German shepherds working breeding

German shepherds working breeding

From ancient times, German Shepherds were human companions: they guarded the dwelling and grazed the cattle, were loyal assistants. Recognizable appearance and nature of the breed made them very popular among breeders.

To date, the German Shepherd puppies are in demand in military, anti-terrorism and security sphere.

History of origin

Back in the XII century, there were dogs, externally reminiscent of the current German shepherd. They possessed high devotion to the owner, hardly worry, distrust with outsiders and moderate evilness. They were used as shepherds and housing guards.

Headers of working breeding shepherders offered by the breed standard, which is used and now, were Max Background Stefanits with a friend Arter Meyer. Stefanitsa Put Hasive Love for Animals: By refusing a military service, he preferred to breed dogs. In addition, Max dreamed someday to bring the breed of a dog that could be used for official purposes and possessed force, courage, excerpt, mind and devotion.

In the spring of 1899, one of the exhibitions of the dogs of Stifanits has acquired a new pet.

It was a large dog of a red-gray color with a powerful body and a developed muscular, proportional to the structure of the body and a balanced psyche. The dog was listed in the breed tribal book as a standard for subsequent successors of the workshop.

Several weeks later, the German Shepherd Club was founded (existing and to today), within which annual exhibitions were held.

Here Max had the opportunity to select ideal candidates for mating and breeding a clean rock that meets work standards. It was not worried not external animal data, but its physiology and character characteristics.

Breed standards

Adults, as a rule, have an average growth. Males no more than 63 cm in the withers, and bitch – no more than 55-63 cm. Healthy dog ​​weight for males – no more than 42 kg, for succ – 32. These standards are justified by the fact that the service dog should be lightly responding to the current situation, be fast and more prompt in its actions. The torso is elongated, by 10-15% exceeding the length of individuals in the withers, with a clear muscles.

The German Shepherd has a head must be wedge-like – this is a slightly advanced released forehead, which is smoothly narrowed to the tip of the nose (only black duct is acceptable). Ears direct, standing and deployed forward. In the dogs of this breed, well-developed jaws with scissor bite must be present. Smooth teeth, without explicit defects. The eyes of the almond shape, closely planted, the color is acceptable from Golden-amber to dark brown.

The cervical zone should be well developed, with severe muscles, and smoothly move towards the withers, forming some kind. Paws are strong, muscular. The forelimbs must be smooth and straight, the rear usually slightly retracts back, there are strong muscles to provide a quick reaction and running.

The peculiarity of the German shepherd of the working breeding is its color – a chance color, that is, the presence of a darkened area on the back and sides with a fan of red, black or yellow shade. The muzzle is always black.

There are less common individuals with zonar and completely black color.

How to choose?

Having come to the breeder to select a puppy, it is necessary to inspect the entire litter, highlighting the kid liked.

In order not to make a mistake with the choice, it is worth paying attention to the following aspects.

  • The puppy must have a temperate fatigue (the main thing is that the belly is not swollen), shiny wool, pink mucous, alive and bright eyes. Pet Taurus when toughing elastic, with strong bones, slightly elongated, with a straight back and long neck.
  • The puppy should have wide and massive paws (the presence of profitable fingers on the hind limbs is considered a defect) with black pads and claws. On the tail must be missing any cones and festers.
  • Morda has an unsost puppy, with a well-pronounced transition from his forehead. Up to 3.5 months old ears should not be exactly straight. The presence of straight tips indicates problems with phosphoric-potassium exchange and the presence of skeletal ossification.
  • Puppy Eye Color – Dark Care. You should refuse to purchase puppies with bright eyes or heterochromy.
  • Puppy Shepherds working breeding should be the right bite – scissors. Either the gap between the teeth is not more than 1-2 mm. Teeth should be smooth and without defects (threw or dual teeth).
  • You should pay attention to the health of mother puppies. The absence of galls, seals from the eyes and a cracked nose – this is an important indicator that the pet will be healthy.
  • Healthy puppies are usually movable, energetic and inquisitive. They should have any signs of development defects: generic and / or postpartum injuries suffered by Rahit.
  • Swimming belly and fading dull wool says about the presence of the baby parasites.
  • Very carefully required to inspect the eyes and ears of the puppy. Eyes should be clean and wide open, without any discharge. Ears must also be clean, without outsiders. Its presence may indicate otitis. In such a situation, the animal will be aggressive and restless, shake your head and try to comb your ear.
  • It should be understood what a puppy possesses. To do this, it is enough to watch how he behaves with other kids and what is the attitude towards the world and unauthorized people.
  • Pedigree mothers and father puppies are also an important point when choosing a pure litter puppy.

    Anyway, If the puppy is gravily and avoids contact either too embittered and aggressive, it is better to find another pet.

    Suitable candidates for the role of the service dog will be active, inquisitive, brave, healthy and appropriate puppies breed standards.

    Choosing the breed of German shepherd of working breeding, it must be remembered that a pet, in addition to positive qualities, such as endurance, devotion, unpretentiousness in care and feeding, will require a lot of attention and time for training and proper education.

    The future owner must be active and disciplined, to have sufficient physical strength.

    Care rules

    As mentioned above, German shepherds are unpretentious in care.

    For healthy development and comfort of dogs, it is best to contain it in the aviary in close proximity to the place of service.

    When placing an animal in the apartment will be needed frequent and long walks with intense training and teamwork. Also need regular combing wool, eye cleaning, teeth and ears, and preventive visits to the veterinarian are important.

    As for feeding, due to the high activity of the animal, the diet should contain a sufficient amount of protein (about 50% of daily food intake). A variety of cereals, greens and dairy products are also necessary for pet health. It is worth avoiding greasy meat, smoked, sweet, salt and sharp food.

    Feeding Shepherd puppies is carried out more often (from 3-4 times a day to 6), adult individuals are enough two-time nutrition.

    How to grow a puppy?

    According to foreign kinologists and breeders of dogs, the returdenness of the mother’s puppy is better to spend after reaching 2 months. By this time it will strengthen, the psyche and basic character traits will be formed.

    For the proper development and health of the puppy, follow the following rules.

    • Determine feeding time.
    • Do not scold and do not punish the fact that the puppy went to the toilet in the wrong place. Just you need to walk more often, and praise for the fact that I endured and went to the toilet on time.
    • Teach the baby to the collar.
    • From 4 months should begin training to teams (the first and most important team – “To me”), referring to the puppy by name.
    • First, avoid visiting too noisy places.
    • When performing unwanted actions with a puppy, say “it is impossible”, a little raising voice. So he will understand that they are unhappy.
    • Acquaintance with other people and animals should proceed in a soft form for the formation of an adequate relationship with society.
    • Bathtub puppy follows only if necessary, special shampoos (frequent swimming can harm animals).
    • When buying puppies in the spring it is necessary to provide them with good nutrition and frequent walks, the autumn kids require an additional reception of vitamin D.

    By purchasing the German shepherd of working breeding, it should be paid attention not to external data of the pet, but on their working quality.

    Such dogs have good endurance and work ability in the most difficult conditions. Do not purchase such dogs on the role of a companion, because they require large physical exertion, strict discipline and proper upbringing from an early age.

    More visual and detailed information about German shepherds of working breeding can be obtained from video.

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