Features of White Fold Scottish Cats

Features of White Fold Scottish Cats

The official name of the breed:Scottish Fold Shopper Cat

Country of origin:Scotland

Weight:females 3.5-4.5 kg, males – up to 6 kg

Life expectancy:12-15 years old

Relatively young cat breed – Scottish Fold (Scottish Fold) – Very quickly was able to conquer love and popularity around the world, attracting more and more fans with their unusual appearance and various colors. Special place among them occupy infrequently occurring white Scottish Folds. Not every potential owner of the White Fold Kitten with blue eyes knows that it is for this kind of pretty animals that have its own features and nuances of content and care.


Scottish Folds lead their history from classic British cats. The pillar of the breed is considered a farmer from Scotland William Rossi, who in 1961 noticed from his neighbor of an unusual white kitten named Suzy. The ears of the kitten did not stick up, like ordinary cats, and were bent forward and lowered down. William became very interested in an unusual animal and after some time acquired his kitten who was not only white from the mother, but also an unusual shape of the ears.

William and his spouse Mary crossed the White Fold Kitten with a smooth-haired British cat. As a result, the progenitor of modern Scottish Folds appeared. Officially, the breed was registered in 1965. But in 1971, it was revealed that cats with an unusual appearance have health problems, since mutating the gene responsible for the unique form of the ears, endowed his owners deafness and spine problems. The existence of the breed was threatened.

But by the time Scottish Folds have already managed to acquire a mass of admirers, and active work began to eliminate genetic problems. It was discovered that At the same time they can be born both Fold Scottish Cats (Scottish Folds) and Straights (Scottish Straits). As a result, a method that allows us to reduce the likelihood of a defective gene by crossing Scottish-Folds only with scottish strikers, and not with the false collections, was finally found. Thus, breed confirmed the right to exist.


We can say that Scottish Foldes are almost the perfect pets of a pet. The owners characterize the Scots as the most seven-world and peaceful creatures compared to other breeds of cats and marke their following positive features:

  • calm, peace-loving character+
  • moderately playful and inquisitive+
  • tied to the owner, but not jealous+
  • self-sufficient, not afraid of loneliness+
  • do not like heights, so do not jump on the furniture and do not spoil the curtains+
  • possess a quiet voice, meow very rarely+
  • smart, leaving for training+
  • Communicable, suitable for both families with children and older people+
  • get along with most other pets+
  • Very clean+
  • long-livers – with good care live to 20-22 years.



(Rating 3 out of 5)



(Rating 4 out of 5)



(Rating 4 out of 5)



(Rating 2 out of 5)

Need care


(Rating 3 out of 5)



(Rating 4 out of 5)



(Rating 3 out of 5)


Very friendly

(Rating 5 out of 5)



(Rating 4 out of 5)

* Characteristic of breed “Scottish lop-eared” based on the assessment of the experts of the site and feedback of the owners of the cat.

There is an interesting feature of the behavior, characteristic of the Scottish cats: they love to periodically get up on the hind legs and stroke in this position, like the Suslik. This is due to the features of the structure of the spine, requiring such a kind of warm-up.

Disadvantages of rock are mainly related to possible health problems. Weak seats Scottish Folds are joints and eyes. Since the breed arose as a result of gene mutation, according to inheritance arthritis and arthrosis, violations in the development of bones. Eye diseases – glaucoma and cataracts – occur in the elderly cats, also because of the structure and eye shapes can occur. In this case, a surgical operation is required.


Standard breed

Color:All colors are recognized, including colors without white.

Head:Round, wide, massive with strong chin. Nose short, wide, straight. Profile with the transition, but without a deep foot. Full cheeks. Large round molding pads give a short face distinct outlines.

Wool:short, very thick, not adjacent. Due to the thick, the undercoat will be from the body like plush. Texture dense to the touch.

Body:Cat from average to large size, muscular, squat. Breasts, shoulders and spin wide, massive. Neck short, powerful. Limbs low, muscular, threads thick, round. The tail of medium length, thick, with a rounded tip, without thickening and hardening, movable along the entire length.

