Gosbi Feed Review

Gosbi Feed Review

In the modern food market for animals, a lot of large manufacturers and brands have been fixed. High-quality feed from Gosbi firms are very popular among breeders. This manufacturer releases first-class products for cats, and for dogs of different breeds and ages. In today’s article we will present a detailed review of the first-class feeds Gosbi.

Advantages and disadvantages

Gosbi specializes in the release of high quality cat and dog feed. The manufacturer offers on the choice of breeders not only dry and granulated, but also first-class wet foods in the form of satisfying and nutrient canned food. Today, many owners of fluffy four-legged friends prefer the products of this particular brand, as it has many important advantages.

  • If we talk about the most important advantage of nutritional products from Gosbi, it is worth noting that The main protein source in them is meat and fish components. In the production of feed for cats and dogs is used extremely fresh and natural meat of impeccable quality.
  • Each product Gosbi enriched with useful vitamins and minerals, providing a positive impact on the health, activity and mood of the four-legged friend.
  • In the production of branded feed from Gosbi Preservatives and antioxidants are involved, But it is not worth worrying because of this, because they are natural and completely harmless to pets.
  • High-quality nutritional products for dogs and cats from Gosbi are produced without adding such unwanted components like wheat or corn. In the assortment of the brand you can choose very good versions of feeds with a marriage composition.
  • First-class pets for pets from Gosbi are presented in the widest assortment. Buyers can easily find for their favorites perfectly suitable feed option.

    High-quality Gosbi products have not only advantages, but also some flaws.

    • In some positions, feline food is provided for the presence of such a component as corn.
    • Products of the brand under consideration is small aspired in our country. It can be found far from every pet store. In the average gosbi feed supermarkets, it is almost impossible to meet.
    • Pet feed from Gosbi is characterized by Pretty high cost. Especially the “undemocratic” price tag is distinguished by positions providing for the insolent basis.

    Variety of dog feed

    In the assortment of the Gosbi brand, you can meet a lot of various variations of dog feed. It can be dry, and canned products for puppies, adult dogs, as well as pets of small, medium or large breeds. Consider in detail several branded positions.

    • EXCLUSIVE PUPPY MINI. Beautiful dog. This is a high-quality full-grade chicken feed for puppies.

    The product is completely safe and insane, adapted under pets pets.

    The corporate nutritional feed is enriched with vitamins and minerals, produced from natural dehydrated chicken meat, rice, fish, lamb meat, chicken fat, potatoes, dried apples, salmon fat, fruits and vegetables. Food is implemented in several variants of volume – 500 g, 2 kg, 3 kg.

    • GRAIN FREE ADULT MINI. First-class lightning feed. It is full, designed for adult small breed dogs. It does not provide grain components in its composition, but there are dehydrated salmon meat, potato starch, salmon fat, fresh salmon meat, fish, pea starch, the freshest and natural lamb meat (up to 5% extruding), dried apples and so on. Considered dog feed is very rich in vitamins, minerals and useful trace elements, manufactured with the addition of exclusively natural preservatives and antioxidants.

    • Original Dog Adult. Complexed dog feed belonging to super premium class. Created for adult dogs absolutely any breeds. Universal product produced from dehydrated chicken protein, corn, rice, fresh and healthy vegetables, fruits, sugar beets, dried carrots and tomatoes, rosemary and citrus, fish flour, lamb, salmon and flaxseed meat. In the content of the Dog Food under consideration, antioxidants and preservatives of natural origin are provided, as well as many useful trace elements and vitamins of different groups. High-quality and nutritious product is implemented in volumes of 3 kg and 12 kg.

    • Plaisirs Salmon. High-quality wet dog food, presented in different versions of volume – 185 g or 400 g. Raw Salmon Product Adapted for Adult Pets. Its energy value is 168 kcal / 185 g and 363 kcal / 400 g. This canned dog feed from natural salmon (this component accounts for 60% of the total composition), as well as dried vegetables – potatoes, carrots, broccoli, bow.

    Assortment for cats and cats

    Gosbi manufactures fine varieties of food for kittens and adult cats and cats. Read with some nutrient goods from this category.

    • Cat Exclusive Grain Free Sterilized Duck & Fish. Fully balanced and full-quality full-quality feed. Is a messorrant, produced from duck and fish meat specifically for adults and sterilized pets. Sold in two volumes – 400 g and 2 kg. This product contains white fish, dehydrated trout, trout oil, fish broth, salmon, peas, dry potatoes, healthy vegetables and fruits, fresh carrots, vegetable fibers, complexes of vitamins and minerals.

    • Cat Exclusive Grain Free Kitten Chicken & Fish. Full and balanced food with fish and chicken. Designed for kittens, produced exclusively from natural and fresh components. As part of the position in question there are dehydrated chicken meat, salmon meat, chicken fat, whole dehydrated putassu, fish broth, salmon, dried pear and pumpkin. In this product, there are also dried algae, natural extracts. Considered feline food is sold with a volume of 400 g and 2 kg.

    • Original Sterilized Cat. High-quality full food for castrated cats and sterilized cats. Refers to a super premium class, designed for pets prone to a set of excess weight. This high-quality and nutritional product contains 31% proteins, 10% fat, 3% crude fiber, 8% raw ash, 6.5% moisture, and 1.1% calcium, 0.6% phosphorus and 0.5% sodium. For the manufacture of the cat in question, such natural and environmentally friendly components are involved, such as chicken meat, rice, salmon and tuna, hear fat, corn, beer yeast, apple, powder from eggs, beet, bran from rice, Yukki extract, seaweed, rosemary for taste and aroma and other carefully selected components.

    • ORIGINAL CAT STERILIZED SENIOR. High-quality and fully balanced granular feed for older pets. Sold with a volume of 1 kg, 3 kg and 7 kg.

    It is made only from natural and absolutely safe components adapted to the organism of mature pets.

    The product in question positively reflects on the health and activity of older cats and cats, contains a rich set of vitamins and minerals necessary for the body of a pet.

    • FRESKO CAT TURKEY & HAM. First-class food that is manufactured for adult cats. The basis of this product laid ham and turkey.

    The position in question is characterized by the minimum content of carbohydrates.

    There are no grain components in this feed. The composition includes fresh and natural turkey meat, chicken, ham, as well as useful sea algae.

    Review reviews

    Full feed for cats and dogs from Gosbi’s company are increasingly becoming a choice of caring and responsible breeders. Despite the fact that the products of this manufacturer are poorly common and is rarely found on sale, it still managed to gain great popularity and recognition among domestic owners. That is why the feeds of Gosbi Buyers leave many different reviews.

          Most of the reviews that people are left for Gosbi’s products is positive and enthusiastic. In most cases, breeders remain satisfied with the natural and safe composition of feed, the absence of sharp and obsessive smells, comfortable and attractive packages. Many consumers were pleased that in the brand assortment, you can find specialized feeds developed for sterilized, neutered or elderly pets. According to the allegations of a large number of buyers, their pets will be very willing to harm Gosbi feeds.

          Buyers leave about pet food from Gosbi and negative reviews. Compared to positive responses, there are much less. As a rule, people do not like the fact that the company’s products are sold far from everywhere. Not all buyers suits the cost of branded cats for cats and dogs. Rare negative reviews are associated with a loose closure of zip packages with products.

          Detailed review of feeds for dogs and cats from Gosbi brand in the next video.

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