Features of the Husky content in the apartment

Features of the Husky content in the apartment

One of the most beautiful and sought-after dog breeds is husky. She is able to bring a lot of funny and pleasant moments to the life of his owner, however, there is a disposal position about whether such a pet can contain such a pet in terms of an average apartment. To housing for representatives of this breed even in urban high-rise buildings has become comfortable, you need to know the nuances of the content of such a dog and care. All these questions will be discussed in detail in our article.

Features of breed

Husky have some external similarity with wolves, because they inherited their traits. Initially, this breed was used only for driving purposes. Fucking and moving husks could transport enough heavy loads, as well as overcome considerable distances, transferred to a group in the harness.

Representatives of this breed are distinguished by quite high growth – in the Holler Husky reach 0.62 meters. Dog wool painted in a combination of gray-white, white color can prevail on the face and chest, paws and stomach, while the back and top of the head have a gray shade. Most often, the eyes of such pets are blue, however, there are dogs with brown eyes and even a heterochromic color of the iris. Animal ears are located high on the head and have an acute triangular shape.

The nature of the pet from nature is independent and proud, but at the same time most husky these qualities are combined with incredible friendliness and caress. Husky extremely rarely show aggression even to strangers.


Not aggressive

(Rating 1 out of 5)


Very high

(Rating 5 out of 5)



(Rating 4 out of 5)



(Rating 4 out of 5)


Very high

(Rating 5 out of 5)

Need care


(Rating 4 out of 5)

Cost of content

Above the average

(Rating 4 out of 5)



(Rating 2 out of 5)



(Rating 2 out of 5)



(Rating 4 out of 5)

Attitude to solitude

Short periods

(Rating 2 out of 5)

Security qualities


(Rating 1 out of 5)

* Characteristic of breed “Husky” Founded on the assessment of the experts of the site and feedback from the owners of the dog.

An important feature of representatives of this breed is the inability to bark. They do not show annoyance and do not like to ask the owner of goodies, like some other breeds. Often Husky find the most convenient place in the apartment and love to spend time there, with the time of time, your favorite places can change.

Pros and cons

Before you have a similar dog in an urban apartment, it is worth weighing everything for and against such a decision. The positive points include the following.

  • Huski from nature very clean pets.
  • These dogs can be kept in a high-rise building, without worrying about the fact that Lai disturb the neighbors and the owners of the PSA. Such a biological feature, as barking, is very convenient for the content in the conditions of an apartment building.
  • Thanks to loyalty and kindness, representatives of this breed are capable of becoming real friends for their owners.
  • Husky loves children and play with them with pleasure. Due to the lack of aggressive features in the nature of the dog, it will not submit a threat to your Chad.

Among the minuses to raise the dog’s dog in the apartment, it is worth highlighting the following features of their behavior and needs.

  • Such a dog will not show the quality of the guard, so if you want the dog to ensure the safety of the home, this breed is not the most appropriate.
  • Contain husks in a small or one-bedroom apartment will be problematic because the dog needs enough space, it does not like strongly closed space.
  • Such a pet is very curious, and his curiosity may affect the negativeness of homemade utensils and furniture. Husky can rent cushions, sometimes spoil the upholstery or other textile accessories. If the dog wants to get to any subject, then, most likely, she will manage to do it, eliminating all the obstacles on his way. Without a proper approach to the upbringing of husky can be real destroyers.
  • It makes no sense to take in a high-rise building husky, if no one happens in the apartment in the apartment. Sociable dogs love the company, while loneliness will only harm them due to lack of opportunity to send large energy reserves in the right channel. It is alone that there are such dogs, as a rule, and spoil things and upholstery.
  • Such an animal is difficult to isolate, because due to its natural inclination to the study of the Husky space, sometimes even begin to understand how locks on the doors open. Make sure your home is adapted to such unpredictable manifestations of the Nrava Husky.
  • For some minus it will seem the need for a long enough walk with such a dog – at least 2 hours a day. However, less time in the fresh air is not enough, and the dog will not be calm after a short walk.

Thus, the dog of the Husky breed can well live in the conditions of the city apartment, only if the owner has the opportunity to give an animal due attention and give the necessary physical exertion.

Required conditions for content

It is worth staying on the terms, which should contain a dog breed hassiness.

