Feline Toilet fillers, washed in toilet

Feline Toilet fillers, washed in toilet

In modern pet stores, you can find many fillers for a feline toilet, but those that can be used in the toilet. In our article we will talk about the main types of such a filler and their features.

How to choose a filler

Feller filler is no less important than tray itself. It allows not only to absorb the smells of urine, but also to hold it to it, which means that the cat will not wet his paws and will not break the specific “aroma” throughout the apartment.

When choosing this product, pay attention to the following points.

  • Stripping Pet Life Products. The frequency of filler change depends on this factor.
  • Material. The most safe and environmentally friendly counted wood and paper fillers, which do not cause allergies in any animal, nor in humans.
  • Formation texture. Carefully consider the filler granules so that they do not contain dust or material impurities. All this can settle on the paws and cat wool, which, in turn, will split the dirt on the furniture and the floor.
  • Fragrances and additives. It is best to exclude fillers with the addition of different smells, as they do not always like cats.
  • Storage and disposal. The most suitable in this regard is a soluble filler that is easily washed off in the toilet. But this method is not suitable for each type.
  • Number and age of animals in the house. It is from this factor not only the volume of purchased products, but also its appearance. For example, for small kittens absolutely not suitable silica gel look, as it is represented by small granules that an animal can eat. And this, turn, addicted to his health.

Views and features

The main varieties of fillers werehed in the toilet:

  • woody+
  • paper+
  • vegetable.

Wood type is the most popular due to its low price and light disposal. It is compressed wood sawdust, which swell at contact with moisture, and rockets are formed. As a rule, such sawtiles have an average size and placed in a tray of any size.

Main advantages.

  • Safe Material, which does not cause allergies. The exceptions are the low quality products of unknown manufacturers. In such a filler may contain large chips and poorly recycled material, which cat can scratch the paw.
  • Economy. Beaming when contact with moisture, these granules increase, therefore a sufficiently thin layer in the tray. In connection with this packaging enough for a long time.
  • Ease of recycling. This species, in contrast to many others, can be disposed of in the toilet. But it is worth remembering that it is impossible to wash off at one time the whole filler. Otherwise, it can lead to sanitation.
  • Universality. Suitable for both adult cats and kittens. Often small kittens love to gnaw filler, and since the material is safe and environmentally clean, they will not be able to harm them.

The following can be attributed to the disadvantages of such products.

  • Poor absorption smells. If you don’t change the filler for a long time, then the whole apartment will be filled with unpleasant amber.
  • Worse than the other types absorbs moisture, so requires more frequent shift.
  • Easily scatter around the tray, so the animal can spread it in the apartment. It is better to choose a tray with a grid or with high side.

    Next Popularity – Paper Filler. In it, buyers also attracts easy utilization in the toilet without the possibility of a blockage and eco-friendly material. Unfortunately, in the domestic market it is difficult to find such a filler.

    The most qualitative are paper fillers of Japanese production, which can be ordered online. The main drawback of this type is too high.

    The plant filler is also characterized by the simplicity of disposal in the sewer system without damage. The natural origin of products is another plus, since there is no risk of an allergic reaction. The main disadvantage is bad moisture absorption and smell. Therefore, such a filler should be changed several times a day.

    As well as plant products, for example, corn, has a light weight, which allows it to be easy to spread all over the apartment. In this case, it is worth choosing a toilet with a grid.

    Special type of vegetable product – soy fiber-based filler. He keeps the smell and moisture well, so it does not require frequent shift. He also does not deal so easily from the tray. But this product is much more expensive.

    Next, watch a video review of the Molly Coddle filler.

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