific PSA, taking into account its mass, age and health status.
  2. If the owner made a choice in favor of natural food, then the issue of food is worth paying even more attention. 70% of the total diet should be meat – low-fat veal, lamb, rabbit. Suitable by sub-products, such as liver, kidneys, heart. Well, the “French” digested and fish, it is necessary to cook before serving and clean from bones. Fish can be given no more than a pair once a week.

The remaining 30% diet occupy vegetables and cereals. Grech, oatmeal, rice, barley + vegetables are recommended to give any products other than potatoes. You can offer a pet and fruit, if he does not refuse them from them. The animal milk is better not to give, but cottage cheese, kefir, or sour cream can be treated as a delicacy, but it is better not to mix these products with meat products.

A couple of times a week, Bulldog can be made boiled eggs.

Until 2-month old puppies, it is customary to feed about six times a day, then you can go to five-volume nutrition. From three months and up to half a year, a pet can be fed 4 times a day, then up to a year – three times a day. From year to the dog there is enough two-time nutrition. If the owner intends to translate a domestic pet with natural food on the finished feed or vice versa, then this should be done gradually that the dog does not have problems with digestion. The transition continues within two weeks.

When the age of the dog exceeded 6 years, it is worth contacting the veterinary doctor to discharge special vitamins for age pets for an animal.

Rules of walking

Features of the complex and problems with thermoregulation and breathing do not allow dogs of the presented breed to carry out a moving lifestyle, so the walking should be carried out in a calm pace, no high-speed runs. “Frenchman” enough to walk twice a day and necessarily on a leash.

So that in puppy age kid splashing the right amount of energy, It is necessary to give him the opportunity to actively run and jump within 15-20 minutes for one walk, Next dog will be enough 5-7 minutes of mobile exercises.

In winter, the animal can not walk if the thermometer is shown below -18 degrees, it is also undesirable to remove bulldog to the street in summer at temperatures above +24 degrees.


Bulldog care does not represent a special complexity and includes the most common procedures.

  1. French Bulldog refers to short-haired rocks, and therefore care for wool is quite simple. It is enough combing a dog with a special veasage or a soft brush a couple of times a week, in the period period, it is worth increasing the number of procedures up to 3-4 times a week.
  2. In frequent bathing, the bulldog does not need, you can wash it for about four times a year, so as not to cut the gentle skin. At the same time, it is impossible to bathe the “Frenchman” until the year, there are enough processing of folds and wool with a wet cloth. To maintain hygiene, the use of dry shampoo is allowed, but not more than once a month. So after walking the dog did not blurred the floors, it should be wiped his paws and stomach with a wet towel.
  3. Due to the specific type of skin in the folds of bulldogs often arise with diameters, especially such sites are worried about the dog in the area of ​​the muzzle and tail, so these places should be wiped more often, as well as process with moisturizing cream.
  4. It is important to follow the status of the eyes and ears. Eyes need to be wiped with a wet napkin daily, and a couple of times a week to handle a solution of strong tea. Representatives of this breed are common diseases of the ears, therefore, noticing an unpleasant smell or isolation, it is important to contact a veterinary doctor. At home, maintain the purity of the ears should be wet swamp twice a month.
  5. Once a week, the animal needs to clean the teeth. To do this, you need to buy a brushed brushed brushed in Zooaptec and a special paste. Daily you can give a dog special cookies to remove the fly from the teeth. When a dental stone is detected, the pet should be left to the veterinarian. Sometimes puppies dairy teeth interfere with the development of indigenous – this situation also requires an assessment and consultation of a specialist.
  6. During the walk, the dog itself becomes claws, but sometimes they are required to trim. The procedure can be performed at home with special cogteresis. During the cutting, it is important to remove only the tip of the claw. If you have blood vessels to hurt, then the dog will go blood that can be stopped by dry mangartan or veterinary pencil.

Caring for health

Processing from worms and annual vaccination – the main conditions for maintaining the health of the dog. The puppy is vaccinated when they reach a two-month age. Before this it is necessarily treated from worms. Grafting protects the dog from the plague, enteritis and hepatitis, paragrippa and adenovirosis. Revaccination is carried out in three weeks. After changing the teeth make a one-time vaccination from these ailments. Next enough to vaccinate pets once a year.

For French bulldogs are characterized by diseases, Like food allergies, conjunctivitis, the fallout of the third century, outdoor otitis, discopathy, diabetes. Noticing that the dog was gone appetite, she sleeps for a long time, does not respond to his nickname, not ready to play, you need to learn an animal to veterinarian without delay. These may be signs of infection, virus, poisoning, or any other diseases.

Timely appeal to the veterinary clinic will allow starting treatment on time and save the dog’s life.

About the features of the breed, see the video below.

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