Features of the nature of British cats

Features of the nature of British cats

British cats received by numerous legends are lovers of many people. Description of these graceful animals, their habits, character and recommendations on education you will find in this article.


There is no doubt that the writer l. Carroll in his world famous book “Alice in Wonderland” described the British Cat. If you see near a graceful animal with a velvet fur coat, an attractive look and a cute and meek smile – in front of you true Briton.

World Popularity This breed of cats won in the XX century. Two varieties of the British are known:

  • British Shorthair Cat (British Shorthair)+
  • British Longhair (British Longhair).

Many believe that British Fold Cats exist, but it is not. According to the adopted international standards of such a breed, therefore, do not confuse it with the Scottish Fold.


The physique of this animal is squat and powerful: wide and muscular chest, back, shoulders, strong and strong paws. The weight of an adult animal can reach 8 kg. Despite the “wrestling” physique, the appearance of the British cat aristocratic. Animal Grace’s neck and head of a round right shape with adorable ballrooms and a famous mysterious smile.

Her eyes are big, round, bright yellow, orange or saturated green.

Cats are valued with a clearly pronounced coloring eye, without different drops and points on a rainbow sheath.

British Shorthair Cats – Straight. The rounded shape of the ears of the animal is located not on the top, but far from each other, and covered with soft six. Nose Kotov Short, wide, on the nose there is a barely noticeable vertex – a sign of purebred rock. The curvature of the nose in a healthy and purebred animal should also not be.


British long-haired cat differs from his short-haired relative of just a length of wool. In the usual understanding of the wool of representatives of this breed is far from the longest. The pile has a middle length, which gradually increases from the top of the body to the tail of the animal.

As with a short-haired British, a long-haired cat is soft, velvety with a very thick undercoat, pleasant to the touch. Careful for such a cat is completely simple compared to the Persian breed. Animal Fur Osynki never falls into Koltuns, the fight against which requires a lot of effort.


Initially, the world community of lovers of these wonderful animals recognized the true British only cats of blue color. Over time, everything has changed. The color gamut of their wool is very rich.

Popular options:

  • Traditional blue,
  • Aristocratic lilac+
  • Snow white without a slightest hint of yellow+
  • Magic black+
  • Gourmet chocolate+
  • very rare brown color – cinnamon+
  • Rarity Favn+
  • Beautiful silver+
  • no less spectacular gold+
  • “Whiskas” with delicate thin dark stripes on a light silver background (the British of this color became the stars of television screens, starring in advertising of the cat’s name of the same name)+
  • Exquisite turtle, most often peculiar to cats+
  • Color Point, Very Reminder Siamese Cat+
  • Motley tabby with patterns resembling tiger+
  • Harlequin – two-color color with a maximum fraction of white color, as well as the colors of biocolor.

In a special accomplishment, fans of this breed exotic color resembling fur chinchilla.

What kind of cats?

Cat that walks by itself – this is the most correct characteristic of the most of the representatives of this breed. British – Independent and Proud Animals, Real British Aristocrats. They do not like hustle and noise, obsessive attention and excessive caress.

It is impossible to climb a British cat without her desire, to sit on the knees from the owner it will be only on its own initiative.

Despite such a wayward character, the cat has a lot of advantages for which breeders appreciate it and love.


Animal is distinguished by great devotion and love for its owners. During separation with close people, cats can not show this and behave as usual, but the long-awaited meeting will be stormy and joyful.

For this, the British are called cats-companions. They are in English are kept in emotions, but good and loving in their heart.


Patience is one of the main advantages of these cats. They can not make a lot in relation to themselves, but they know how long and stubbornly suffer. The British condescendingly belong to small children, especially long-haired British. No matter how mocking “small tormentors” over the animals, it will resist all the toddlers.


These animals are distinguished by the friendships to others, avoid conflicts, quarrels with households and their fellows. They will gladly take part in children’s games, very peaceful in relation to dogs, never touched a bird living in the house, hamster, fish.

Quietly, the British belong to someone else’s people, have no habit of suddenly to attack guests, show aggression. If the guest does not like the cat, it will rather express the full indifference to him with her appearance, but will not show discontent with the visitor.


Cats quickly teach to order, we learn to go to the tray without any problems and do not allow slipping. “Note” past a cat can to express his indignation on some reason. Kittens living with mother, too quickly teach to order, adopting good habits from it.

Remember – so that the animal led himself with adequately and not upset you with his behavior, you need to raise it from infancy.

The cat will quickly understand, “what is good and what is bad”. If the kitten gets used to doing what you don’t like to wean him from bad manner will be difficult: the British are very stubborn.


Stubbornness – one of the qualities that does not please the owners. If the cat is unhappy, does not want to do what you need, you will not be able to achieve anything from her. In response, the animal can be offended and turning out, refuse to eat and not wish to communicate with you.


Insult British cat remembers for a long time. You will already forget about the quarrel, and the animal remembers this and will immediately get a moment to “revenge” you. The best way out is to solve all the problems of good and caress.

Less malicious and more affectionate are britain-girls than boys. They are more playful and sociable. British boys are very tied to their family, and other people’s people in the house do not welcome and can express their discontent.


If you think that “British aristocrats” are arrogant and smooth, then deeply mistaken. The behavior of representatives of this breed often depends on their mood. If the cat is healthy, she is active and cheerful, loves to talk with others, sit on his hands, caress and play.

Love the British and sleep well. Sometimes the cat is silent and not visible within 20 hours. The owners are knocked down from the legs in search of the missing pet, and in fact their treasure sleeps somewhere in a quiet secluded place where no one worries him.

