Features of the training of Alabaya

Features of the training of Alabaya

Aclai training has its own specifics and is different from the training of such large breeds like Labrador. Without performing certain conditions, you can not only not achieve the result, but also bring harm to yourself.

What should be molded first?

To correctly educate Alabai, it is necessary to take into account some features of his character. Such dogs are very smart, quickly grab new knowledge and have been learning new teams without any problems. However, representatives of this breed are very independent, independent and do not want to obey. The success of the training largely depends on whether the owner can manifest strength and nature and thereby curb the stroke animal. At the same time, of course, Relationships should be built not on intimidation, but on the installation of psychological relationship between man and animals.


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* Characteristic of breed “Alabai” Founded on the assessment of the experts of the site and feedback from the owners of the dog.

First of all The master of Alabaya should show his superiority over the pet and explain to him who is the main thing in this tandem. Even once allowing the dog to show disobedience and not punishing it, it is easy to completely destroy the balance of forces.

Kolnologists, in order to avoid such a scenario, offer a very interesting strategy: from the small months to periodically form for a puppy unusual and not particularly comfortable atmosphere. For example, it can be walks in new places, a trip to public transport or travel by car.

Unusual circumstances will be introduced aslaby into a state of confusion, which will give its owner the opportunity to show the leadership qualities that the dog will definitely remember.

Besides, The psychological relationship between man and animals is important. It is necessary that Alabai trust his owner, otherwise he will simply refuse to study the teams and perform the tasks. Even manifesting rigor, it is important to do without inflection – do not shout and not beat the pet, but to say strict and confident tone or slightly shake, taking for the withers. It is recommended to track and used volume with voice timbre, and facial expressions, and gestures. Intonation during training is allowed to raise, not reaching shouts and, on the contrary, reduce.

To the 6-month or 7-monthly age, the puppy must, among other things, go to the muzzle on the streets, adequately react to tactile contact with the owner and not react to the fact that the owner sometimes takes his bowl.

If you ignore the last aspect, then in the future problems are based on the fact that the dog will protect its food and thereby complicate the feeding process.

When to start learning the teams?

Training must be started while the puppy is still small, so the age of 2 or 3 months is optimal. However, before that age, it makes sense to start addictive dogs to his nickname. In addition, before reaching 3 months of age, Alabai gets used to walking in the toilet home on a diaper. Months in 3 pets worth starting to take a walk, but only on the trainer, which in 6 months it will be time to change on a leash.

Main teams

The first team, which should be studied with Alaba, is considered to use his nickname. As soon as the puppy hears her, he must immediately approach the owner, postponing what he did at that moment. No less important is the study of the team “To me”.

Training is worth spending, not going to a dog with a leash, and encouraging it every time he will approach the owner. When these two teams turn out to be mastered, it’s time to move to the team “Near”. During training, the dog should be left of the owner, as with a joint walk. I voicing the team, a person must quite vigorously pull over a leash.

Team “A place!” forces the PSA returning to place, no matter what occurring events. Experts recommend to master this team already in 2-month old dogs. Team training “Sit!” happens using sweet. Alabai should see the treat, raise his head to him, after which the owner slightly presses him on the sacres, and he sits down. As soon as the puppy cope with the task, he will receive a snack.

Track training “Lie!” It is carried out in a similar way. By completing the task, Alabai should be in the lying position, but with a direct case. To teach an aclaus demand “Stand!”, Recommended to use the method of coercion. The owner will have to either pull up a leash, or raise a dog a bit, holding it in the abdomen area. If Alabai will cope with the task, he will receive a reward.

Team “It is forbidden!” Does not give a dog to make something bad. To prevent enough just to stick it for a leash. Finally, the team is equally important “Guliai!”, Used in combination with a long leash.

Methods and schemes

Alabaya training at home occurs with the use of three main methods: coercion, promotion and prohibition. With successful execution of the team, the dog has to be awarded something tasty or praise. With this method, it is important not to overdo it, otherwise the dog will lose the motivation. Coercion should be applied if the pet refuses to follow the instructions of the owner. It can manifest itself in the form of pulling a leash or trainers, pressing on the seats or easy shaking.

