Feline toilet fillers Cat S Best

Feline toilet fillers Cat & S Best

People holding cats trying to take care of the health of their pets as best. It is important to choose the best animals. Quite often arises about the hygiene of domestic pets. The toilet of the cat should always be in good condition so that the four-legged friend and his owner felt comfortable. Currently, a large number of high-quality fillers for a feline toilet, among them Cat’s Best.


The German company JRS (deciphered as “Josef Rettlenmayer and Sons”) is engaged in the production of fillers for homemade toilets for three generations. Cat’s Cat’s Best Faile Toilet have a vegetable environmentally friendly basis. This product is one of the best-selling in Europe. It is worth noting that the company’s products are made exclusively from natural products and does not contain chemical and artificial additives.

Cat’s Best fillers are part of a complete waste-free cycle of vegetation cycle in nature. This product focuses the entire stage – ranging from seedlings, ending with full decomposition biological products.

The development of high-quality filler is based on the principle of absorption by trees of a large amount of moisture through the roots, and then its transfer to the leaves. Cat’s Best products combined nature with high technology. Granules are created from the finest fiber, which, in turn, is obtained from unprocessed coniferous trees. The latter grow in forestry in accordance with the principles of rational use of nature. Wood fibers are processed so as to instantly absorb unpleasant odors and moisture.

Cat’s Best fillers granules are very economical, as the main volume of one bookmark is enough for 28-36 days. The unique technology for processing fibers of plant origin allows you to reliably protect the owners of cats from various smells from the toilet and bacteria. Conventional mineral base fillers provide moisture absorption up to 200%, and Cat’s Best – up to 700%. Among the advantages of granules should also be noted their small weight and ease of disposal. Get rid of the material used, which is biodegradable and suitable for compost, can be used using sewage.

Description of the range

The manufacturer releases several variants of fillers for cats, which differ in structure, the size of the granules, aroma. And also presents the range of packages in volume and mass. Before getting a certain variant of the filler, you should read more from each of them.


Not so long ago, this type of filler was known as Cat’s Best Eko Plus.

At the heart of the granules lies secondary wood. This allows for the production of such a material to preserve forest arrays and not harm nature.

This type of filler is produced in packages 2.1 kg, 4.3 kg, 8.6 kg. The maximum available volume of the filler reaches 17.2 kilograms (40 liters).

This option is inherent in a number of features.

  • Environmental purity and decomposition of 100%. As part of extremely natural raw materials without any chemical additives.

  • High economy. Compared to other fillers that compete, Original is 3 times more profitable. You can not get it from the tray for a long time. As a result, it turns out more profitable than cheap analogs. This is confirmed by numerous tests and consumer reviews.

  • Carefully absorbs unpleasant odors. This is achieved through the use of new technology when processing secondary wood.

  • Lack of flavors of artificial origin what cats like.

  • Effectively absorbs moisture. Can absorb 6 times more than its own volume.

  • The formation of dense lumps, makes it easy to get rid of the already used filler.

  • Conventional city sewage suits for recycling.

  • Fibers of plant origin are characterized by soft and do not contain dust. It positively affects cat health.

Smart Pellets

High-quality SMART Pellets filler was known called Nature Gold.

This species was created specifically for long-haired cat breeds. Granules are made heavy to not pester animal wool. As a result, he does not deal outside the feline toilet.

10-kilogram packages designed for 20 liters are most convenient. Also on sale there is a filler weighing 2.5 and 5 kilograms.

Wooden commercial material has a number of benefits.

  • It contains extremely organic fibers in its composition, which allows you to better absorb moisture and absorb odors.

  • Through the granules are formed tight lumps that are easy to remove.

  • The base of the filler is the secondary wood, which allows you to show a double care of nature.

  • There are no chemicals of artificial origin in the filler.

  • Compared to other fillers that commemorate, Smart Pellets 3 times saving.

  • New wood fiber processing technology retains their natural flavor.

  • Granules exclude dust, which positively affects the lives of pets and their owners.

