Features of the Fold Scottish Blue Cat

Features of the Fold Scottish Blue Cat

The official name of the breed:Scottish Fold Shopper Cat

Country of origin:Scotland

Weight:females 3.5-4.5 kg, males – up to 6 kg

Life expectancy:12-15 years old

Almost every lover of cats in secret dreams to have such a pet, like Fold Scottish Blue Cat. It is perfectly suitable for both families with children and older people. In order to make sure of this, it should be better to get acquainted with the description of this breed of cats.

Breed history

In one of the versions of the origin of the Scottish Fold Cat, it is said that it appeared in one of the Scottish villages as a result of a random connection half-wild cats Tabbi and an unfamiliar cat. Kitten of the female individual had a feature in the form of hanging ears, similar to folded leaflets. Her offspring distributed among friends, and thus one of the kittens was in the House of Mary Ross from Scotland, which was fascinated by an extraordinary appearance of the animal. She then turned to specialists to consult about the elimination of such a breed of cats.

She crossed his pet with a representative of the British Shorthair, and then a cat from their offspring with a British blue cat. Thus, the initial sample of the Scottish blue cat with lowered ears was revealed for the first time.

In another version of the mention of this breed of representatives of the world of cats dating back by the XIX century in the work of Charles Darwin, where he writes about Chinese cat breeds with hanging ears.


Representatives of the Scottish Furochi breed in some sources can be found called Scottish Fold. This kind of cats is pretty new, so it is not so common in the world, like other cat breeds. However, this does not make them less popular among domestic lovers in all countries.

Standard breed

Color:All colors are recognized, including colors without white.

Head:Round, wide, massive with strong chin. Nose short, wide, straight. Profile with the transition, but without a deep foot. Full cheeks. Large round molding pads give a short face distinct outlines.

Wool:short, very thick, not adjacent. Due to the thick, the undercoat will be from the body like plush. Texture dense to the touch.

Body:Cat from average to large size, muscular, squat. Breasts, shoulders and spin wide, massive. Neck short, powerful. Limbs low, muscular, threads thick, round. The tail of medium length, thick, with a rounded tip, without thickening and hardening, movable along the entire length.

Ears:Small, bent forward, with slightly rounded tips directed to the middle of the muzzle. Posted widely, tightly pressed to the skull, emphasize the round shape of the head.

Eyes:Large, round, widely placed. Eye color corresponds to wool color.

Like any other breed, Scottish Fold have their own distinctive features:

  • Harmoniously folded body having proportions+
  • The average length of paws with a well-developed muscular system+
  • Straight long tail+
  • The head has a rounded shape due to chubby cheeks+
  • The muzzle is not flat, but not very elongated+
  • Round eye shape, the color of which is different depending on the color+
  • Small, pressed to the head ears.

If it is supposed to start a cat in order to put it in the future in contests, then you should know that, first of all, the judges pay attention to the shape of the ears and the tail, but the color and color of the eyes are in second place.

Since this breed of cats is considered relatively young, the signs of a purebred Scottish representative still find a place in the dispute with specialists. However, some common characteristics have already been rooted.

  • Average weight ranges from 3 to 6 kg.
  • An increase in an adult individual can reach 28-34 cm.
  • In the World Cat Federation there are no cats for the color of the Scottish Fold Cats, but in the Association of Cat lovers do not recognize some colors of wool: chocolate, lilac blue and colorspoint.
  • The duration of life is about 13-15 years old, but if the cat has no congenital diseases, he can live until 20-23 years.
  • Scottish Fold Cats are kind, quiet character, in their nature they are very indifferent to everything that happens around. Lazy from nature He will give preference to a serene sleep on his hands, rather than follow the heels for the owner. Such a cat will never remain indifferent to the duplicate mood of the owner and will surely come to him in order to console.
  • As for their mental abilities, it should be noted by their ability to accustom to tray and brake.



(Rating 3 out of 5)



(Rating 4 out of 5)



(Rating 4 out of 5)



(Rating 2 out of 5)

Need care


(Rating 3 out of 5)



(Rating 4 out of 5)



(Rating 3 out of 5)


Very friendly

(Rating 5 out of 5)



(Rating 4 out of 5)

* Characteristic of breed “Scottish lop-eared” based on the assessment of the experts of the site and feedback of the owners of the cat.

