Golden British Chinchilla: Description of cats, characteristics and care rules

Golden British Chinchilla: Description of cats, characteristics and care rules

British gold chinchillas – truly amazing creatures that are perfectly soldered with their owner and other animals in the house. However, few know that Golden Chinchilla is not a separate breed of cats, but only the color of the British. Golden chinchilla color is quite rare, and therefore, representatives of feline with such a plush fur coat are very high. In this article, let us know more detail with the description of the Golden British Chinchillas, we learn the features of their nature and all nuances of maintenance and care at home.

History of origin

It is believed that the gold and silver groans of the British chinshill were brought by breeders artificially by crossing the Persians with the British.

Today there are several plausible versions of the origin of the British with this color. Some sources state that the gold color was first received by English breeding scientists, in others it is emphasized that American breeders and felinologists participated in the removal of the color.

Among the numerous stories of origin, you can make only one conclusion that, thanks to the long-term and painstaking work of professionals, such a luxury wool color was obtained, which can be admired to this day. At the same time, British chinchillas have strong health and immunity, and also possess a very soft character.


Golden British Chinchillas, as a rule, are owners of soft and rounded shapes. Wool from representatives of this breed is very shot down and thick, undercoat also sting. Wool is so soft that resembles a pess.

British chinchillas can boast developed muscles, the front and rear legs they sometimes look shorter than they are actually.

Due to this cat and cats seem a bit low and squat, but it even adds to them special elegance.

Tail of gold chinchillas large, thick and fluffy, wool on it longer than on the whole body.

Head and ears small. Ears are a little beveled, are at a sufficient distance from each other. Large eyes.

Golden chinchilla wool painted only partially. The undercoat usually has a cream, apricot or milk color, and the wool itself is gray-red, that is, every tip is only slightly shrouded in a dark color, which creates such an amazing shade of playing gold on the fur coat.

A distinctive feature of golden chinchillas is a liner around the eyes and nose of dark brown, almost black.

Adults of cats can gain weight up to 8 kg, cats weigh up to 4-5 kg. It is also worth noting that sterilized and castrated animals in weight can reach 10 kg.

Character features

Golden chinchillas inherited all the features of the character of aristocratic British.

It can be said that British chinchillas are very manners and at the same time calm animals. They prefer to relax a lot, eat and play on schedule. Perfect times when they are left alone.

It is quite difficult to get along with representatives of feline other breeds, but much better get along with dogs and other animals in the house.

Without any problems, you can teach the British to the tray. They do not give up food from the owners, considering it inappropriate for their behavior, will not be all in the morning.

Playing at any age, but prefer to play with the owner. They themselves are inactive. Gold chinchillas are very affectionate, but do not tolerate constant pussy from children. If they are stupid, they can hide and briefly be offended.

British chinchillas rarely meow, but it is believed that they are still talking, because they can publish very original sounds, especially when they are stroking.

What are there?

Golden chinchillas are short-haired and long-haired. If it seems that it is more difficult to care for long wool than short, then it is, of course, delusion. For any animal need care, and seasonal molting simply not to avoid none animals with long wool or short. All you need to constantly comb.

According to breed standards, gold chinchillas with green eyes are most common, but options with a blue and yellowish eye shade are not excluded. Blue color is basically inherent in silver chinchillas.

The chinchilla British gold color should not be a pronounced drawing on wool, as a rule, it is soft and tender transitions from one shade to another.

Conditions of detention

Care for British chinchillas at home easy. The main thing, nothing to forget.

  • Combing the animal follows several times a week, in the molting season you can comb wool more often. To do this, use a soft cat brush.
  • Brushing teeth also recommended cats and cats once a month. Preferably more often. But since the procedure is not the most pleasant, not all animals carry it with great pleasure, even if they teach them from childhood. The best prevention of the formation of the dental stone is still dry food, the particles of which are gently cleaned teeth.
  • Strike claws follows every 2-3 weeks or as they are growing. For this procedure, you should use a special cunter.
  • Battering British chinchillas follows several times a year, using a special shampoo.

To protect the animal from the most common cat diseases, it is very important to make it once a year the basic vaccinations, they are usually given a medicine from parasites.

Careful from the eyes of cats should be only using a clean cotton disc, moistened in boiled water or a chamomile solution. Use special drops for cleansing an eye. But the ears should be cleaned using a special lotion, but it is also recommended to use cotton wheels, and not chopsticks.

To the toilet to teach British chinchillas is easy. Therefore, even when changing the filler, animals are easily adapted to a new tray.

If the animal is walking in the warm season, then it is necessary to purchase collar from fleas and ticks. If apathy, cough or runny nose appeared in an animal, as well as any other symptoms of the disease, it is very important to immediately turn to the veterinary doctor without resorting to self-treatment.

On the peculiarities of the care and maintenance of the Golden British Chinchilla, see the following video.

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