Features of the maintenance guppy

Features of the maintenance guppy

Almost the most popular pets among those people who are just beginning to settle their first aquariums are fish guppy. They are elegant, bright and immediately attract attention. For such underwater creatures nice to observe. Talk about how to properly keep Guppies so that they please you as long as possible.

Select aquarium

Because the fish themselves are small, the aquarium they should pick up. As a rule, it is a capacity of 25 or 50 liters. If it is not planned to subside with some larger neighbors, then this will be enough for the guppy. However, it is worth considering the fact that if the container is inhabited by too much fish, they will experience discomfort, and maybe even injury to each other. therefore With the replenishment of your collection, you need to ensure that everyone has enough space and, if necessary, relocate guppy.

The aquarium must necessarily have a built-in filtering system. This is a reliable way to keep water clean, and healthy fish. Over the state of the filter you need to follow on an ongoing basis. As soon as he starts to darken, it is worth replacing it without delay. It is necessary to act gradually. If you replace the entire filter right away, then ammonia, which appears in the water due to the fact that there is a waste of fishing fish, poison water. therefore Sponge is customary to cut on half and replace in turn. If the activated carbon is used instead of sponges, it is enough to simply replace it with a new portion.

Do not forget about changing water. It is necessary to do this on a regular basis, at least once every 2 weeks. Ideally, every week is enough just to replace a quarter of the total water to fresh. Other Important Detail – Air Pump. It satures water with oxygen, which is also important for the normal existence of fish. Also can be located on the bottom of the aquarium live plants. They, as you know, also distinguish oxygen.

Most Popular Options – Elday, Uponogeton and Anubias.

Water temperature

In nature, the Guppies live in warm climate, near the islands of Trinidad and Tobago. Water there clean and warm. Therefore, in the aquarium it is desirable to install a heater so that the water temperature does not change dramatically, and the fish felt “in their plate”. The optimal option is a temperature of from 23 to 26 degrees.

If there is a need to stimulate the reproduction of pets or in an irregularity already inhabited fry, it is worth raising the temperature for degrees or two.

Necessary scenery

Scenery is also a very important detail. Of course, the main task is to decorate the underwater world. In addition, they can and the role of refuge for fish. Sometimes they need to hide somewhere or hiding from the fact that they perceive like a danger.

So that the guppies did not hurt, the bottom should be stolen by gravel or sand. Fish will be able to go there. It will also be convenient to have decorative designs and plant underwater plants. In order for fish to be more interesting in aquarium, you can additionally install decorative caves in it, pots of clay or even mini-grottoes. The number of scenery depends on the size of the aquarium. They should not interfere with fish freely swim.

What else is needed for content?

Having understood with the basic needs of fish, it is worth paying attention to other points, who will help guppy to reconcile with their new home.

  • Compatibility with neighbors. Guppies are pretty peaceful fish that are well getting along with almost all. But because of the sizes it is worth considering the fact that larger and predatory neighbors can easily start hunting. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully select those who will dwell in one aquarium with them. Optimal option – Neighborhood with the same small fish. For example, neoons, cockarakatums and others.
  • Creating a par. Those who are further planning to breed guppy, it is necessary to initially buy fish in pairs. Determine what kind of floor it is underwater creation is not so difficult. Males are usually slimmer and slightly smaller in size. But the tail fins have more. Females differ not only in their sizes, but also more pale color. Even among the fry, you can immediately identify males – they are the first to acquire a bright color.

Otherwise containing guppy at home is very simple. These aquarium fish do not require any special conditions for life – the main thing is to choose the temperature of the water and the “neighbors” for them.

How to feed fish?

Another important question that worries many – than feeding fish, and how often do it. The most important moment about which you should not forget – Fish Guppies are very small. So, they have a very small stomach. therefore Food should consist of small grains. At the same time, it is advisable to make the diet of pets as much as possible. You can choose dry food, and frozen, and even lively.

Buying feed in the store, it is worth giveing ​​preference to proven brands. I’m still easier to trust. Cheap feed is not worth it, especially if they are dry. The guppie stomach is very sensitive, so bad feed can harm these creatures. If we talk about “live” feed, then For guppi, such options like a moth or a coretra. Fish will take such food with pleasure.