However, serious physical pain cause a dog is categorically prohibited.

Prohibition comes to help when the dog needs to stop from some action. For the successful use of this method, the sequence is important – It is impossible to punish a puppy in one case for something, and another time to ignore the situation. Nevertheless, experts are advised even when training at home is not too often to use the last method, as Alabai can lose the skill of independent decision making.

In the case when the training of Alabaev occurs to protect or work on the pasture, general leadership looks somewhat different. If the PSU has to leave sheep, then it is beginning to cook it at the age of one and a half or two months. Very important Long walks along with the owner for two to three hours. As soon as Alabai starts to obey and execute teams, it will have to teach it to interact with other animals. The task of the shepherd dog – to drive out those who have fallen behind or hastily out of the general direction of movement.

The owner or even a filmologist will have to fasten a special leash to the collar, the length of which varies from 11 to 13 meters, after which followed with the dog to the lagging animal. Next uses the command “Geony!” and click on the knob indicating the required direction. The leash itself is at that moment turns out to be weakened. While Alabai runs to the herd, it is important to praise and repeat the team. Move stops with the help of the team “To me!”. Training must end the issuance of delicacy.

So that Alabai knew how to guard the house, to teach it to this in 6 months of age. To purchase this skill, it is better to turn to a professional cineologist. As a result, it is important that the dog does not trust out a stranger, ledal and pursued them, knew how to defend the owners, guard the territory and ideally find objects and people.

Dog training better trust a professional, since an unprepared person may suffer in such a situation.

Differences and training boys and girls

In general, the Central Asian Shepherd Dog of both sexes is trained equally. However, male is considered more aggressive and wayward; therefore, considerable hardness will be required and even the stubbornness of the hosts. Besides, boys often run out that it is strictly forbidden to allow. Alabai girls are calmer, obedient and have greater sensitivity. To their minuses include the desire to see from the execution of the team, but get a delicacy.

Host behavior in training

During the dresser, it is important to avoid nervousness, hurry, communication on elevated colors and fussiness. The owner must talk quietly and confidently in himself, clearly demonstrate “who is here the boss”. In this case, the puppy will feel the authority of a person and will be ready to obey him. therefore By without approving the situation, you should not go to training.

Councils of Kinologi

Professionals recommend the owners of Alabaev, carrying training at home, do not try to “overload” a pet and act consistently. Only having mastered the same command and securing it, you can go to the next.

With a puppy, it is necessary to play, but at the same time do not mix the game and training, but clearly dividing time for education, entertainment and nutrition. Contain Alabaya is recommended in the aviary, as it is definitely not a room pet, and also not adapted to life in the booth on the chain.

By the way, despite the fact that the puppy must recognize the leader in man, He must also see in him and defender. Such a connection is formed in the first months of communication by daily joint walks.

If the owner is dissatisfied and wants to demonstrate this ps, then he It is recommended to use words containing the sound “P”, and not shout instead. When the dog teach to her nickname, the name should be pronounced, simultaneously stroking a pet. It is necessary that the Alabai has the right associations formed, and he experienced positive emotions when his name sounds. If the puppy is punished or strictly brought up, use the nickname at the moment does not follow.

It is worth adding that when Alabai is brought up only for the owners, and no surrender of standards are expected, words to designate commands can be replaced with others.

Although it is recommended to use delicacies as a promotion, it should be thoughtful. Otherwise, Alabai will quickly get used to, and the necessary effect of encouragement will disappear. If in general, talk about the stern of the puppy, then it is necessary in a calm and secluded corner. Before getting a gift, the puppy must sit down and withstand the required amount of time. If he starts bouncing impatiently, then the bowl is taken and returning only when he calms down.

In the next video, you will be able to familiarize yourself with the trainer’s training guidelines from the breeder.

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