Haircut American Cocker Spaniel

Haircut American Cocker Spaniel

The dog of small sizes, at first glance, it may seem trouble-free cute soft toy. In fact, care for the American Cocker Spaniel is necessary, having a lot of special knowledge and a lot of free time. If you do everything right, then the actions of a person will benefit: a beautiful pet will be the focus not only for walks, but also on dog exhibitions. It is very important to take care of a beautiful haircut and grooming dogs.

Features of woolen cover

The efforts of breeders changed the external data of the dog from the era of her hunting hunting. The cover of the wool has become longer – the American Cocker Spaniel reincarnated into the star of dog show, became the object of admiration of dog breeders, having a rich experience with this breed. If there is the difference between the American Cocker Spaniel from English, then, respectively, there are differences in the features of the content and care for them.

Based on the requirements of the standards, the cookers must be of different lengths:

  • The back and head have a short woolen cover, like a cape+
  • The body is covered with a moderate-long coarse with a thick bleeding.


The first haircut of the American Cocker Spaniel produces puppies By reaching 2 months. Further haircuts spend As the wool grows. Skip the first haircut, it means that in the future subjected to a puppy stress. Caring for Schörsk must enter his habit.

There are 2 schemes of American Cocker haircuts: partial and complete.

Partial haircut

Specifically described haircut produced at home. This type of training is not suitable for exhibitions, since it is not professional. There is nothing complicated here. Just don’t need to be afraid.

This haircut is performed in hygienic purposes without the involvement of specialists twice a month. Processing the paws to prevent the grazing stick and the accumulation of microbes, contaminants between the fingers. Pet with well-kept legs more devocated. The owner will have less problems after walking with pet.

In the inside of the ear shell, it is also necessary to remove unnecessary hairs, as they affect annoying a hearing passage and make their ears. Because of this, during the neck, the animal can be in the ears staphylococcal infection or provoke an inflammatory process on the skin.

Most often hairdressers with haircuts give the tail view of the blade. In addition, unnecessary wool and chatins are cut off around the anal hole.

Full haircut

This procedure is desirable to perform in specialized salons about once every 3-4 months or in other situations, for example, before the exhibition. If you wish, you can spend the full haircut yourself at home, but it is advisable to even go to the salon at least once, in order to see with your own eyes, how to literately cut your pet and do not make mistakes.

Experienced dog breeders warn: it is undesirable too often to cut the fur cover on the back in spaniel.

At the age of 8 months, the branch of the fluff begins at puppies, so the animal may look slightly. Fix this position will help specialized cord boot. Frequent impact on the surface of the back and sides of this tool removes the simplifier, and the wool will set up straight. Even a single shearing of the back will subsequently will not give wool to go smoothly – it will be twisted into curls.

For pets involved in exhibition events, this is a significant defect. Sometimes dishonest breeders are trying to hide behind the extremely long wool flaw out of the appearance in the structure of the head. These tricks are easily detected by specialists, and irregular haircuts negatively affect dog behavior – they can be afraid and show aggression.

The length of the American Cocker Spaniel’s cutting must meet all existing breed standards:

  • on the head and face hair should be shorter than everywhere+
  • Along the back and on the shoulders – medium+
  • Maximum long on the tummy, chest, ears and legs.

Tools required for haircuts and hairstyles

Most often, the ordinary haircut is performed by a specialized typewriter with the necessary nozzles, and the croup and back are treated with a special knife. This process is called “Stripping”. Simply put, it is an artificial linky.

For decent carpal care of American spaniel, you need a whole set of devices. For the process of cleaning, it is necessary:

  • Church with a large tooth – Used to remove garbage from wool+
  • Small tooth – Need to guide the gloss.

    Metal discourse is called “robbles”. They are with one-sided and double-sided teeth.

    Long fighter cleaned by a gunpowder – a special settlement with sharp edges. Chopunorezka is designed to remove piling hair. The final stage of this procedure will be an indispensable massage calculation.

    It is allowed to use a conventional hair cutting machine without any devices, except for the nozzles of various purposes.

      And after the “rough” haircut machine, the machine is made of the final praising with simple scissors or milling.

      Grooming dogs

      Professional complex care (or grooming) is carried out in specialized salons specially trained people. The scheme includes the following procedures:

      • Disinfectant washing+
      • SHEE+
      • Hanging wool+
      • Trimming+
      • wash and clean the ears+
      • Special dog “Manicure”+
      • Wash eye+
      • teeth cleaning+
      • Prevention of all sorts of parasites.

        It is necessary to consider that bathing spaniels should be made only in warm water using a shampoo intended for dogs with long wool. Also professional carries use tinting tools for giving relief wool.

        It is not allowed to use a conventional dog wash shampoo, as it will dry and annoys the skin of the animal.

        During washing it is unacceptable to getting water into ear shells. Specialists know this well, at first glance, an easy rule, and also notice any problem areas on the skin of a pet. Owners should be very attentive and master care tricks. In the event of doubt, it is better to turn to professionals.

        How to get at home?

        Cocker haircut at home is carried out according to the following scheme.

        • First of all, you need to place a dog on the table.
        • After that, it will take a thoroughly combing the dog, using a high-quality brush.
        • We take a comb whose teeth are planted deep. It needs to be performed by the back of the animal.
        • To calculate a longer coarse, you can use a rare comb.
        • From that moment on, the dog will cut much easier, and the wool will be raised much less.
        • Next, you need to remove excess wool on the sides, cereals and torso, turning to trimming.
        • Then we take the typewriter and combat the extra hair in the inner and outer part of the ears. Try to do it as short as possible.
        • With the help of scissors, the unnecessary sweeter, which begins between the paw pads.
        • Since we are already engaged in your paws, it is worth moving to the claw haircut.
        • After cutting claws wash the animal and carefully suck, using a hairdryer.
        • Do not set too high temperatures on the device so that the dog is not too hot.
        • Upon completion of all procedures, it will be less like small, namely, making a haircut of a certain form.

        See stepwise instructions See next video.

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