To improve digestion, fish can also give special flakes. They contain many vegetable substances. Regarding the periodicity of feeding can be said that Fish Guppies can eat no more than 2 times a day. Moreover, the portion must be small all the time.

Fuel Care Tips

It is necessary to care for fish guppie from the smallest age. At the same time spend on this a huge amount of time still do not have to. In most cases, fish show themselves as independent creatures. They themselves will find a couple of themselves and take care of the offspring. As a rule, pairs are formed immediately after the Guppi reaches reproductive age. At this time, it is enough just that in one aquarium with them there were potential partners.

Determine that the fish is pregnant, just enough. She swells the abdomen, and the fish becomes even larger. Pregnancy lasts within 1 month. Noticing such changes, you need to start prepare for an important event. Ideally, you need to have a finished tank for fry at hand. It is necessary so that the newly-old parents do not eate the bars. This is quite a familiar phenomenon in the animal world. In order for as many fry as possible, It is worth placing in a separate reservoir live plants dense nearby. There must also be holes for fry.

Keep a female guppy in a separate tank costs about a day. After that, it can be placed in a common aquarium. Then you have to do only fry. It is worth noting that they have a weaker immunity than adult individuals. Therefore, it can be breeding them more often so that they grow soon and growled. You need to eat in small quantities, 3 or 4 times a day. Use artemia larvae or special feed. Keeping fry in the jacket stands until they grow up, and their size will be at least 2.5 cm long. Water in a separate tank is also worth changing more.

It is also necessary to avoid contacts of fry with unusual plants.

Possible problems

Guppies usually do not give any problems to their owners. But, if a person engaged in aquarium, novice, he still can face certain difficulties. First warning for beginner breeders – Do not buy expensive breeding fish. At the beginning of its path it is worth picking up simple guppy. Then to care for them will be easy.

Bright and rare fish, on the contrary, require specific care. Therefore, even though they may look more beautiful and immediately attract the attention of buyers, it is better to approach the aquarium with simpler fish. After all, such colorful creations appear as a result of crossing. And this, as in the case of other representatives of the animal world, makes them more weak and prone to disease.

However, all guppy diseases are susceptible to diseases. The main sign that fish is not so healthy with health is the state of scales. If it disappears or guppy is constantly trying to scratch about the pebbles or snags, it means that something is wrong with her. In this case, you can try to solve the problem by making water more salty. All you need – add one small salt spoon for 10 liters of water. If such a home product does not help, it is worth using special means purchased in the pet store.

Another sign that something went wrong – Guppies become sluggish and apathetic. As a rule, in this case, the appetite also disappears.

Salt in this case also helps.

Also fish may have problems with fins. There are several possible options.

  • Split fed. This suggests that the fish is injured. It will help to add iodine water in the proportion of 0.1 ml per 10 liters of water.
  • Shabby tail. It is manifested in the case of neighborhood with predatory fish or when the aquarium is over-selected. In this case, the fish must be selected for a while. The finish tip can be carefully fired by the razor. The main thing at the same time is to apply fish to the cauldron, moistened in water. Do it need to quickly and gently.
  • Rinch fins occurs quite often. The abdomen in this case becomes muddy blue, and the body can be covered with ulcers. Traces of this disease can also manifest on the tail and fins – the red stripes occur. Such a disease cites the neighborhood with aggressive fish or planting plants from unsurviced water bodies. They are often carriers of various diseases. Prevention measure in this case – not to plant suspicious plants in aquarium and buy them in proven stores.

    Besides, We must observe how the fish get along in the group. Especially if someone else in the aquarium lives except guppy. Some pets show aggression to their relatives. They certainly need to be selected to all the rest nothing threatened. Knowing these simple moments, you can protect the fish and make their life in the aquarium calm and peaceful. In general, bright caribbean fish guppy – This is an excellent choice for someone who does not know where to start the settlement of your aquarium.

    Interesting facts about guppie are given in the following video.

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