Features of the Features One & amp + Only

Features of the Features One & amp + Only

Evaluating the key features and the main competitive advantages of the sterns One & Only, it is worth noting that they, like their “older brother” – Grandorf diet – are produced in Belgium. Nutritional mixtures for cats and dogs is carried out by United Petfood Producer NV. The described feed line is made mainly to order. One of the distinctive features was the absence of so-called excess components in the formula. In the composition of the rations are included exclusively useful animal elements for the body. At the same time, the manufacturer offers feeds, including holistic, for kittens and puppies, as well as for pets belonging to all other age categories.

Advantages and disadvantages

Initially, it should be noted that the company producing One & ONY line, thanks to generous financing, became one of the indisputable leaders of the industry. The entire production process is automated, and at the same time advanced technologies are constantly being introduced. An equally important point is the procurement of exclusively high-quality raw materials from proven suppliers with strict control at all stages. The teams of highly qualified nutritionists and veterinary doctors have developed truly unique feed compositions. They have a lot of useful elements.

  • Unless lamb meat, ducks and turkey, which is the source of amino acids, group vitamins, as well as proteins and minerals.

  • Rice brown acting as a dietary component with a low glycemic index and responsible for normalization of digestion.

  • Oatmeal cereals, characterized by abundance of vitamins and as positive as possible, as well as other dietary products, to work the pancreas and intestines of animals.

  • Bathat (sweet potatoes), which is natural antioxidant.

  • Salmon oil, effectively strengthening immunity, parallel to improving the condition of the skin and wool.

  • Chicory with a soothing action and reduced cholesterol. Also, the component has a positive effect on the operation of the gastrointestinal tract and stimulates the metabolism.

  • Blueberry, which is a component of feed, which has the most powerful bactericidal properties. This component of the diet updates the cells of the retina, improving vision, and in parallel makes the animal reaction more quickly.

  • Cranberries as a natural antioxidant and natural preservative. Provides high-quality cleaning of vessels, liver and kidney, and also normalizes the operation of the urogenital system.

  • Broccoli and spinach – ingredients helping the body to cope with elevated loads and restoring carbohydrate exchange. Also positively affect the nervous animal system and the work of all internal organs.

  • Flax seeds that perform the functions of natural antioxidants and containing Omega-3. Contribute to the considerable improvement in the appearance of pets.

In addition to the above, in the sterns One & ONLY there are extracts of Boswellia, nettle and plantain. Also in the formula included Fat Turkey and Mannanoligosaccharides (Mos). Taking into account all the features, you can allocate the advantages of products One & Only.

  • Contents in feed complexes of pre- and probiotics, which in tandem with minerals have the most beneficial effect on animal intestinal microflora.
  • The basis in the form of fresh meat, and not polished in the flour of low-frequency parts of the carcass, which are an integral component of many eco-class feeds. Also worth focusing on the impressive share of pure meat component.
  • Lack of grain, which showed a long-term practice, is often the cause of allergic reactions.
  • Exception from the composition of Gluten, GMO, artificial preservatives, as well as dyes, flavors and sub-products. It is relevant for components such as eggs, peas, chicken fat and meat.
  • The presence of a fairly wide range of herbs that are functional ingredients, as well as living prebiotics.
  • Use in the production of exclusively natural preservatives in the form of mixtures containing vitamin E and rosemary.
  • Minimum percentage of ash.
  • Optimal balance of Omega-6 and Omega-3.
  • Ensuring the required level of pH.
  • Lack of proteins of plant origin.

It is no secret that the key to the long and healthy life of any animal is primarily its proper nutrition.

The menu must present vitamins, minerals, as well as carbohydrates, fats and, of course, protein.

      Alone to provide a similar diet with the right balance rather difficult, and therefore many experienced breeders make a choice in favor of the dry and wet finished feeds.

      Speaking about the disadvantages of the sterns One & Only, it is worth emphasizing the attention on the fact that they are not yet common in Russia. This in turn is a source of problems in the search for the appropriate diet for dogs and cats.

      Assortment of feline food

      ONE & ONLY line for cats – this is the feed belonging to the category of holistic. According to many specialists, this is one of the best offers of the modern market. The source of protein in this case is extremely high-quality, pure meat, and not the remnants of production. We are talking about selected by-products and slices of fillet. It is important to consider that the entire production process is rigidly controlled at each stage. Today, the manufacturer’s company offers cats of cats a few options for forage-holders of the brand One & ONLY.

      • Kitten – Balanced food for kittens, as well as for cats at the stage of pregnancy and feeding. A varieties of turkey meat and rice are available on sale. The monoprotein formula of rations containing a sufficient amount of fat and amino acids useful for the body of fat and amino acids has become optimal feed for the emerging digestive system of kids. It is worth noting that the turkey is satisfying, but at the same time low-fat food and a source of dietary protein. Its share in this case accounts for 65%, and the metabolic energy indicator is 4300 kcal / kg.

      • Indoor – cats for cats aged from the year, the basis of which can be turkey or duck with rice. Both proposed options are balanced complexes containing the required amount of proteins and fats.

      It is important to consider that the duck meat contributes to an increase in muscle mass, while turkey is a dietary component and will be relevant for animals prone to completeness.

      • Sterilised – a diet that was specifically designed for sterilized and castrated pets.

      This feed is well suited for cats older than 7 years.

      Potential consumer manufacturer offers 3 varieties: with lamb meat, as well as with rice and duck. The metabolic energy of the complexes of this series is about 4,000 kcal / kg.

      Although there are no artificial preservatives and synthetic additives in the sterns of the described mark, making the choice in favor of One & ONLY, you must be prepared for the fact that these cats for cats do not belong to the category of budget products.

      Dog Feed Review

      Complexes for dogs from this Belgian manufacturer is a hypoallergenic holder. Its main competitive advantage is the presence of up to 65% of high-quality meat. It is also important to draw attention to the presence of live probiotics in the formula, daily providing a normal microflora in the intestine of the animal. In parallel we are talking about the effective strengthening of immunity and minimizing the risks of food allergies, as well as intolerance.

      It is worth noting that, in accordance with the opinion of the manufacturer, protein of plant origin is not suitable as a component for nutritional and useful dog feed. It is for this reason that in the formulas One & ONLY there are exceptionally animal proteins. Their main advantage is the presence of a complete list of the organism of the animal animin acid, which cannot be said about plant analogues. The obvious advantages of the Belgian feed for dogs include:

      • Using dehydrated fresh meat+
      • No wheat and corn in the composition+
      • The presence of a whole arsenal of vitamins, minerals and probiotics+
      • The absence of any artificial components, including synthetic preservatives+
      • Optimal balance of all necessary nutrients.

      Naturally, it was not without certain deficiencies. So, the most significant minuses include, first of all, quite a high cost of feed. At the same time, it is partially justified by the presence of exclusively natural components.

      Overview of dry feed from the One & ONLY brand is presented in the following video.

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