German oral shepherd zonar color: types and nuances of content

German oral shepherd zonar color: types and nuances of content

The prevailing color of the very first breed was the zonar. It is dark and bright sections of wool, with the addition of gray and reddish colors. In the wild conditions, such shades are very profitable, because they help the animal to disguise, which is very convenient for hunting. How the German Shepherd of the Zonar Color looks like today, which it has features and characteristics, let’s talk in our article.

History of origin

Zonar tone for a long time prevailed among the colors for the German Shepherds. This color takes its beginning in antiquity. The height of this breed had a very spectacular appearance, a bright zonar gray color passed most of the descendants.

German shepherds of this color met everywhere at the beginning of the 20th century. However, time and fashion did their job. Now the exhibitions pay special attention to dogs having a quicker color. For this very reason, representatives of the breed of the zonar color rarely occupy the upper steps of the pedestal at competitions in which the appearance is estimated.

But among other “Germans”, the zonar color is still the prevailing. This concerns, for example, working lines, participants in training competitions and other.

Justice should be said that breeders are still not going to abandon the representatives of such a color, because it has a direct impact on the quality of pigmentation, strengthening it. The effect is fixed for many years.

Whether it is?

In no case may not be considered a marriage, except with the exception of those moments when light gray shades are too pronounced. It prevails now in the working lines of the breed and is very valued by focus. People working with such animals say that German shepherds of such color are more enduring and work better than dogs of other colors, however, this theory has not found scientific confirmation.

The use of the zonar color in the breeding of the Germans helps to fix pigmentation. And this means that breeders can not afford to abandon the representatives of the breed of zonar coloring.


Dogs believe that the dogs of the zonar color are the best representatives of the breed, as they took the most necessary qualities from their progenitors. German shepherds of this color have a stable nervous system, courage and determination. They are very active, are inborn guards, as well as quite balanced.

The owners of the zonar Germans should bear in mind that dogs are very committed to both the owner and other family members, they are obedient and relatively related to loved ones. However, in relations with other people’s people, shepherds tend to show alertness and distrust. At the same time, the pits do not behave aggressively without serious. This concerns both interaction with man and with other animals.

The orientation of the breed per person is no doubt. Germans are well amenable to training and clearly execute the host teams.

The educated dog understands well that it is possible to show aggression only in exceptional cases – when the danger threatens the owners or their property. In this case, Shepherd will do everything to protect a person.

Features of breed

Breed males German Shepherd have a growth of about 60-65 centimeters, bitches a bit less – 55-60 centimeters. Their weight is 30-40 and 22-32 kilograms, respectively. The body of animals is slightly stretched, the head is not very large and wedge-shaped, narrows closer to the nose. Wide ears in shape resemble a triangle, planted pretty high, the tips are pointed.

Almond-shaped eyes of the Germans are dark brown. The neck is not too long, the angle of lifting is about 45 degrees. When running it is inclined, and if the animal is alert, on the contrary, it rises a bit. Spring wide and muscular.

Front paws in German shepherds smooth and straight, rear – slightly shorter and very well developed. The tail has a shape of a saber, slightly bent. Wool depends on the type of animal, in some cases it is tough and short, in others – quite long and much softer, with well-developed or, on the contrary, neurko pronounced undercoat.

Varieties of shades

If we consider the zonal color, you can select the two of its groups that are considered the main. One of them includes zonar-gray, other – zonar-farm breed representatives. Consider the characteristics in more detail.

  • Dogs of zonar-gray colors had a special popularity in the XX century. Now this color is spread much less. Representing its individuals darker than classic, their sides and the back is almost black. On the muzzle is a dark mask. Lonely wool is located in the chest area, paw and belly.

  • As for zonar-red dogs, they have much less connoisseurs. This color is not always recognized by focus, although it is approved by the list of the Russian Cynological Federation. Obligar individuals have very dark, almost black head, back and sides. A dark mask can be placed on the muzzle. But the paws, belly and chest have a saturated brown-reddish tint. Also, redhead wool is found on the muzzle and behind the ears.

When puppies grow up, their pigmentation is manifested more bright. For example, the kids of zonar-red colors have light redheads or light brown sections of the Taurus. Over time they are becoming more and more bright. The zonar-gray Germans in tender years look quite unbelievable, the saturation of the color is manifested by several months later, when the puppies become already teenagers.

Life expectancy and health

For each owner it is very important to know what the life expectancy of his pet. On average for German Shepherds, this figure is kept at the level of 10-14 years. Immunity at the breed is quite strong, Pots differ in good health. However, a tendency to a number of diseases may appear.

Among the particularly common diseases of zonar Germans can be noted Problems with digestive organs, allergies, eczema and dermatitis. Difficulties may arise with hip joints. The ears are also a vulnerable place, so the dog may show otitis.

Serious infections can create a serious threat to health, and even a lives of a pet. Therefore, experts recommend to show German shepherds to veterinary doctors and not abandon the necessary vaccination. Without vaccinations the risk of disease increases, and the dog is not recommended to leave the house.

Care rules

Non-zonary German care usually does not represent difficulties for hosts. These are rather unpretentious to the conditions of the animals. In the period of molting period, shepherd needs to be brushed every day, it is enough to carry out this procedure for 3-4 times a week. For combing, you can use a furminator or a special mitten.

Eyes, ears and mouth Pets Every day you need to inspect for pollution and possible inflammation. Cleaning is made as needed. Clame cutting procedure for this breed is usually irrelevant, enough walks under which they step about solid surfaces independently. However, if it is necessary, you can use the usual chanther.

Bathing also should not be abused. Detergents can cause an allergic reaction. For the zonar German will be enough to take water procedures 1 time in 2-3 months.

Price range

The cost of the puppies of the zonar shepherd depends on the set of factors. Among them: Availability of pedigree, sale region, animal quality. On average, such a baby will have to give from 20 to 50 thousand. rubles. It will be a dog with documents.

Since the cost of blood is affected by the price, the price range is very diverse. Some representatives of the breed are invited to buy for 1.5-2 thousand dollars. To be confident that the purebred dog is purchased, Specialists recommend purchasing to nurseries. This is a guarantee of quality.

How to choose?

Before start choosing a zonar shepherd, the owner will need to decide for which purpose he needs such a dog. It can be exhibition individuals, animals for work or sports. It is recommended to acquire only puppies that have documents about the pedigree. If you plan to start a working dog, it is worth checking for parents for training for trains. Also need their medical certificates confirming the absence of hereditary pathologies.

It is impossible to pay attention only to the external characteristics of the animal. Huge importance is his health and psyche. The puppy must have normal sizes and weight, to be active, mobile, and also vividly interested in the world around. By purchasing a dog for the exhibition, it is recommended to pay attention to the kids of the mid-size. TOIt is not recommended to buy puppies with signs of disease.

Thus, it can be concluded that The German Shepherd of the Zonar Color is a faithful friend and reliable assistant who can cope with the most diverse tasks. Peschable has a mind and chain of memory, very efficient and smart. However, at exhibitions, such a color is not popular. Therefore, the main condition of choice should be the goal with which such four-legged pet appears in the house.

Next, you can look closer to the puppies of the German Shepherd of the Zonar Color.

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