British can sleep anywhere:

  • At the top of Chiffières+
  • on the upper shelves of racks+
  • We are closed in hard-to-reach seats under the sofas, chairs, on mezzanine+
  • in boxes and suitcases if they are open+
  • In the oven or in the drum washing machine, if you can get into them.

Considering this unique feature of animals, be alert so that the pet is safe.

The British feel their hosts in the house. They are free moving around the apartment, moving from the room to the room, so it is better to keep all the doors open to the animal nervous, and you did not worry.

Cat – Full Member of the Family. He perfectly feels a psychological situation in the house. If there is a conflict between households, family members quarrel and scandalies will reflect on animal behavior.

The Briton will begin to be nervous, can hide or, on the contrary, express protest in any possible way. If your cat has no “dirt” habits past a tray, he can do it, expressing the indignation of family partners.

Pets of this breed do not tend to confuse the cross, they are almost silent, they are extremely rarely meowed, mostly only in the marriage period. However, there are cats of this breed, who love to “talk” with the owners: note, if hungry, want attention or complain about something.

British the British maraththeets pay a large amount of time: cleanness – one of the good habits of these cats.

Washing and losing the cat – not only a hygienic procedure, and also a way to remove stress. Having experienced unpleasant emotions, the animal begins to make a gloss and so gradually calms down.

Young cats are more active than animals over 5 years old. They are more powerless and calm. Significantly changing the behavior of females before childbirth. They become more affectionate, want to participate and sympathy, asking to scratch and stroke their tummy.

If the animal is worried and does not find a place, it means that the kittens are time to appear.

Help the animal:

  • Find a spacious box for “hospital” and shutter it with one-time diapers+
  • Provide a cat cozy secluded place without drafts and be near the animal if it wants it+
  • If your favorite chose a place for childbirth yourself, move the box there and help her comfortably get a job+
  • After the birth of kittens, change the evaporated diaper+
  • Put in an affordable place for a cat water and favorite delicacy+
  • Be sure to praise the animal and stick.

British cats – good moms. From the first minutes of birth, they begin to take care of the babies, we only take off from them only by acute necessity.

If the cat is young and inexperienced, let her understand that the upbringing of kittens – now her main care. Praise the animal when it licks and feeds kids, but do not scold if it does not understand what is required of it. It is possible to achieve the result only to persuade and caress.

How to raise it right?

If you purchased a kitten, which is already accustomed to the tray and clawholder, you are very lucky. The kid will not be unsude: the walls, furniture and curtains will remain in perfect order.

A kitten who does not know the rules of good tone, you will have to raise yourself with “young claws”:

  • Generate a kitten with a house and its inhabitants+
  • Show him his toilet and sleeping place+
  • Apply it to Kogtottich, which is better to buy in advance, or immediately, after the kitten arrived to you in the house.

If you do not want the kid to climb on your bed, the table, did not eat your favorite flowers on the window and did not go to the toilet where it was not supposed, you must scold a kitten, pulling out the crime scene.

Punish the animal after you found the “result” of its activity, absolutely useless.

The cat will not understand why he got a hoisp.

Raise your hand on the animal. This method with British cats is completely ineffective.

Much better than rigorous and confident voice say the word “impossible” and dust the kitten with the words: “bad”, “naughty”, “weselordistic”.

By intonation, the cat will quickly understand what I did something wrong, and it will try not to repeat the error. Congenital intelligence will not allow the baby to dirty if he realized that she was stuck.

To cope successfully with the tasks of education, you need to eliminate the “place of temptation” for the animal:

  • rearrange the furniture so that the kitten could not get to the walls and tear wallpaper+
  • Turn the approach to the curtains on which he wants to ride+
  • put a bracetie in the vision field of the animal and transfer it to it when it sharpens claws about furniture+
  • sprinkle a special place in place where the kitten mistakenly made his “business”+
  • smear the tips of the leaves mustard so that the animal is no longer eating a plant+
  • praise pet for good behavior, treat delicate immediately and in the same place to secure success.

    It must be remembered that:

    • The British are afraid of noise, so it is impossible to scream on them+
    • beat the cat – it means losing her trust and love forever+
    • any ban – once and forever + system “today it is possible, and tomorrow – you can not” unaccept+
    • Do not let close to resolve the cat do what you prohibit+
    • Like a small child, the kitten also needs to be given time+
    • Cat will grow good and obedient if you are patient and attentive to her.

    Ownership reviews

    British cats are very different. It is easy to explain: each animal has its own character, and in every family there is a special life situation. These things are very affecting the behavior and habits of the animal.


    • The character of the British “That is still”: to squeeze, arid, press and stroke, take on the hands without her consent pussy will not allow. Wearing a British on your arms – an insult of her personality.
    • Can raise a paw on the owner, but without claws.
    • If the cat is unhappy with life – Wait for trouble. “Protest” you can detect in your bed, and do something impossible with it.
    • Return to food and toilet – the main flaws of the animal. It’s a “masters” to sort out food, bury and turn away from it until your favorite dish.
    • These cats are curious, should be everywhere and everywhere, love “immune” – reset different items from tables, shelves, servants down and drive them away.


    • The British always want to be with their family. Be near the owner for them – the main thing. They accompany him everywhere as a faithful dog, and if he leaves – waiting for the threshold.
    • Cheerful and active If desired, they are glad to play and communicate.
    • Do not meow soak and brazen. Do not achieve their, arranging concerts, just tactfully remind themselves.
    • Carefully take care of yourself, licking a plush coat.
    • Never interfere and do not confuse under their feet, If the owners are busy.
    • Do not offend children, Even if they do not nourish warm feelings, but most often become good friends with them. Affectionate and kind, if they are not imposed on the owners.

    If you decide to acquire a cat of the British breed, bring patience and sincerely love the animal, then your feelings will be mutual.

    About how to live with a British cat in the same house, watch the video.

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