Glowing collars for dogs

Glowing collars for dogs

The dog is not only a faithful friend, but also a big responsibility on the owners’ shoulders. The four-legged pet needs daily and pretty long walks, 1.5 hours a day of which should be occupied by active animal activities.

Morning and evening wagons 8-9 months a year pass in the dark, as a result, there is a high probability that a pet can suffer from a pedestrian, a cyclist or get lost, shook behind the cat to the other end of the park.

All these problems are easily solved with a luminous collar. Such an accessory will help the dog to become a noticeable in the dark and avoid the mass of trouble, and will also greatly facilitate the life of the owner.

Principle of operation

Too bright or flashing light is harmful to dogs: decreases the clarity of view. The dog is the first walk can be disoriented, so it is more expedient to use a collar with a nylon ribbon, which partially dries the glow of diodes. For the same reasons, it is not recommended to use a flashing or flickering mode of the luminous accessory.

The glowing collar is presented in the market in 2 versions:

  • with LED ribbon or 1-2 diodes (equipped with batteries or USB port for charging)+

  • with reflective elements (made using special paint or fabric reflecting light headlights).

A glowing dog accessory working at the expense of a diode tape and a built-in switch is considered the most convenient in use.

The backlight mode can be changed at its discretion by simply pressing the button:

  • Slow blink+
  • Frequent flicker+
  • Permanent illumination.

Diode collars can be collected with one diode, which is not very convenient for the owner and can interfere with a dog, or with several diodes – greatly facilitates the search for the dog at any time of the day, including white color pets on a sunny winter day, when the animal merges with snow Landscape.

There is another type of glowing collars made with the use of special materials reflecting the light falling on them – they are equipped with reflective ribbons on the edge. Such collar will not help find a dog in the dark, but can save from getting under the car.

A glowing collar brings a tangible benefit to the owners of pets while walking in the dark:

  • makes it easy to track the movement of the animal in a dark park and on the way to home+
  • help pets to become more noticeable for drivers and other people helps prevent possible accidents.

In the bright time of the day, the backlight can be turned off and use this accessory as an ordinary mount for a leash.

How to choose?

There are many options for luminous collars, it is enough to make the right choice and rejoice at the purchase for many years.

When selecting such a collar, it is necessary to focus on a number of important criteria.

  • Power type. Many similar accessories feed on batteries, but some models do not provide a replacement of batteries, and such collars are disposable. The most practical collars with USB charging, because the batteries used must be taken to special reception points for disposal and constantly buy new.
  • Hold holding time: from 30 minutes to several hours.
  • Waterproof. Special coating allows you to use the accessory in the rain and when bathing in any reservoirs.
  • Size adjustment. It is not provided in all models, then there is a need to select the exact size (after the collar is fastened, 1-2 fingers should be placed between the collar and the neck, but it should not hang out).
  • Carabiner and clasp. It is recommended to choose models with reliable fasteners for a leash and a high-quality clasp (plastic fastener it is recommended to fix additionally).

Silicone collars with internal illumination must be put on top of the main, they do not have a carbine, are presented on the market in various color solutions, the size is easy to reduce, simply cutting an excessive tube length.

Small pets can be approached by a simple neon bracelet instead of a glowing collar, but such an accessory will be absolutely not practical, disposable and goes out within a week. Among other things, often such bracelets are made of low-quality materials and have a caustic unpleasant smell.

Dogs with long thick wool glowing accessory will not suit – It is better to use a special flashing pendant suitable size.

How to make it yourself?

Most of the luminous collars are produced in China, so they may not be very high quality, and the delivery of the purchase will have to wait for several months, but you can not solve this problem alone and it is not too expensive.

Make a glowing accessory for your favorite pet with your own hands is quite simple. It is best to use the existing collar as a basis.

We also need a moisture protective LED tape with a special battery compartment (it is better to buy it in the usual store of electrical goods or lighting devices to make sure in good quality purchase and absence of unpleasant odor) or a tape with a reflective strip.

When installing single diodes, choose those, that will not be heated during operation.

Durable linen threads will help consolidate the tape on the collar (the container with a battery for the LED option is better to arrange from the outside of the collar, so as not to create discomfort on the pet’s neck). For reflective ribbon, the batteries are not required – it is enough to choose high-quality water-resistant coating material.

The process of manufacturing a luminous accessory is quite lightweight and takes little time.

You can make a luminous not only collar, but also a trainer, as well as the entire leash (with such a solution, the battery pack is best sewed into the handle of the leash).

Useful accessory you can buy either make it yourself, In any case, a glowing collar will come in handy on a walk at any time of the year: He will help the dog to keep health and life, and the owners will facilitate care for pets outside the house.

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