  • It is possible to dispose of the material used by flushing into the sewer.


For sensitive cats previously used Green Power, and now Sensitive. And also this filler is recommended for kittens. Little granules are very soft, which will appreciate very sensitive colors of animals. Green granules that are antibacterial form small lumps. With them very easy to keep a cat toilet in perfect order.

  • Production of previously used wood, makes filler environmentally friendly and easy-to-find.

  • Compared to cheap analogues more profitable, as evidenced by various studies.

  • The absence of artificial origin and other chemicals of artificial origin makes the filler more pleasant for cats.

  • Due to the high density of lumps, they are easy to clean, using the usual sewer.

  • There are no dust in the filler, which positively affects the cat’s feline organs.

Sensitive granules are available in packages of 2.9 kg.


Natural granules consisting of vegetable fibers are perfectly suitable for both cats and other animals, and even birds.

Cat’s Best Universal filler will be the best option if in the house, in addition to cats, there are other pets.

And it can be used for additional plug in places with excessive moisture, for example, around the drinker. Due to the special processing of secondary moisture, moisture is reliably held inside the fibers. By absorbing universal granules are much superior to conventional fillers from sawdust.

Vegetable fibers are produced with natural smell, as well as with strawberry flavor. The filler is made in packages weighing 4 and 5.5 kilograms.

How to use?

Before filling out the Cat’s Best filler, you should wash the cat tray with special care.

However, it is impossible to use cleaning agents containing in their composition ammonia.

After that, a cat should be felted well.

Pour granules should be layered from 3 to 5 centimeters. Cats love to dig in the tray, and when the filler is not enough, it is quite difficult. It should be borne in mind that the normal layer absorbs the smell better, and the lumps are obtained by more dense and compact. If you do not regret the filler, then the paws of animals after visiting the tray will remain clean and absolutely dry.

Granules that got wet and knocked in a lump should be removed. To do this, it is best to use a special scoop.

The optimal option is large models that have wide holes. So, pure granules will be able to get back into the tray, which will significantly save the consumables.

Avoiding the spread of the filler for other rooms, by laying under the tray rubber rug. It is desirable that its width is a little more than a feline toilet. Most granules that fell out of the tray will stay on the rug, and they can be easily pouring into the toilet. On an empty place in the tray, which was formed during cleaning, some filler should be poured.

Fully change the contents of the tray manufacturer recommends every 2 months. However, cat owners note that sometimes you have to wash a cat toilet and update its contents somewhat earlier.

Get rid of the used granules, it is possible, washing them into the toilet. At the same time, it is advisable to pre-smash lumps using a scoop. Throwing out into the sewer, you should wait until the granules are completely spacked, then you can click on the draining.

Dispose of granules in the toilet should be small portions, and each subsequent placed there only after washing the previous.

Review reviews

Cat owners in general positively respond about Cat’s Best fillers. Moreover, many noted that they stopped on a certain form, which they also liked and their pets. Among the benefits of the material voiced by the manufacturer, most of the economical consumption. So, the contents of the Cat’s Best package are used 3-4 times longer.

And also the owners rated the environmental friendliness and naturalness of the filler. After all, it is important for many that cats to lick themselves, did not absorb excess chemistry. Like cat owners and the ability of the granules reliably absorb unpleasant odors.

Of course, there are moments that users are somewhat unhappy. This refers to the lightness of the granules, which is dealt with the cats around the house. However, many solve this problem with an additional rug under a cat tray. And there are discontent with the fact that it is necessary to clean the filler with small portions, otherwise it is difficult to wash off in the toilet.

Despite such disadvantages, many appreciated that Cat’s Best fillers can also be used for adult cats, and for kittens. This is due to their natural composition. Now you can not be afraid that the kitten will rise granules from the tray. Feline owners also notified the packaging of the convenient volume represented by the manufacturer. You can find the optimal option for both pets and immediately for their large number.

Review fillers for feline toilets from the Cat’s Best brand in the next video.

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