    It should be noted that the Scottish Fold Cats are not malicious, but fearless. For this reason, you should not shout and scold my pet strongly, as this can affect the mental state of the animal. They really like to watch the actions of our owners, be simply third-party observers. They are not prefabricating. If something needed them, animals will simply be quietly meow, and not yelling on the whole house.

    Scottish Fold Blue Cats are easy to come true in a new house, while pretty quickly remember that it is forbidden to do and where you should not climb. Good news for those who want to teach their pet favorite teams will know that Scots rather quickly and easily master the simplest teams.

    On trips, representatives of this breed of cats behave calmly and quietly. Prepare a comfortable place for a pet, you can easily take it with you on vacation – it is quite easy to transfers trips. From the owner requires a handful basket for transporting an animal, a pre-prepared tray for the corporate natural needs, water and food bowls.

    Features Color

    Often there are interesting combinations of woolen cover and color coloring. The color of the wool can not only vary in different shades, but also to laure. There are also representatives whose color combines two shades in white color.

    Eye color depends on wool color. For example, an amber eye color is found in white, black, blue, cream color of cats.

    And blue eyes are typical for cats with white wool, as well as with rare wool color blu-point.

    There are mixed colors of the Scottish Fold Cats, in which the undercoat goes to a darker or saturated color closer to the wool tips.

    Coloring with drawings on wool, created by various stripes, round curls and other interesting ornaments of another color, close by tone to the main, are called Tabby. Among the Scottish Fold Cats with a Coloring Team Tabby can be found blue marble cats, which are distinguished by an unusual wool color. Also used silver, brown, tiger, turtle colors Tabby.

    Food and care

    Despite the fact that adult individuals of this breed of cats are distinguished by calm and lazyness, at a young age for them is required to carefully monitor, since the kittens of the Scottish Fold Blue Cats are distinguished by energetic, restlessness and playfulness.

    For this reason You need to hide various kinds of wires in advance and fragile items that can like a kitten. When choosing a meal for feeding to give preference to heavy tanks so that the baby can not knock them. It is necessary to take care of the place to protect his natural needs, so that from the first days the pet has taken away to go to the toilet only there.

    The house needs to find a place to stay a pet and equip it in advance with a house or bedding. Also need buy a bracelet or make it yourself. To do this, a thick rope needs to cool down tightly around the table legs.

    Like any child, the Kittens of the Scottish Fold Blue Cat is very playful, so You need to purchase several different toys, otherwise these toys can be things or owners shoes.

    Care of cats is about the same as for any other cats. At least once in 1-2 weeks, it is necessary to make wool to him, for what you need to buy a special brush, intended for this. When bathing (approximately 1 time in 6 months), in no case can the water fall into the ears.

    Once every two weeks it is necessary to clean the ears of cats using a twisted disk. Special scissors for cutting claws Pet should be shorted for their length at least once a month. Once every three months should be degelminting, and at the beginning of spring to drive fleas.

    It is necessary to follow the eyes of the animal: if they started to scream, it is necessary to wipe them with a cotton disk, moistened in a brewed black tea. If during the week the condition of the eye did not improve, then you need to remove the pet to the veterinarian.

    Scottish Fold Blue Cats are prone to a set of excess weight. So that the pet remains healthy, it is necessary to seriously treat its power regime. I can feed the representatives of this breed with a dry feed of the Permium-Class from the proven manufacturer. In pet stores sold feed, specialized under a certain breed of cats. They contain all the trace elements necessary for the full development and livelihoods of a pet.

    From the usual meal, the Scots can be chicken and turkey in the raw form, but it is necessary to quote it.

    Also fit the boiled grooves, marine fish in boiled, eggs, kefir, ryazhenka, vitamin complexes (after consulting the veterinarian).

    For those who decided to buy a kitten of the Scottish Fold Blue Cat, you need to contact only to proven breeders, which will be able to provide all documents of the parents of the kitten, including with vaccinations.

    Additional feature about Fold Scottish Blue Cat can be found in the video below.

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