  • Daily daily need to run and jump, however, the apartment is not quite a suitable place for such activity. To satisfy the needs of the animal, you should withdraw it for a walk 2 times a day. In the perfect version, every time walk costs more than an hour, giving the opportunity to the dog to enjoy the games on the active air and even engage in its training. However, remember that the freightness of representatives of this breed can commemorate the dog to run away on a large distance from the owner, so it is necessary to use a leash.
  • You should also exercise timely care for the wool of pet. Husky prone to abundant link, which usually happens a couple of times in the year. Periodically you need to deduct small fur with a special brush.
  • Special attention is paid to the feeding of husky. So that the dog is protected correctly, it is necessary to include a large amount of protein in its diet. Meat is at least 60% of the animal diet. Also, the PSU will benefit the cereals, marine fish and vegetables. In this case, fermented milk products, as well as eggs should not be actively used in the dog menu.
  • In addition to the diet, you need to take into account the mode of feeding, which depends in many respects from the age of the dog. For puppies, feeding is carried out 6 times a day + after they turn 3 months, the feeding of food is reduced to three times a day. From six months, the food is carried out twice a day, and to achieve a one-year-old dog, you need to move on a one-time feeding mode.
  • Because of the thick wool and active lifestyle, the dog periodically can be hot (especially in a warm season), so always make sure that there is cool water in her bowl.
  • To care for such a breed in the heat also follows, bathing a dog in the bathroom. Water should be room temperature or cool. It is especially useful on hot days. At the same time, you should not subject an animal load or heavy training so that it does not get tired. The most successful time for activity in the summer – early morning or pre-ordered time.
  • It is also worth knowing that the haircut of wool in heat is categorically contraindicated, as it can lead to the opposite effect. Due to the protective layer in the wool, the PSA body is not so much heated, and without this layer, the animal is exposed to more risk of heat impact.

Thus, keep a dog husky, without deviating from these rules, otherwise the animal may experience discomfort. This, in turn, can lead to deterioration of both well-being and dog behavior.

Education and training

Special moments to pay attention to each owner – Education of Husky and the process of its training. The first moment is key in the formation of the nature of the animal. To educate the faithful friend who will be obedient, you need to bring up a small puppy very responsibly, following the following rules.

  • Man when building a character of a pet must necessarily show such features as a sequence and hardness. Huski must understand the rules of behavior in the family from a small age, as well as what you can and what cannot be done. Pot the whims of a puppy can significantly ruin his character in the future.
  • During the first two or three weeks, when the puppy is completely small, it is recommended that it does not stay in the apartment alone. It was in the first month that, according to the film, the dog is formed the backbone of basic qualities, which will be throughout life, and the human task is to strictly monitor this process. Only after this time you can gradually teach the dog to the fact that the owner may be absent at home.
  • Important to teach a puppy to the toilet. Little husky need tray. The process of teaching begins at the age of 1 month, while it requires a fairness of patience from the owner. You need to work out a puppy toilet visit mode – a third of the hour after feeding the pet should be near the tray.

As for training, the emphasis in it is mainly worth do on the obedience team. Since the character of the Husky does not include aggression from nature, to make fighter dogs from them – a very risky enterprise. In the course of teaching to cruelty, the dog may experience psychological breaking, which, in turn, will provoke unpredictable negative consequences.

Active training – optimal lesson for dogs of this breed. In the process of playing during a walk, the dog can be learned to execute commands. Due to such training, the dog will not only develop its own character, but also releases a stock of energy, which will become for him another positive point.

Ownership reviews

Among Internet users a lot of Husky owners who share their experiences and recommendations on the maintenance of such animals in the context of the city apartment. Some people believe that such a breed is more suited to those owners who like sports themselves and lead an active lifestyle. Often dog husky even accompany their owners in such a hobby.

According to some reviews in the conditions of high-rise buildings, keep the husks are not very difficult, if you give the right time to walk. Also, the owners note that the apartment should be equipped with air conditioning, otherwise the consequence can be discomfort for a dog in a hot room. Among negative feedbacks, such that the abundance of wool and frequent molt is the main problems of representatives of this breed living in apartments.

On the features of the content of Husky in the apartment can be viewed in video.

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