Features of the relief of the ears from Staffordshire Terrier

Features of the relief of the ears from Staffordshire Terrier

Previously, relieving the ears of the dogs of the breed, the American Staffordshire Terrier was considered a mandatory procedure. This required standard breed. Now everything has changed, and now there are serious disputes between the owners, as far as this operation is needed. Before deciding to relieve the ears of the dog, it is important to get acquainted with the procedure.

Why need relief

The most common cause of the reaches of the ears in Amstaff is fashion. According to the owners, the dog with short ears looks more presentable and solid. These prejudices are due to the recent need to stop the ears of dogs presented before the exhibition. Individuals with uncontrolled ears were not allowed to participate in the event. Moreover, the exhibition was assessed by the quality of the operation, studied the peculiarities of the ear shell, said the name of the veterinary doctor who carried out the manipulation.

Now the relief for the sake of aesthetics is not in honors from experienced breeders who care about the health of the dog.

Many of them consider this operation with brutal animal handling. by the way, In many countries, for this reason, the procedure is even prohibited. According to the true fans of the breed, the relief is allowed only in case of any problems with the ears. Injuries, inflammation, ulcers of auditory bodies – all this can serve as a reason for the relief.

In other cases, the dog does not need an operation, the puppies are hurried, then gradually rise and in adulthood can fall again.

Former winners of exhibitions with bought ears currently could not even get to this event of an international level, as the dogs are not allowed to participate with excellent pedigree if her ears are stopped.

Features of the procedure

The operation is carried out under general anesthesia in the veterinary clinic. Before this, the puppy is examined and in the case of diagnosing diseases, the procedure is transferred. In addition, the relief is possible Only for grafted and processed by dog ​​parasites.

12 hours before visiting vengery, pets are recommended not to feed, because after anesthesia it will be sick.

The procedure itself looks like this:

  • Anesthesia is introduced by the StaffTracter, waiting for his dive into sleep+
  • Suts and dressings are applied to sections and dressings to prevent strong bleeding+
  • Killing auditory bodies on lecture.

In rare cases, the operation is allowed at home. This is possible if the puppy can not be taken out or he is too scared. In any case, the ears must be stopped by an experienced professional veterinarian.

Some clinics have services for manipulation at home, but keep in mind that at home the risk of infection increases.


Modern technologies in the field of veterinary medicine allow you to achieve several ears relief options.

So, for sophisticated Dobermans, the form “Flame” or “Dagger” is recommended, then the “Exhibition”, “Fight”, “Long” or “Short” are more suitable for massive amps. These names are formed from the form of the auricle.

In general, for each four-legged patient, the kind of relief is selected individually. A variety is determined by the landing and form of the ears, the thickness of the ear canvas, the state of cartilage tissue, also when choosing a form, the size of the head and the case is taken into account.

Suitable age

Saving the ears of the American Staffordshire Terrier is recommended at an early age. Most suitable time – 1.5-4 months. At this age, you can not worry that the ears will take the wrong form and an inesttic appearance. In addition, during this period, the risk of complications is minimal. At this age, the dog is easier to transfer the postoperative period until the seams are removed.

Postoperative period

To exclude infection and other complications as much as possible, immediately after the operation on the animal, a special collar is worn so that it does not damage his ears. Daily Puppy’s Earls need processing. It is possible to disinfect the sections with a cotton disk, moistened in chlorhexidine. The resulting crusts are swollen and removed.

The first time after the puppy procedure is walked only in dry weather, not allowing dirt from entering the ears of the pet. It is desirable that during this period the dog did not communicate with other dogs. The most difficult are the first day. On this day, vomiting, the loss of appetite, reinforced thirst, during the movement of the puppy may be stagged – all this is the action of anesthesia and is considered an option for the norm. Also many owners scares the state of everded PSA lying with open eyes.

In this situation, you should not worry about the animal, but periodically it is recommended to slightly pat the pets in the forehead to relax muscles, or carefully cover it.

The next 2-3 days of the pet will try to scratch the ears, he can whine, because during this period he is experiencing severe pain. To reduce pain symptoms, it is allowed to give an analgesic or a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agent, but before that it is important to consult with a specialist who conducted an operation. Nutrition at this time does not change, but according to the recommendation, the doctor can be complemented by vitamins. After 7-10 days, the seams are removed or they are solved independently.

Complications after the operation are unlikely, but not excluded. The most common are inflammation, hyperemia, redness, rash, suppuration.

In case of indicated aids, it is important to consult a doctor in a timely manner.

Sometimes killed ears in the stuffer puppy do not rise. Then they can be made by the standing way of “Rozing”. Sinks raise through pencils, patches and even hair curlers. Consult about this issue with a specialist.

With the experience of relieving the ears from Staffordshire Terrier, you can get acquainted in the following video.

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