Ears:Small, bent forward, with slightly rounded tips directed to the middle of the muzzle. Posted widely, tightly pressed to the skull, emphasize the round shape of the head.

Eyes:Large, round, widely placed. Eye color corresponds to wool color.

The popularity of Scottish Folds is largely due to their very attractive and unusual appearance, which must comply with the following standards:

  • Maximum cat weight – 8-10 kg, cats – 4-5 kg+
  • Strong, Big Breast Body+
  • well-developed musculature, powerful paws and neck+
  • Flexible tail of medium length+
  • Sharo-shaped head+
  • Round, bright, widely spaced eyes of a variety of shades+
  • Small, directed forward, folded in half ears+
  • Little Nose, Round Cheeks, Massive Chin+
  • Short, thick, plush wool with very thick and dense undercoat+
  • Extremely diverse colors (smoky, turtles, purple, black, cream and many others).

White Scottish Folds with Blue Eyes. It is a white cat is considered to be the Rodonarchist of Scottish Fold. Among the likelumes of the breed of such a color is considered very popular and popular. White folds of kittens with blue eyes, causing the feeling of tenderness and purity, especially appreciated. Such animals are born extremely rare, and their fans often have to sweat in search of their dreams.

Guarantee the appearance in litter Scottish Fold is almost impossible. All kittens are born in reality, and only after 3-5 months the form of the ears begins to acquire the final form: it remains to stand or bend into a fold. The folding of the ears can be different: from single to triple. What it is more, the more valuable and the cat is considered.

Even more difficult to predict the appearance of a White Fold Kitten. Even both snow-white parents in connection with the presence of a huge variety of colors in the genetic set may appear kittens of a wide variety of colors.

It happens that the color can only appear after a few generations, so it will not be thoroughly learned to study the pedigree potential pet.

Pigment melanocyte is responsible for the color of the animal’s eye. For the birth of a white kitten with blue eyes, it is necessary such a confluence of circumstances so that the pigment content in the eye iris was minimal. Much more often, the pigment is present in sufficient quantities, so kittens appear on light with yellow, brownish or green eyes.

Need to consider that The gene, providing an animal, a rare white color, unfortunately, in 50% of cases gives its owner with a defect – deafness. For this reason, when choosing a kitten, it is necessary to check its hearing. True, problems with the auditory of such cats are compensated by the exacerbation of other senses. For example, strong sensitivity to vibrations is developing, at the expense of which the animal reacts to the voice and recognizes. Often the owners of hearingly impaired cats do not even suspect the presence of such a defect, since animals have a very good reaction.

More privately happens to the light of a white lopower kitten with eyes of different colors, one of which is blue. At the same time, the deafness from the ear side from the same side where the blue eye is located.

When the kitten with blue eyes is still found and tested, you need to be ready to pay for it a significant amount than for Scottish Folda of the usual color. The exclusive appearance of the cat will cost 30-50% more expensive than the standard price.

Features of care

If still managed to become a happy owner of a snow-white blue-eyed miracle, it is necessary to provide a pet comfortable conditions for life.

The house for the kitten is best placed in a secluded place, protected from drafts, to which kittens are very sensitive. It is necessary to regularly examine the eyes and the nose of the animal, since tearing can be a sign of a cold. Also very high likelihood of bronchitis.

Scottish Folds are quickly taught to the tray, while for white animals its height should be chosen more in order to avoid pollution of paw and belly.

Snow-white wool will require a more frequent bathing (for other colors, swimming is necessary 1 time in 2 months), while detergents must be soft and neutral, without tinted components and fragrances. After washing, the wet wool should be carefully laughed with a towel and dry the hairdryer to avoid dust sticking.

Also Scottish Fold must be regularly combed to comb into a special brush of medium hardness, but in no case against wool.

Kitten is needed full nutrition rich in vitamins and microelements, which can contain natural food (non-fat varieties of meat, fish, boiled vegetables, cereals, fermented milk products) or premium feed. If necessary, the diet can include various biographic supplies.

If the favorite does not hear badly, it is worth considering him with due attention to walks and not to release one outside. No need to shout and raise your voice to the cat – he can take offense and start ignoring the owner.

About the features of the care of cats of this breed, see the following video.

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